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  1. Concorde1993

    Problem Installing "Born Again" on IIfx

    Prior to the site crash, I discussed in another thread installing OS 8.1 on my IIfx using an installer script called Born Again. I was able to locate a legit OS 8.1 install disc on eBay on the cheap, however Born Again for some reason does not recognize my OS 8.1 disc (even though it mounts on...
  2. Concorde1993

    Apple ADC Monitor to Macintosh II?

    Just wondering if anyone has successfully connected an ADC-type monitor to a Mac II with the high-res Apple NuBus video card. 
  3. Concorde1993

    AppleColor High-Res (M1297) Tear Down

    Hi Everyone, I had an unfortunate accident with my M1297 monitor early last year. I was cleaning my workstation when one of the legs on my desk buckled causing the monitor to fall. While the CRT and its internals were undamaged, a small part of the front bezel broke off on the bottom left...
  4. Concorde1993

    A Tale of Two Quadras: 950 and WGS 95

    Drove to Bolton today (which is about half hour from Brampton) to pick up these machines: Both work, but are unfortunately missing their keys to control the lock mechanism. The 950 has 45MB of RAM and I believe the WGS 95 has 16MB of RAM. The seller included an Apple NuBus video card, and a...
  5. Concorde1993

    Macintosh IIfx Won't Read Audio CDs

    Last night, I hooked up my Apple CD 300e Plus external drive to try out the Apple Service Source discs I received during the DuoDock conquest earlier this year. While these Apple-formatted discs read perfectly on the 300e, I was unable to play any music/audio CDs on the drive (I was asked to...
  6. Concorde1993

    The DuoDock Returns (w. some extra goodies).

    About five years ago, I purchased an allegedly working Apple DuoDock from eBay in excellent condition. When it arrived, the top housing was cracked (seller later compensated for the damage), and it refused to power up even with a known working PowerBook Duo 230 I borrowed from my old high...
  7. Concorde1993

    Crackling/Static Noises from Apple Multiple Scan 17"

    For the past hour, I've heard small crackling noises emanate from the back of my Multiple Scan. It happens every 45 seconds or so. I'm thinking it is just dust that has built up on the flyback transformer after so many years (I've never personally opened up the monitor or done any service to it...
  8. Concorde1993

    Apple 30" Cinema Display Monitor

    There's a guy I know whose selling his mint, extremely low hour 30" Apple Cinema Display for $300. I've seen it upfront already. The display is bright and crisp, power supply works perfectly, and there are no cosmetic defects. The only problem it has is the USB hub causes the screen to black out...
  9. Concorde1993

    How a $70 Conquest Became A Free Conquest

    Yesterday evening I went out to go, and pick up an upgraded "Wallstreet" Powerbook G3 (it had a 500MHz Sonnet Crescendo G4 board installed). The unit was being advertised by the seller on Kijiji in "fine working condition," although that did not turn out to be the case upon attempting to boot...
  10. Concorde1993

    Minor Troubles With A Pioneer DRM-602x

    I've had this unit in storage for about a year now (it was part of a free conquest, which involved various Mac software, and a bodacious amount of SCSI adapters/cables). It powers up, and reads CDs without any issues. So, what's the problem? :?: Well, I've been wanting to play audio CDs on...
  11. Concorde1993

    Something Moderately Special - A Rodime HD20

    I received this earlier this month via courier after completing another transaction with Strimkind (as usual, many thanks for the awesome packaging), and, naturally, the unit appears to be in excellent working condition. It is also in great cosmetic shape (despite some yellowing in the back, and...
  12. Concorde1993

    LW 300 Power-Up Problems

    This has been an on-going issue with this printer, but since I want to use it to print out my lecture notes from my eMate, and 5215CD, I want to see if I can resolve this once, and for all. Basically, when I plug in the LW 300 to an outlet (with a surge protector, of course), the LED Power...
  13. Concorde1993

    Belt For ImageWriter II

    I'm currently in the process of cleaning up one of my IW II printers, which was producing a large squealing noise when printing a document. I noticed that the belt (Bando Synchronous 231XXL) has some significant wear, and I am wondering where I can purchase a replacement.
  14. Concorde1993

    Something Slightly Special - An SE/30

    I received this earlier today via courier upon completing a transaction on eBay. I have always wanted an SE/30 - not only for their durability similar to the 68000 SE - but to finally enjoy (and become further acquainted with) the various expandability options, as well as the benefits of the...
  15. Concorde1993

    Problems With Keyspan USB-Serial Adapter (USA-28)

    I received today in the mail a Keyspan USA-28 USB adapter for my B & W G3 (which is housing a G4 board & running 9.2.2; my youngest sister will be using this computer for the majority of the upcoming school year). The adapter appears to work, but only with both of my ImageWriter IIs...
  16. Concorde1993

    Nothing Special - Just a 512k

    I received this on Friday via courier after completing a transaction with Strimkind (many thanks for the awesome packaging, btw), and so far the unit appears to be behaving itself (although I did notice upon starting it up tonight a glitch in the video; it may require some caps to be replaced on...
  17. Concorde1993

    A Nice Little "Mac" Software Haul

    I received some 68k and PPC software a few weeks back for free from a person on Craigslist. I was finally able to take some pics of the lot. They pretty much speak for themselves. Btw, if anyone has a copy of the Sim City installation disk, please let me know, as I have the box, and manual for...
  18. Concorde1993

    iMac G3 (Graphite) DVD Software Restore Disc

    Does anyone have a copy of the DVD restore discs for a 2001 iMac G3 (Graphite), as well as the software installation DVDs? Please let me know. Thanks.
  19. Concorde1993

    Visioneer PaperPort VX Scanner for Mac

    I have had this scanner since last summer (the seller decided to include it as part of the 512ke/Plus hybrid package), and I have been unable to use it with my 5215CD as I do not have the software for it. I've already performed a Google search on this particular scanner unit, but so far no...
  20. Concorde1993

    The Value of Postscript Language Emulation Cartridges

    As the topic title states, I would like to find out what the monetary value of these emulation cartridges are, in addition to any background history. I found these at my high school (that place is a bloody museum) prior to semester 1 exams, which I completed last week. According to my principal...