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  1. dan.dem

    Mac XL downgrade back to 2/10

    Thank you, @cheesestraws. Unfortunately a Lisa is out of reach of my hobby budget.
  2. dan.dem

    Mac XL downgrade back to 2/10

    A very basic question, sorry: How are the differences in video handled? I think the Lisa uses off-square pixels but Macs have the same screen resolution horizontally and vertically. And: Wasn't there a software only tool for making Lisas boot Mac system software?
  3. dan.dem

    I made a short video expressing my love for the black Performa 5400

    Back in the 1990s I worked with a friend who really was a 1980s person, dressed all black, looking like a 1982 musician. He had a black 5400 and sticked to it until he finally swapped it for a black-transparent iMac SE. I remember watching him running something like MacOS 8.6 or 9 on an...
  4. dan.dem

    iMac G3 Slotload 350MHz No power

    Hmm. I don't see a reason why a resistor (of decent quality) should have a negative influence on the frequency response of an amplifier speaker combination. Usually a (decent) resistor has an clearly better Q-factor than a good speaker, meaning its capacitive and inductive components are...
  5. dan.dem

    Shutdown screen oddities on LC III and 475

    Do you have RAM Doubler installed? The off center "Restart" in the button indicates it, if memory serves me right. Probably, this is what messes up your fonts. I cannot believe that an altered HD content can happen without the internal error correction throwing a read error message. So I think...
  6. dan.dem

    External HD PSU

    I cannot say 100% for sure for your APS, but all 2.5"disks I know, also SCSI ones, work with 5V. Also, my (mostly) cable less plug-on SCSI enclosure works with 5V. "Mostly cable less" because it plugs directly into the SCSI port (which is enough of a mechanical support for the relatively...
  7. dan.dem

    Kermit, the super green SE/30

    Sorry, I didn't want to denounce you of butchering a good Mac. Again: A cute idea very well executed.
  8. dan.dem

    Kermit, the super green SE/30

    I confess I'm usually not a big fan of mods. It often means botching a working or fixable machine. But this is so well executed. Also, bringing components over from another Apple product line is a great idea. Did you find any interference problems since you removed the internal shielding?
  9. dan.dem

    Kermit, the super green SE/30

    What a neat mod! I'm impressed about the green Apple display CRT. What a perfect idea! Byrd's idea about using ADB to USB is an excellent one. This gives you the opportunity to use an original lime keyboard from a fruit-colored iMac. I would accept the black keys and a little white transparent...
  10. dan.dem

    Performa/LC TDK power supply overvoltage

    While I wouldn't worry about 2.5-4% over voltage it looks alarming that you encounter more than 14V when reducing the load to the PS. This means that the regulation doesn't work - or only within a narrow range of loads. I often read that a (very) minimal load is required for the PSUs to...
  11. dan.dem

    Do I dare?

    Also to consider: If the black MacBook is the original CoreDuo model I suggest staying away from it. Its complete lack of 64bit-support limits the usefullness of this model, while only a little newer one has many more upgrade / hacking options. They all share the same model designation A1181. So...
  12. dan.dem

    How to use Non-Apple-SCSCI-HDs on a Macintosh LC II?

    I finally found an image of my Performa startup disk on an old backup. Besides HDT and Silverlining it holds two versions of Apple's Drive Setup: 1.6.2 coming from System Update 8.5.1 and 1.7.3 which came as an update for itself I'm quite sure I used both successively, and both had...
  13. dan.dem

    Adaptec SCSI PCI-Cards

    I have a Ultra-SCSI-card in my Digital Audio. It's an Adaptec AHA-2930CU Mac-Version. Unfortunately I don't have a cable with the smaller 50-pin plug (or is it 68-pin?) necessary for my card. So I cannot test it with my even older SCSI-devices. Hence my questions about compatibility. I find...
  14. dan.dem

    Thermal Throttling in Aluminium G4 PowerBooks?

    After several attempts my 15" PowerBook (2004, 1.3 GHz, 2 x 512 MB RAM, else completely standard) achieved a Geekbench2-score of 800, well above the 685 listed in Everymac.com. I guess Everymac is publishing averages, so a peak score quite above is nothing extraordinary. After I did some...
  15. dan.dem

    Please confirm: Compatibility of 65W Power Adapter A1021 (and some PA history)

    I have an additional Apple Power Adapter A1021 for my 2004-PowerBook, I want to give away. I found a Posting with probably compatible devices. Can somebody please confirm? Instead of posting the lengthy list, I want to boil it down to: all iBooks beginning with the 2001-Dual-USB G3 up to the...