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  1. CC_333

    Booting Mac OS 8.6 on 1st Gen Clamshell iBooks (Model # M2453)

    I got an early version of the first generation iBook (the one that came in either Tangerine of Blueberry) last year, and it boots OS 8.6. Newer ones which came from the factory with 9.0 (such as my first one, bought new) apparently cannot boot 8.6. The main difference appears to be the boot ROM...
  2. CC_333

    PowerBase 200 - No ADB

    Thought I'd post this issue in a separate thread, for clarity. Everything else appears to be functioning as intended, except ADB. It was working when I put it all together a few nights ago, then when I tried powering it on the following morning, there was no ADB! Anyone know what could've...
  3. CC_333

    Pinout of PowerBase 200 PSU, and Replacement Options

    I'm excited to finally have a new logic board for the thing (my first not-new Mac Acquisition, bought sometime around 2005 or 2006), so that I can actually get it to work for the first time in nearly 9 years (a mouse built a nest in it in 2010 and fried the original board... yuck!) However, I'm...
  4. CC_333

    Are All Wallstreet PowerBook Hinges Interchangeable?

    Hi, I have two Wallstreets, a 13.3" part machine and a working 14.1". On the 14.1", the hinges are very weak, but on the 13.3", the hinges are somewhat better. My question is, are the hinges interchangeable between the two display assemblies? The plastics on the 14.1" (for the moment, at...
  5. CC_333

    How Do I Install The System 7.5.5 Update?

    I keep trying, and It keeps asking for "System 7.5.5 Update - Disk 1" no matter what I do. I tried fooling the installer by using disk images, but it outsmarted me, and said that it was the "improper" copy. This is the net installer, which should work. Ideas? c
  6. CC_333

    Portable M5126 Floppy Drive Behaving Weirdly

    Hi, I've got my Portable more or less working now (good backlight and hard drive), but I can't figure out what's wrong with the floppy interface. Every time I insert a disk, it goes crazy. Basically, it will go through a constant eject-format cycle (and of course the format fails), complaining...