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  1. ttb

    Short-height 64 or 128MB 72-pin SIMMs for Mystic Color Classic

    For no good reason I'm trying to go beyond the 36MB I currently have in my Mystic CC. I've read that modules need to be single-banked if 64MB or 2K refresh if 128MB (http://www.colourclassicfaq.com/mobo/mystic.shtml#Q2.1.6). I ordered a 64MB module from MemoryX that they claimed worked with the...
  2. ttb

    Turbo 040 in SE/30 cold start up boot failure

    I am trying to get a Daystar Turbo 040 working in my SE/30 using one of @Bolle's short adapters. I've already managed to work through other issues, but this one has me stumped. Basically, the machine will not find any startup disks when it boots from a cold start (e.g. flipping the power switch...
  3. ttb

    Daystar Turbo 040 firmware versions/EPROM replacement

    Hello, I've got a Daystar Turbo 040 (ASIC version) with a "4.01i" firmware (chip is labeled 2984). My SE/30 adapter (courtesy @Bolle) is arriving soon so I'm trying to gather information on my path forward. Right now the Turbo 040 has a 68LC040 in it, but I have a full 040 I'm planning on...
  4. ttb

    A/UX Initialization Error "Standalone program space is too small"

    I installed the SCSI2SD image of A/UX 3.1.1 discussed in the sticky on my SE/30. I can get it to boot fine with the stock ROM installed, but only 8MB of RAM is detected. If I replace the ROM with a MacSIMM 32-bit clean (IIsi with memcheck disabled patch) ROM, the system reverts to a flashing...
  5. ttb

    Sony SE SE/30 Power Supply low -12V output

    Attempting to rule out all variables, I recapped the Sony power supply I have for my SE/30. Before this operation, all outputs looked good, but I wanted to be sure (fix it until it's broken and all). After recapping, I noticed it was covered in flux residue (not mine) so I rinsed it in IPA. This...
  6. ttb

    Another SE/30 repair journey (unresolved)

    Hello everyone, I thought I'd start a thread on my own SE/30 repair experience both to document what I did for others and to solicit some advice on a few stubborn issues I can't resolve. I picked up a nice-condition SE/30 from Craigslist that was listed as "something's wrong with it". It turned...
  7. ttb

    A/UX compatibility with SE/30 Farallon PDS ethernet card

    Hello, I am hoping to run A/UX on my SE/30 (once it's actually working). I'd like to use it as a server so I've been looking for PDS ethernet cards. I managed to find a Farallon card but I haven't seen anyone state that it will work in A/UX. From threads here I've gleaned that the Asante Maccon...