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  1. Romko23

    Web browser and email client for 68k Mac?

    Hi, I haven't tried icab 2.9.9 myself, but I can imagine the result will not be that good and of course, there is always Classila 9.3.3 which accesses some websites, but nothing sensitive of course. I am trying to remember how many web browsers did OS 9 have originally, besides IE 5.1.7 ? As for...
  2. Romko23

    Web browser and email client for 68k Mac?

    You peaked my interest. Well, here is my take on OS 9 and the internet. I believe it can be done, however of course we will have to cut off certain machines from doing so sadly.. Perhaps a beefy G3 more than 500 mhz up to and including the Power Mac G4 1.42 and higher (those overclocked to 1.5...
  3. Romko23

    Web browser and email client for 68k Mac?

    I guess the question is - if someone and or a group of people had the time and patience to create a new web browser for OS 9 which can render most of the web correctly, forgetting youtube, would this be possible ? Classila 9.3.3 renders some pages nicely, while most not so nicely. Does anyone...
  4. Romko23

    Tired 15" PowerBook G4

    Could be a video issue too. Do you know if there is any fresh paste on the video chip ? Usually lines and artifacts are caused by a faulty GPU and or may need to re-paste it. Macs are known to hold up for years, and the PowerPC era systems have been known to hold up.
  5. Romko23

    Favour to Ask of a TiBook or iBook Owner

    I have a Ti book 1ghz, it has a Radeon 9700 64MB video.
  6. Romko23

    fleamarket finds

    Good find dude ! I am still trying to find a high res screen replacement for my 1ghz Titanium. I am currently using an 1152 x 768.
  7. Romko23

    Generic OS9 drivers for external USB CD-R

    Here, try macintoshgarden.org - most if not all OS 9 apps and older are on this site. The entire intech tools for OS 9 is there also.
  8. Romko23

    Pismo hangs as soon as a drive is inserted in the media bay

    Hi, sorry I was away for awhile. Just getting back to reading your response - sounds like a logic board issue then if you tried SSD and that did not work. Could also be a broken connector somewhere.
  9. Romko23

    PowerMac G4 unable to sleep

    Hmm.. could it be maybe just maybe the SCSI card in there was not installed by Apple themselves ? What OS are you running on the G4 ? A G4 450 sawtooth came with OS 9. When you try to take out the SCSI card, is goes to sleep ? Do you have anything else hooked up to the G4 which could prevent it...
  10. Romko23

    Oops, I just got myself a Quad G5

    Which reminds me, I may check out my G5 Quad to make sure it still works. I would rather pay someone to fix the LCS, as I am not that inclined to take it apart myself, plus I would be concerned I couldn't get back together. I can take apart a Titanium and Aluminum PowerBook and most G4 macs, but...
  11. Romko23

    Pismo Heatsink Questions

    Speaking of pads, what is the apple part number for a G3 Pismo processor pad ? I may want to get some extra ones.
  12. Romko23

    PowerMac G4 unable to sleep

    Try to do a PMU reset to reset the computer's internal system. Here is a pic of where the PMU switch is. Amazing, all this stuff used to be on Apple's website, it seems they did a recent clean up of the server and older tech articles are gone...
  13. Romko23

    Oops, I just got myself a Quad G5

    Sadly, Panasonic's LCS is not going to fit the quad, however I did read a few years back that the single pump is the more reliable version and the dual pump for some, unknown reason comes up as being less reliable. Mile will vary with this though. I have a G5 Quad and it runs good, though I am...
  14. Romko23

    PowerBook G3 (Pismo) with Wegener G4 - having issues

  15. Romko23

    PowerBook G3 (Pismo) with Wegener G4 - having issues

    Sorry, deleted 2nd time
  16. Romko23

    PowerBook G3 (Pismo) with Wegener G4 - having issues

    Hi, Try Dosdude.. he does retro computer repair/creation, etc.. I had him do a titanium G4 upgrade for me to raise 1ghz to 1.5 ghz. Stable and rock solid !
  17. Romko23

    Aluminum PowerBook G4 battery

    Hey 3lectr1cPPC, do you have the link to browservice ? I wonder if they made it possible to implement sound with it ? It would be awesome to hear sound of youtube videos on OS 9.
  18. Romko23

    PowerBook 3400 - schematics?

    Ifixit.com? Or do a google search, or duckduckgo.com search for "schematics on PowerBook 3400 -> https://elektrotanya.com/apple_powerbook_3400.pdf/download.html. Hope this helps.
  19. Romko23

    iBook G4 repair

    Hi Forrest, Do a search for retro-mac repair or retro-vintage macintosh repair companies, and you may find one who can still work on them. You may have to provide parts though, as these machines are long obsolete(at least in Apple's eyes).