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    Buying advice

    +1 to I have a 6200 and it's plastics are fine, holding up better than my 7200 and beige G3 desktop. Maybe 630s that are up to about 18-24 months older are meaningfully worse? Most that I see are fine unless they've been explicitly and meaningfully mistreated, though. The 650 is a higher end...
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    Buying advice

    Welcome in! My advice in general is to start looking and buy/get the first Mac you can put your hands on. Since you have a fairly clear idea of what you need right up front, you can amend that to "meets your technical needs." All Macs are closer together in terms of features, performance, and...
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    What would it take to have more than 802.11b WEP on old iMacs and iBooks?

    802.11G launched in 2003, the year after Apple held its public funeral for the Classic Mac OS. In addition, Apple mostly (not 100% but mostly) of got out of the business of making aftermarket upgrades for its own older machines in around 1997 or so. This is probably technically possible, but...
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    Solutions for HDI45 to VGA or DB15?

    It looks like there's an available alternative: https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Retail-HDI-45-to-DB15-DA15-Apple-Monitor-Programmable-Adapter-Converter-/283943104410 I don't know why eBay didn't show that when I searched for HDI-45, or maybe it did and I wasn't looking very closely. The prices on...
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    Is it possible to get later versions on Windows to work on Virtual PC 7 for Mac?

    This would be fun to try for someone who has a PowerMac with, absolute minimum, 1.5 gigs of RAM. Searching online for this, it seems like Virtual PC may have a limit on how big an ISO it will mount, but if you burn the Vista/7/8 DVD to a disc and boot off of it, it should work. My theory is...
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    Wiki/Pages article ideas

    (I am aware the wiki is unavailble right now and need to coordinate with wthww on what it'll take to put it and the snitz archive back up) I've just pulled most or all of the stickies out of most of the subforums, some of them were very numerous. Most of these would make great wiki articles...
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    doing some pinned post maintenance/cleanup on some of the subforums, hit me up if there's a...

    doing some pinned post maintenance/cleanup on some of the subforums, hit me up if there's a good reason for something to be re-pinned!
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    Looking for scheduled reboot utility

    I would also like recommendations on this, if anyone has a line on it.
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    How to connect iMac G3 Tray loader to wifi

    If this is a modern AirPort device: you probably need to manage it from a modern OS X mac (like 10.13 or newer, probably) or an iOS device. You don't need to do this with an airport, there's other wifi routers that have client mode and one of those would also work. (for example if you wanted to...
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    The Great Gazelle PCI Hack Thread, Part 2

    jt: you're correct that the only bad question is one not asked. My apologies if my response was a bit terse or severe. I don't have the machine's dev-notes in front of me, but, for a PCI device on the motherboard, like, say, an ATi Rage graphics chip.
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    The Great Gazelle PCI Hack Thread, Part 2

    Cheesey: this is fun to follow along with, thank you. These kinds of cards aren't always the most exciting (well, I mean, besides the Tempo Trio and similar multifunctions cards as to what you're working on here) but it's neat to see work on expanding the available inventory of this kind of...
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    Nice conversion of iMac G4 with an M1 inside

    To be clear, I don't think the person who did this mod bothered to adapt the machine's existing ports. They don't show the back in that forum thread and they are using a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I genuinely bet they literally slammed a complete Mac mini inside the hollowed-out dome of the...
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    TenFourFox development has ended

    My apologies for firing off term papers in your direction tonight, but, here goes: Last year, before its "the quadro version of the GeForce 8400" died, I was playing around on a similar system. Core2Quad Q6600, 4GB DDR2, aforementioned GPU, SSD, 10, Chredge, uBO. (*base machine Dell Precision...
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    How come no got Classic to work on 10.5 Leopard?

    My apologies for the delay. Gorgonops is spot on here - I'm exaggerating a little for dramatic effect. The MDDs run OS 9 fine. They're not known to be unstable relative to older machines. The only real "problems" with OS 9 on MDDs boil down to these points: Mac OS 9 handles MDD fan control...
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    Are there any iMac G3 Bondi Blue machines with Rev. C spec?

    Probably not. The A/B/C/D iMacs all use nearly identical motherboards and the processors are completely swappable between them, so if there is a bondi blue machine with a 266 or 333MHz CPU, it's likely an A or B motherboard somebody swapped a new CPU into after the fact. Apple was mostly good...
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    Nice conversion of iMac G4 with an M1 inside

    These kinds of conversions seem to be becoming more common. There's a handful on youtube using older Intel iMac guts and it should be doable with an iMac G5 as well. In general, internal LCD connectors speak protocols that are standardized enough that you can buy adapters or converters to...
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    TenFourFox development has ended

    Cameron has done great work. I don't know if "a cake a week for the next decade" is merited especially because of some arguably destructive decisions like actively blocking Rosetta, when retail firefox worked fine in it when these were new, but. This is arguably the right call, I suspect there...
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    How come no got Classic to work on 10.5 Leopard?

    (Not that somebody shouldn't, just that I think there's lots of good reasons why nobody has, but, IDK, maybe there's been inroads somewhere that I haven't noticed.)
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    How come no got Classic to work on 10.5 Leopard?

    Apple didn't want it to work/didn't want to do it, which is to be honest perfectly reasonable, they had held the funeral for Mac OS 9 five years earlier at the same time they started building new G4s that didn't boot 9. Software support and patches for 10.4 lasted until the release of 10.6 in...
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    Powerbook 1400 Won't Detect Hardrive

    Gotcha, I mis-read the first post. I would also try a fresh/known working IDE cable if you can find one. If nothing shows up when plugged in it's either the cable, which is probably replaceable, or the controller itself, which is unfortunately not replaceable, short of buying another system or...