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    setting up a G4 Tower Quicksilver 933 MHz

    The ATI Radeon 8500 and 9000 were the best cards for gaming IMHO. The Radeon 7000 was a low end gaming card. Note the fan on these cards get loud after 3-4 years, so you need to install a new one, which is a simple task. Ball bearing fans tend to last longer.
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    requesting help with network speeds on G4 Quicksilver OSX 10.4.11

    Remember your G4 only has a single CPU core - doing more than 1 thing at a time will slow it down. Wasn’t a problem back in the day, unless you were benchmarking. I think we’re all just spoiled when even a $50 Raspberry Pi computer has 4 64 bit CPU cores at 1.5 GHz or faster.
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    setting up a G4 Tower Quicksilver 933 MHz

    I’m pretty sure the retail OSX 10.4 Install was on a single DVD
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    bench test of Performa 6214CD internal IDE hard disk

    I’m wondering if your Performa 6214 was involved in the Apple recall of certain Performa 62xx machines. Apple wrote a program to detect a defective cache on these machines, and OS8 would NOT install on these machines without the fix. See...
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    setting up a G4 Tower Quicksilver 933 MHz

    The Apple built graphics cards for that machine was a 32 MB ATI Radeon 7500, 64 MB NVIDIA GeForce4 MX, or 128 MB GeForce4 Ti. The GeForce4 MX was a good card - much better than the 16 MB ATI Rage Pro shipped in the prior generation G4 Digital Audio.
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    setting up a G4 Tower Quicksilver 933 MHz

    Nice computer. What video card is installed?
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    Tutorial: Using WebOne to access HTTPS sites on a 68k Mac

    Or you could just use frogfind.com
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    setting up a G4 Tower Quicksilver 933 MHz

    OSX 10.4.x will bootup quicker after a couple of restarts. For some perspective on OS sizes, OSX 10.4.x takes up about a GB of hard drive space, while System 6.0.5 shipped on four 800K floppies.
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    SillyTinySCSI - Smallest SCSI emulator! (ZuluSCSI OSHW)

    The sensitive electronics are not protected from ESD
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    New PB1xx batteries

    Same seller is on Tindie.com Sean of Action Retro on YouTube has one of the batteries - see
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    What games for a Macally Joystick?

    Star Wars Tie Fighter and Star Wars X-Wing. Both require at a 68040 or PowerPC.
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    SCSI for Dummies Thread - How to properly use SCSI

    There is also a pass-thru SCSI terminator, for those rare instances when the normal SCSI rules don’t seem to work.
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    LCIII+ SCSI2SD + external BlueSCSI DB25 (termination issue?)

    FYI on a 50 pin SCSI ribbon cable, every other wire Is connected to ground to maintain signal integrity Good luck on using the switch with your devices. You may not be so lucky in 3 years at 1:00 am, when you switch with all devices powered up and see a small puff of smoke emerge from your drive…
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    LCIII+ SCSI2SD + external BlueSCSI DB25 (termination issue?)

    That swichbox is designed for slower speed Parallel and Serial Devices, not SCSI. If it was me, I would disconnect it from your SCSI devices.
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    LCIII+ SCSI2SD + external BlueSCSI DB25 (termination issue?)

    Was the swich box advertised to work with SCSI? Back in the day, I remember seeing a swich box with 3 DB25 connectors, and this was advertised as a RS232 serial switch box.
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    Board level repairs for Laserwriter II AC Power supply?

    ortencia, Are you referring to Caymac Vintage https://ko-fi.com/caymacvintage/gallery ?
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    Radeon 8500 AGP believes two VGA monitors are attached

    Have you run any graphics benchmark, ie. MacBench 4 or 5, to determine if there’s any performance hit? I would think a true Mac edition ATI 8500 should be worth some money, even in its current condition.
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    My White Whale of 90s Apple Software: Macintosh Print Pack

    GDT PrintLink Collection worked great and it supported printers with both serial and parallel interfaces. The manual states it also works on Atari ST computers running Spectre GCR or Magic Sac and Commodore Amiga computers running the Amex emulator. There is also the Eason LQ Printer Software...
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    Questions about Meow Toast battery replacement

    The picture of the purple MeowToast was created with plated oval slots at the ends of the board, and during final routing the slots were cut in half. Speaking as a former PCB manufacturing engineer, it’s a good design.