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  1. jimjimx

    PB 5xx original AC adapter re-cap & modern replacement

    A whole lot of those old solder joints look cold and dry... They absolutely need flux and heat!
  2. jimjimx

    PB 5xx original AC adapter re-cap & modern replacement

    I ended up replacing my PB520 PSU with one from a IBM laptop, and spliced the old 520 cable onto it... I kept the original PSU, but there's to much magic smoke inside for me to bother with... It's far smarter for me, to use a modern power supply.. New one is IBM 16v 4.5A...
  3. jimjimx

    Two SEs & Accessories - $300

    Yep. transfer files, and get your google news too.. http://68k.news And go to frog find
  4. jimjimx

    Two SEs & Accessories - $300

    One of the easiest things to do, to get the network working with modern equipment, is to get a old hub with BNC, like this...
  5. jimjimx

    External HD PSU

    I’m going to guess 5V, because there’s no regulator.. I love small cases like this, because you can put a SCSI2SD in there, and power it from the SCSI buss.... As a matter of fact, if ya decide you don’t want it, lemme know what you’d want for it.
  6. jimjimx

    500 Series 3D printing

    Fantastic. Where can I get one?
  7. jimjimx

    Plus ER14505 PRAM replacement?

    I bought mine from Battery Bob... https://www.batterybob.com/products/3975-exell-a21px/
  8. jimjimx

    PowerBook 520c will not power up

    I missed the edit window... Here’s the link with my smoked out PSU, and link to the PSU I changed it with. ...
  9. jimjimx

    PowerBook 520c will not power up

    Years ago, my 520 stopped working during the bootup... Really weird!!  I ended up splicing the cable onto a IBM 16V 4.5A PSU, and everything worked fine.  At a a later time, I cracked open the original PSU, and found a bunch of “magic smoke”.. I posted pictures on a different page somewhere...
  10. jimjimx

    Mac Mini G4 & 110W PSU

    I have used the 110w from my A1176 core2duo on my A1103 G4 with no problem.... I’ve seen someone say that they are not interchangeable, but the 110w worked fine on the A1103, but I don’t think the 65w will last long on the A1176 trying to pull 110w..... I actually have a red tape mark on the...
  11. jimjimx

    Mac Mini G4 SSD

    @elbaroni Here’s what I ended up doing, because an ATA to SATA adaptor will not fit in the drive compartment....
  12. jimjimx

    Mac mini G4 OS 9 reports

    @Mk.558 My G4 mini is great!  1.42GHz, 1GB RAM, 128MB mSATA SSD.. Use a Apple or Kensington mouse for less problems, Bluetooth doesn’t work, and even the Logitech unifying mouse wont work... currently my Kensington mouse is better... Audio output is about 60% - 80% up, at all times, but I...
  13. jimjimx

    G4 Mac Mini replacement optical drive

    @Fizzbinn Apparently this is supposed to work. Check for yourself, and let us know how it works out for you... https://eshop.macsales.com/item/Panasonic/MMINISL8XDL/  
  14. jimjimx

    Any interest in a SE/30 internal Nubus adapter?

    YES!!! An easier way to get network and external video! 
  15. jimjimx

    Is PhoneNet better straight, or crossover.

    I’ve heard both are ok, but wondering if anyone knows advantages of one over the other... While checking my bag of cables, I found both, and it made me wonder..
  16. jimjimx

    Apple USB Mouse (M4848 - “hockey puck”) problems

    If I knew where my puck mouse was, I’d send it to ya....
  17. jimjimx

    Getting my Mac SE (800k drive) on the network

    FWIW, I have a 10Base-T hub FS in the trading posts right now, but I don’t think I want to try to ship it out of the USA right now...
  18. jimjimx

    Question mark over checkerboard pattern on SE

    On my SE the jumper is removed, and works with 4MB. 
  19. jimjimx

    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh SE PCB & Custom Chips for 1:1 reproduction

    Are these FS yet?  What’s the cost?
  20. jimjimx

    Solid State Drive for G3?

    What’s your current state? Is it working?