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    Project30 - fourth edition - Radius IIsi NuBus Adapter build for SE/30?

    Hey Trash, This is something I've I wondered about for years. CongraduIations to team Project30. I was under the impression that other parts would have to be added to the board. Do you think I can now use an OTTO TECH SEIV with this mod? Peace. TPOPE
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    Introducing (and interest check) AirTalk: Wireless plug-and-play LocalTalk dongles

    Please put me on the customer list. I am very interested. TPOPE
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    Missing SE/30 SCSI Controller Chip

    Hey Chillin, Check Wikipedia for SCSI2 for definitions. The only products I ever heard of SCSI acceleration was Jackhammer and OTTO's SEIV. But I don't I know how you want to use them they may be NuBus only. Once I had a SCSI accelerated PLUS with a TOTAL SYSTEMS Gemini so I know they exist...
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    Project30 - IIsi NuBus adapter in SE/30 trials - take 3

    Do you still need plus of the ExpanSe/30? TPOPE
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    Any interest in a SE/30 internal Nubus adapter?

    Dear Bolle, I am interested in effective Nubus adapter; primarily to create  Fast/wide internal bus.  I have purchased a Second Wave ExpanSE/30 that I would like to attach to an Atto SE IV within the chasis of the SE/30.  Ofcourse my power supply would have to increase and I'd need many fans...
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    Dimensions of SE / SE/30 security lock

    Not recommended. These locks were designed when Torx screws were rare. Anyone with the right Torx driver and enough time will take the bucket from the frame and leave you with just the shell. IF you think the environment is that insecure It would be better to just take the machine with you at...
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    Another Turbo 601 / SE/30 Failure Report

    Hey Ant, I can't go over all the facts I've discovered  on The Unofficial Turbo 601 Site but it is very, very good and even gives hints on how to hack the system enabler: OS 8.5 update. Just check it out. There are a lot of 404 dead ends but a lot of knowledge also. Did you contact VON?
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    Another Turbo 601 / SE/30 Failure Report

    Hey Ant,  By going to the Lowendmac site (www.lowendmac.com/2016/daystar-turbo-601-powerpc-processor-upgrade-for-68030-pds-macs/) I found links to The Unofficial Turbo 601 Site. From there I found additional links to "Other Resources". On that page there is another link to version 1.1 of the...
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    Another Turbo 601 / SE/30 Failure Report

    Hello Ants, I don't believe it's just the need of the adapter. I think you need the adapter and the software. For something as complex as a RISK chip I don't think it could be as simple as plug and play. However I am not an Electrical Engineer and I'm sure the people at Lowendmac would be more...
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    Another Turbo 601 / SE/30 Failure Report

    Hey Ant, I assume you know that the Daystar 601 for 68030 computers requires specific ROM chips, (si or fx) the si PDS adapter and software. The software is an extension and maybe a control panel. I've never seen it just read about them.  It makes sense cause you need software to run Daystar's...
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    My Maccon didn't survive the right angle operation...

    Will you pleases end me your SE/30 PDS map. Thanks for your time. TPope
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    A new Analog Board for the SE/30 sans internal video complications?

    Sounds like a good idea.  I've been thinking about it too. The ad vantage might be a NuBus adapter, the opportunity to redesign the power supply system, ditch the CRT (and a lot of heat a weight) and go color LED. Might save on the power budget.  Yeah, there's a lot that could be improved on the...
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    Daystar Turbo 601 IIsi adapter...SE/30?

    Hey Von, RE:   Daystar Turbo 601 PowerPC Processor Upgrade for 68030 PDS Macs. You may have seen this before, but it might be helpful.  From Lowendmac: www.lowendmac.com/2016/daystar-turbo-601-powerpc-processor-upgrade-for-68030-pds-macs/ Let me know how i works out. Peace TPope
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    ProtoCache1.1 - IIsi/SE/30 PowerCache Adapter Prototype

    Hey Bolle, I don't mean to be a bug but will the Topper cards have the added power socett? TPope
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    ProtoCache1.1 - IIsi/SE/30 PowerCache Adapter Prototype

    Hey Bolle, Will both versions have the enhanced power connector? If so I want one short and one tall. TPope
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    ProtoCache1 - IIsi/SE/30 PowerCache Adapter Prototype Development

    Hey Bolle, Would it it be possible to tell me what modifications need to be made to the   IIsi PDS to NuBus adapter board to make it work on this board?  Has anyone written down all the improvements that must be made? Thanks for your time. TPope
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    ProtoCache1 - IIsi/SE/30 PowerCache Adapter Prototype Development

    Hey Bolle, Will the IIsi PDS to NuBus adapter work in this card?  TPope
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    Airport Express - wifi bridge to ethernet

    Dear Alpine Raven, I am trying the same thing in a G4 AGP with internet connection suplied by a 802.11 b/g compliant Sprint NetGear AirCard.  Do you have specs and model name/numbers for the equipment you used?  Also any detailed assembly instructions or videos would be greatly appreciated...