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    Fix report: WibblyPlus Wibbles No More

    Following my normal habit of posting non-obvious fixes for other people to find: Symptom video: (thanks, @Paulie) Macintosh Plus. Definitely an analogue board problem; swapping AB made it go away. AB already recapped. Capacitors of decent quality and known to work in other ABs...
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    128/512/Plus 240 V PSU Schematics

    I know a number of folks have been here wrangling 240V Pluses/512s/128s recently, myself included. Schematics for the 120 V version of the power supply are reasonably available, notably in Thomas H. Lee’s commentary on the design. However, the 240V version is laid out differently enough to be...
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    128/512/Plus 240V crowbar circuit - any ideas?

    I'm currently trying to draw out the schematics for the 240 V 128/512/Plus PSU, because it's slightly different from the 120 V one, and all the schematics out there seem to be for the 120 V version. Fortunately, since I don't know much about PSUs, it seems to be a very small variation on the...
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    Outbound (Laptop) Exploration Thread

    The story so far: The Outbound Laptop was an early Mac-compatible laptop, roughly contemporaneous with the Macintosh Portable, but smaller and lighter. Apple couldn't stop them making computers but would not permit them to distribute Mac ROMs. So they functioned with a ROM transplant; you...
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    400k floppy drive glitchfest (flashing warning?)

    I have a 400k floppy drive that, when trying to boot a known good copy of System 2.0, does, erm, this: Words fail me. Any ideas, other than turning it into an art piece?
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    (Plus/128/512k) Centering image on CRT

    I have a Plus analogue board here that's producing an image that's too wide. If I adjust the variable inductor to bring the width to about the right place, it is right but the screen is offset to the left. I can't find an offset adjustment on these ABs: what can I adjust, if anything?
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    Outbound laptop internal docking cable

    The docking equipment for the Outbound Laptop consists of two parts: the PDS card and the cable that goes from the PDS card to the back panel of the machine to provide the external port (28 pin mini-centronics style). Does anyone have a good photograph of the cable part of that?
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    Unusual "Memory Plus" SE/30 video card

    I ended up with one of these in an SE/30. Obviously a video card, but what mysteries does it contain? Anyone got any context? :-D It is particularly annoying/intriguing that the identifiers have been sanded off the big ICs. Looking for this card elsewhere, I found only two mentions of it...
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    Radius MagicBus pinout

    Radius MagicBus was a compact version of the SE PDS used on Radius' products for the SE. It allowed Radius graphics cards to be used along with a Radius accelerator, and if you didn't have an accelerator, you could use a "jumper card" which was just an adapter. I have been unable to find the...
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    128k/512k/Plus AB<->LB connector

    I'm away from my macs at the moment; if anyone has their 128/512/Plus open, would you mind sending me or posting here a photo of the connector on the logic board that goes to the analogue board? Thanks!
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    Doctorin' the Tardis (and Timelord): The Revived AppleTalk Time Server

    insert wibbly flashback effects here "It would be nice to run my macs without a PRAM battery," you say, "but I like having the right time, and I am using LocalTalk." Timelord and Tardis are your friends here. You can sync clocks over AppleTalk in a similar way as you would with NTP, but with...
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    Trip report: Macintosh Programmer's Toolbox Assistant

    tl;dr: A useful hypertext toolbox reference in the spirit of THINK Reference but newer and first-party. Got it off eBay recently. Now on the garden. People don't seem to know it exists. Worth a try, but it's no THINK Reference. More details below. Macintosh Programmer's Toolbox Assistant...
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    The Great Gazelle PCI Hack Thread, Part 2

    As I was saying before we were so rudely interrupted... ;-) @Daniël Oosterhuis, @Knez and I are digging into the feasibility of using unsupported combo PCI cards on Gazelle-based machines (TAM etc). The problem here is that there is a bug in the Open Firmware on those machines which prevent it...
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    Solved problem: Mac Plus boots, screen lit, but no video

    One for the hive memory: Recently I fixed a Plus AB.  Symptoms of broken-ness were: Machine booted fine; could hear beep and disc activity happened. Mid-grey screen with white lines across it at an angle (horizontal and vertical deflection obviously working, but no video signal).  I...
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    Plus/512/128 AB brightness potentiometer replacement?

    I have a spare AB here that has a broken potentiometer; it's obviously been dropped on that corner at some stage and there's a physical crack through it.  I can see it's 1MΩ and it looks like linear, but does anyone know what power rating it is?  And, indeed, does anyone know of a suitable...
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    What's inside a KeySpan serial adapter?

    A very quick post: I recently acquired a couple of KeySpan serial adapters from @pcamen: one for use and one to take to bits for science, in case it wouldn't go back together.  In fact, the whole thing comes apart and goes back together very cleanly; there's just one screw, under the label...
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    Mac Plus analogue board glass fuse

    Does anyone know off the top of their heads what the glass fuse on the incoming mains is rated on a 230V Mac Plus analogue board?  I am currently far away from my machines and I need to order one because I blew it up. :-)
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    Building an AppleTalk (LocalTalk?) over UDP driver

    A conversation with @sutekh earlier reminded me that it would be nice to build an LToUDP (or at least AppleTalk over UDP) driver for "real" macs.  This would enable a number of fun things, including networking real macs to Mini vMac (with some tweaks) and perhaps using it over the wireless modem...
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    2-component LC power supply (amateur hour bodge)

    Multiple people have asked me recently about my bodge-up LC II PSU that I use in the rackmount LC II, so I'm going to post about it here.  It comes hedged about with a number of warnings, though: this is amateur hour hardware, and may be a bad idea in ways I don't know about.  Obviously this...
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    MacSD: Trip Report

    I recently bought a MacSD, and since there has been a certain amount of interest in the community about it, I thought I'd dump some observations and notes here about it, since I'm pretty pleased with it.  This isn't going to be anything as organised as a review, and I'm not even going to try to...