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  1. BacioiuC

    Looking for GBMac version 1.3.1 - offering a 500$ reward (via paypal) to anyone who can archive/upload it

    For the past 6 months or so I scoured the internet in search for a copy of GBMac v1.3.1 - a gameboy emulator for 68K macs. As opposed to all other gameboy emulators for 68k macs, this one is extremely performant and ran quite a lot of games at a high framerate even on my SE/30. There is a...
  2. BacioiuC

    How does a compact Mac fit into your daily lives?

    Ever since I got my hands on my first compact (a stock SE) I've been in love with these little things and tried to bring them into my daily work flow with the goal of getting them to a point where I can use them without the need for a modern PC. And although I cannot use my macs for...
  3. BacioiuC

    SE/30 - preparing for 32bit clean upgrade

    Next week my 64MB of ram and Rominator II-clone is arriving, together with a new battery so I want to prepare to do the 32bit clean upgrade properly for my SE/30. I currently have a PDS ProColorServer Graphics card installed in the PDS Slot and I'm using a color monitor as my main screen. From...
  4. BacioiuC

    Browsing websites behind TLS/SSL/HTTPS in a 68K browser

    I'm really trying to switch my development effort over to my SE/30 and use it as much as I can. Sadly, there are a few problems that keep me from going all retro for my gamedev business but I believe I just managed to jump one of the hurdles. In short, since I am using MacIPgw on a raspberry pi...
  5. BacioiuC

    3D Dungeon Crawler engine for 68K Macs

    Hi everyone! As I mentioned in a few of my posts I'm looking to develop and release a couple of games for 68K Macs this year. This thread will serve as a purpose of documenting the journey, possibly asking for help regarding obscure 68K issues and keeping the community up to date (if...
  6. BacioiuC

    Drivers for Lapis ProColorServer 24 PDS/30 for the SE/30

    Posting here in case the conquest thread isn't of interest for other people. I have an SE/30 Lapis ProColorServer 24 PDS/30 video card but I can't find the driver for it. I've tried the driver archive on Macintosh Repository without any luck. By browsing through the forums search feature I...
  7. BacioiuC

    How can I test a DB15 to HD15 adapter/cable without plugging it in?

    I've got my hands on a color card (ProServer PDS for SE/30) but I'm lacking a way to connect it to a VGA monitor. Ordered an adapter off of ebay but it's about a month away until I get it. A neighbor of mine who used to be an electronic engineer said he'll try his hand at making a cable that...
  8. BacioiuC

    SE/30 with ProColorServer Graphics Card

    Just in time for the holidays! A freshly recapped SE/30 with a ProColor Server Graphics card. I have a 17" silver LCD due to arrive and a DB15-HD15 convertor on the way. Haven't powered it on yet, the box it came in seemed a tiny bit wet so I'm taking extra precautions to not fry anything when...
  9. BacioiuC

    What would be a decent price to purchase a Color Classic?

    I'm looking to upgrade from my accelerated SE to a Color Classic, but I'm not sure what budget I should set aside. What would a decent price for a Color Classic be? 300-500$? And are they affected by capacitors issues?
  10. BacioiuC

    Any PDA's/Palmtops that can connect to a classic 68K Mac?

    Are there any PDA's or Palmtops (excluding the Apple Newton) that can connect via serial to a 68K macintosh? Trying to get a companion and organizer for my retro projects, that I can use when I'm way from the SE. The idea is to syncronize documents between it and the SE itself.
  11. BacioiuC

    Compact Virtual causes freeze on startup

    I have an SE equipped with a Total Systems Mercury 16 MHz upgrade card and an memory expansion. The SE has 4 MB of ram on the main board and 4 extra megabytes of ram on the RAM expansion board that plugs into the mercury. In Gemstart 3.0, pressing on "Accelerator Info" it reads the 4 MB of...
  12. BacioiuC

    Macintosh SE - Finder error 41 on startup

    Hi everyone, Yesterday I've installed a Total Systems Mercury accelerator in my Macintosh SE. Been playing and working on it on and off through the entire day yesterday without any issues and went through a couple of power cycles. Worked without any issues. Today I've booted up the Mac and it...