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  1. LaPorta

    Need Disk Image/Documentation for ImageWriter II AppleTalk

    Through the gracious beneficence of a forum member, I will soon be in possession of an ImageWriter II AappleTalk Card. What I need now is the installation disk images, and I was hoping for a PDF or other form of documentation to tell me how to set it up properly. Does anyone have either of these...
  2. LaPorta

    PT Pro/SCSI2SD v6 Escapades - Part II

    About a year ago, I gave up on using a SCSI2SD v6 (Rev. F) in my PT Pro. I had all sorts of data corruption issues, format issues, etc. Just didn't work. At the time, some said that there was an issue with the latest firmware revision. So, I shelved it and instead used an Sonnet IDE PCI Card...
  3. LaPorta

    1400/iBook G3 Power Adapter Plug

    Has anyone yet located a source of the same diameter and length power plugs for these machines? I have two working 1400 PSUs, but with somewhat tenuous cables that I do not want to fray any further. I was hoping to find the plug and just mate it with a universal 45W adapter.
  4. LaPorta

    Quick Question: would this work in a Quicksilver?

    Trying to get a deal on a nice Quicksilver, and wondered if this would be plug-n-play compatible with the existing processor: https://www.ebay.com/itm/333550764333?epid=1300632306&hash=item4da92cc12d:g:CaoAAOSwuytecpeH
  5. LaPorta

    SE brightness instability

    On my restored, electrolytic recapped SE, I have this issue where after a while, the screen will suddenly in an instant get noticeably brighter, then later on after a few minutes will instantly get noticeably darker. Any ideas as to what may be failing inside to cause this? Note: RIFA caps were...
  6. LaPorta

    New PowerMac G4/G4 Server Setup

    After years and years, I finally was able to put together my dream setup from the turn of the millennium: G4 tower plus 17" Studio Display. I've had the tower for a good 10 years or so, but the display I recently got, compliments of @Torbar. One funny thing about the Studio Display: in OS 9, it...
  7. LaPorta

    MegaScreen 2/Proxima Display for Plus

    Hey Compact experts, I have had a MegaScreen II in my possession for probably 20 or so years, having never used it. I am not 100% sure where it is that I originally got it (my high school or inside a US Air Force Plus, one of the two), but I have never used it and don't have the faintest idea...
  8. LaPorta

    PB1400: Restored, worked perfect, now this...

    So last night, I went to fire up my 1400. A little preface: I fully recapped and restored this a few months ago. New PRAM battery, rebuilt the main battery, and have been moving onto PSU recap and repair. Installed IDE to SD. Works perfectly. So, I used it last on Sunday to copy a Bolo map to...
  9. LaPorta

    PT Pro: What could I have done?

    Hey everyone, So, tonight I went about installing a new DVD drive and and IDE to SD adapter into my PT Pro. Both of these I hooked up to my ATA cards after physically installing them in the system. So, I hook it all back up, plug it in and....nothing. Can't start by the soft power key, cannot...
  10. LaPorta

    PowerBook 1400 Power Supply Recap and Repair

    I am going to start this thread back up for anyone who is interested. Long story short: I managed to repair and recap my spare 1400 PSU. The issue I am having now is that it is running hotter than the other PSU I have after a long time plugged in. I am not sure why, as the PSU powers the machine...
  11. LaPorta

    Astec Power Supply for 8100 - How did I mess this up?

    I will make a brief summation, since I have a tendency to be verbose. Simply put: I re-capped a perviously working Astec power supply from my Power Mac 8100, and now it is not reliably functional. More in depth: all I set out to do was replace the big electrolytics on this thing. There are...
  12. LaPorta

    Guidance on a 1400 recap

    Hi everyone, If anyone has been following my threads, I've been having a beast of a time with my 8100, and also 6100 (though that is now good to go). Soon, the time will come for me to recap my PB 1400 and replace its PRAM battery. I know people are wary of the PRAM battery, but I really do...
  13. LaPorta

    8100/100AV Overhaul

    Well, now I am getting to what should be one of the easiest, but in one way might be the hardest, refurbishments that I have done. I have a PowerMac 8100/100AV that I picked up from my college in 2001. Back then, I was a computer science major and had some friends in the lab, one who was the...
  14. LaPorta

    Apple CD 300i: tear down and recap?

    I’ve got a good, working 300i in my PM 6100. I hear these things need to be recapped as well. Does anyone have a good guide for tearing one down without me destroying it?
  15. LaPorta

    6100 - SCSI2SD v6-worthy?

    I forgot around what time/machine that the faster SCSI speeds came available that would yield even some kind of benefit from a v6 SCSI2SD vs the v5.x. Is the 6100 worthy of one?
  16. LaPorta

    Snapping the plastics - a better way not to?

    So, my father's Quadra 660 AV finally got so brittle that one tab of the case top cracked off. I managed to get the other off without snapping it by wedging a flat head screw driver in between the tabs and pushing the one from the bottom of the case in. You can still see the stress lines forming...
  17. LaPorta

    6100 - Recap and internal speaker issue

    Hey everyone, So, I just finished an overhaul of my AudioVision 14", and then turned to my 6100 DOS to get it back in shape. Absolutely no issues prior to recap, just preventative. Caps removed easy: no lifted pads. Replaced them all with same spec 47 µf, 16V organic polymer surface mount caps...
  18. LaPorta

    6100 DOS - What RAM does the card take?

    Does anyone know offhand what RAM type the DOS card takes in it's slot, and what the max is it can be?
  19. LaPorta

    Duo 2300c - Battery rebuilds?

    I know that this has been discussed elsewhere before, but not sure for Duo batteries. Is there anyone who does this, and if not, how difficult is it to source and install new cells? I am always wary because of my Portable rebuild debacle...and that was a far less complex battery.
  20. LaPorta

    Mac SE, every so often brightness variation

    My main-use SE has developed a curious issue. Every so often (maybe a few minutes), the screen will suddenly get noticeably brighter by a bit, then later, back down a tad bit darker to where it was before. It is not huge: I only noticed it when using the SE in a darker environment. However, it...