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  1. Byrd

    PowerMac G5 Quad "The New Blood Mod" - A guide to flushing, modifying and refilling the dual-pump cooling system.

    @GameHunter98 thanks for the info - have never done G5 calibration will start tonight, wondered if it took minutes or hours. Tried it the other day but there was a bad stick of RAM and think that thwarted the process as the AHT came up with red text when I went in. Love the appearance of your...
  2. Byrd

    PowerMac G5 Quad "The New Blood Mod" - A guide to flushing, modifying and refilling the dual-pump cooling system.

    @GameHunter98 brilliant work, what's the pump top you have there? Out of interest how long did it take you to calibrate your fans - did you find the mouse cursor kind of locks up/goes really slow during calibration? I've had to take a different tact with mine - currently trialling some generic...
  3. Byrd

    Macintosh IIfx conundrum

    Looking at the pics, I'd also try this next, the 68030 and 68882 look crustier than they should be, possibly stored with a level of moisture nearby. I recently restored a IIfx with the same corroded CPU/FPU appearance, the 68030 when removed had two broken legs from corrosion and was not...
  4. Byrd

    Mac Color Classic screen issue

    Thankfully finding a replacement CRT won’t be that difficult with a lot of cracked/junker CCs kicking around or being parted out.
  5. Byrd

    Startup/Boot Icons (Extensions and Control Panels)

    It might be your OS choice - I recall System 7.5 does more "lines", but dog slow on your SE to run before it slows to a crawl filled with extensions!
  6. Byrd

    Mac Color Classic screen issue

    I'd still put it down to a drop/knock, as chiptripper noted damaging the aperture grill sounds plausible. That's not a normal degaussing pattern. If you Google "trinitron aperture grill damage", you get things like this which suggest a replacement tube.
  7. Byrd

    Distorted audio with new MacEffects Thunder PDS accelerator in an LC II

    Have you asked MacEffects yet? I’d do the usual troubleshooting, one stick known good ram, check PSU voltages, try a vanilla stock install of Mac OS 7.1
  8. Byrd

    SE RAM with battery bomb damage

    Yes, scrape it off with the end of a flat head screwdriver, don’t go too hard. Same screwdriver end wrapped with a small piece of fine sandpaper might also help. Also check the RAM slot itself for any corrosion. Long term I’d replace the stick.
  9. Byrd

    SE RAM with battery bomb damage

    ... time to get scraping! Should be OK assuming this was the only area of corrosion.
  10. Byrd

    Quake RAVE or GLQuake will freeze a PowerMac 6500 if a dedicated graphics card is used

    @Forrest no not in PCI, this would be a flashed card from a PC. All Geforce 2s in Macs were AGP. As mentioned the GF2 PCI was uncommon for what it was then (ATI PCI GPUs have always been in abundance) and a flashed card probably wouldn't play too happily either.
  11. Byrd

    Quake RAVE or GLQuake will freeze a PowerMac 6500 if a dedicated graphics card is used

    Geforce 2 PCI cards were pretty unpopular for some reason. @phlogios yes any Voodoo 1/2/3 card will work well in the 6500, but I'd have a slow fan nearby blowing air around it.
  12. Byrd

    EDO vs FPM Memory

    Short story is I don't think it matters in most Macs. I believe EDO DIMMs will work in all FPM 5V model PPC Macs at FPM speeds, but there are some caveats for certain models here: https://www.macgurus.com/products/ram/pcipowermacs.php
  13. Byrd

    M0110 keyboard clone

    Going by the price of good mechanical enthusiast keyboards, it wouldn't be cheap. There are also other bridging solutions to use off shelf keyboards as an alternative. The M0110 keyboard is pretty bullet proof unless poorly stored/damaged, the $100 untested unit will most likely work without...
  14. Byrd

    Quake RAVE or GLQuake will freeze a PowerMac 6500 if a dedicated graphics card is used

    Similar to Forest, it was usually a non-ATI branded card that was installed in these Macs, like a Voodoo 2 or 3 at the time. Adding to this my experience with any PCI ATI video card installed in a TAM (I’ve tried 128, Mac 7000, flashed 7000) doesn’t play nicely with the onboard Rage II. It all...
  15. Byrd

    Softwindows 2 68k

    From 2009?
  16. Byrd

    Wanted: Radius Precision Color 8-24X ROM 2.0 (or other 2.0 ROM)

    @Phipli thanks for posting, I’ll give these a crack too. My card has been doing well however there is a bit of a process to switch the cards around
  17. Byrd

    Speeding up a Color Classic - Without mystic or Takky

    At the end of the day you’re not going to get much out of overclocking the stock board, in terms of performance and potential. Keep up the look for a PDS accelerator or LC520 board is a straight swap if you can find. Japanese auctions might net you some good results.
  18. Byrd

    My IIfx progress

    Dunno how you're going to fix that, but goodness you're close - good luck!
  19. Byrd

    Mac Color Classic screen issue

    That looks like a knock/drop to me, the convergence rings have moved. You might be lucky and see where the rings have moved, often covered in glue or paint as way of marking the alignment.
  20. Byrd

    Color Classic screen wavering.

    Every CC I've come across has needed a reflow of anything video related to get a stable image. Colour loss was probably the main thing secondary to jumping/jittering display, make sure you check the yoke PCB and also the RGB wires running into the back of the CRT.