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  1. Alex

    The definitive guide, Recapping & Lubrication, (SONY) 800K 3.5"

    Here is what you can expect, Video Chapters 0:00 — Intro 2:19 — Capacitor Locations 4:41 — Capacitor Replacement 14:18 — Microscope view 18:55 — Lifting head for cleaning 21:13 — Protective yellow plastic disk 22:37 — Metal Mounting Bracket 24:31 — Ribbon Cable Types (stripe color)...
  2. Alex

    Y20K bug in Mac OS 8, System 7 & 6 (FIX)

    In case any one should forget, Mac OS 8, System 7 and System 6 can't set their clock beyond 2020. Click the link below for a fix, a video describing the issue and a software download to fix the issue is available. https://archive.org/details/macos_8_2020_bug
  3. Alex

    Motorola Marco Site - stuff downloaded

    So I just wanted to let folks that I ran a scrape on Motorola's old site using the wayback_machine_downloader and whatever came down the pipe can be found here: http://home.macintosh.garden/~alexs/mot.com_IA/ These were the filetypes downloaded, pdf|hqx|sit|dd|pkg|abs|bin|sea|cpt|dmg|txt. As...
  4. Alex

    Troubleshooting and fixing a dead Apple Iic

    Many good strategies here. Check it out!
  5. Alex

    Newton Ethernet and WiFi Software, including Hiroshi Nogushi's Lucent WaveLAN driver

    I created an item on the internet archive for all 2000, 2100, and eMate fans. https://archive.org/details/newton_ethernet_drivers Includes the Hirochi Noguchi shareware (now freeware) LucentWaveLAN.pkg and related open source software. Enjoy.
  6. Alex

    An impromptu live recapping of a IIvi

      An impromptu live recapping Old electronic devices with surface mount electrolytic capacitors are often affected by capacitor leakage. Watch Bruce of Branchus Creation muddle through the recapping of a Macintosh IIvi. New to recapping? Watch the man and learn some cool stuff. Enjoy!
  7. Alex

    Install PowerPC Mac OS X Faster!

    I came across this video which is just excellent, it covers the ASR command line tool first introduced in Jaguar. The video also introduces Firewire Target Disk Mode and using it to install software. The video celebrates these technologies with a focus on vintage computing. HISTORY Apple...
  8. Alex

    How to make system discs for vintage Macintosh and Lisa computers

    There is a LONG video about making system discs for vintage Macintosh
  9. Alex

    Japanese Mac Calligraphy Software Review

    A very well done video by @JDW - yet another in a series of excellent videos I might add.
  10. Alex

    iMac (Summer 2001) optical drive replacement

    Hello I have an iMac G3 Snow White and the optical drive is rather tenacious about making ejection difficult necessitating a manual ejection which is cumbersome and not easily succeeded but only after several attempts. I will open the machine up and investigate a permanent fix but failing that...
  11. Alex

    Video - Removing the analog board from a Macintosh Color Classic

    Removing the analog board from a Macintosh Color Classic This is an extraordinary video with a list of caps for the analog board. Special thank to Bruce who put this together.
  12. Alex

    Discharging a CRT - video

    If you are thinking about working on a compact Mac, it's always safer to work on if the CRT has been discharged. There is a very good video on just that. I should mention that Bruce has countless other videos on all things related to fixing Macs as well, he even does recapping as a service. Be...
  13. Alex

    Powerbook150 hinges extremely stiff

    After taking apart my 150, due to the display's bottom bezel detaching on the lower right, I found the hinges to be extremely stiff. I applied some grease but they remain incredibly stiff. After repairing the plastic and reassembling the machine the display bezel came apart again. I can't find...
  14. Alex

    Powerbook 150 powers up moment adapter plugged in

    Hello My 150 starts up the moment its original power adapter is plugged in. (NOTE: removable battery is not connected but I can test with it plugged in even though the battery is dead. The internal PRAM battery has been desoldered as it was just beginning to leak). I read in another thread on...
  15. Alex

    How To Video: Recapping a Macintosh IIsi Power Supply

    Recapping a Macintosh IIsi Power Supply Related reference (cheat sheet): http://recapamac.com.au/macintosh-iisi-power-supply/ or on archive.org, http://web.archive.org/web/20191125110228/http://recapamac.com.au/macintosh-iisi-power-supply/
  16. Alex

    Yoyo Power Supply Repair

    I cam across this interesting article today. https://archive.org/details/eu_MacTech-2004-05_OCR/page/n65?q=power+supply+repair I hope this helps anyone out there bring their yoyo back to life!
  17. Alex

    PowerBook 2400c パーフェクトガイド製作委員会 Perfect Guide

    I just ordered this book I will be scanning it and uploading it to archive.org. Expect an update within a month or so. I hopefully plan to machine translate the book. That's all for now. 
  18. Alex

    Macintosh LC II Recapping and Dishwasher - please don't!

    So this is not about the retrobrite that the 8-bit guy completed, that turned out very nice. Instead it is about this really bad video he did, sorry I know some of you may like him but this video was wrong in so many ways that I had to warn potential viewers. I couldn't comment on youtube...
  19. Alex

    Power Macintosh 9600 and ATI Radeon 9200

    Hello forum members I am enjoying my 9600/300 but the stock GPU card is something of a snail. I understand the ATI Radeon 9200 is an option that I can consider. Are there any special requirements? Does the card have to be specific to Mac and if not can the hardware for a PC model be modified...
  20. Alex

    Please help choose an LCD monitor for two macs

    Hello I have a few vintage macs and there are two that I would particularly like to connect to a more modern (likely a used 10 year old) LCD. So I have about 5 different adapters on hand and that help get XGA+ or something else out of these machines. I have a Quadra 950 (built in video) with...