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  1. Byte Knight

    Things to Do With Your Networked Vintage Mac

    There are still a bunch of active Hotline servers out there! I recently got a ton of Mac-related text files for CQII BBS from Antelope's Abode.
  2. Byte Knight

    Things to Do With Your Networked Vintage Mac

    22. Chat with AI via LegacyAI, which is a ChatGPT client built specifically for Mac OS 9 (https://manticore.nz/legacyai).
  3. Byte Knight

    Apple iigs setup

    Thanks for the free advertising! ;) I still prefer the original IIgs monitor - love the form factor.
  4. Byte Knight

    USB4VC adds support to early Macs (use USB and bluetooth devices through a rpi)

    Very cool - that would make Dark Castle actually winnable!
  5. Byte Knight

    Netatalk 2.2.9 Released

    Thank you so much!
  6. Byte Knight

    Good first Apple II?

    I'd suggest the IIgs - it will run most of the old Apple II stuff and it's also the most Mac-like. With an Uthernet card and PiSCSI, you can share files between your vintage Macs and IIgs and also print to a modern printer over your network with both.
  7. Byte Knight

    IIsi Dual PDS Riser

    I agree! 😏
  8. Byte Knight

    Hermes BBS install

    v3.1.1 with multiple wifi modems and v3.5.11 are up and running at: v3.1.1 - crowsnestbbs.ddns.net:6400-6403 v3.5.11 - crowsnestbbs.ddns.net:6801 Check 'em out before they're gone!
  9. Byte Knight

    Hermes BBS install

    Nope - I could only find 6 door games that would work with v3.5 or greater, but there are at least 16 door games that work with versions prior to 3.5. What I was describing above was how to install a stable version of v3.5.11 Hermes II on a 68K Mac. In my search for door games, I also found...
  10. Byte Knight

    Hermes BBS install

    The screenshots are from v3.1.1.
  11. Byte Knight

    Hermes BBS install

    You can download them from my Mac file server at afp://cqbbs.ddns.net under the Mac BBS Host Software folder.
  12. Byte Knight

    Hermes BBS install

    I'm using the same v2.x of cbmstuff's WiModem232. You need to make sure that your cable is wired correctly. A bunch of the cables on eBay aren't truly high-speed even though they say they are: This is what your node and init string should look like (with proper serial port selected)...
  13. Byte Knight

    NuBus LocalTalk cards?

    Thank you! I always forget about the Mac Driver Museum site...
  14. Byte Knight

    NuBus LocalTalk cards?

    That's what I'm planning on using it for. Where can I find this driver?
  15. Byte Knight

    NuBus LocalTalk cards?

    I'm thinking about getting one of these cards. Where were you able to find the drivers?
  16. Byte Knight

    Hermes BBS install

    After fiddling around with this some more, I was able to get the latest beta (3.5.11) to run stably on my IIci with TCP connections. I installed 3.5.10 and used the existing System Prefs file (under Hermes Files -> Shared Files) from a previous 3.5.2 installation. Just don't copy over the...
  17. Byte Knight

    Netatalk 2.2.8 Released

    Thank you so much! Netatalk remains a must-have for me for moving files between my vintage and modern Macs so it's great to see it still being updated.
  18. Byte Knight

    Hermes BBS install

    Fast forward a few years later and I started playing around with Hermes II again! I tested out all the versions I could find - 1.0, 3.0, 3.11, 3.5.2, 3.5.9, and 3.5.11. I also dug up as many Hermes II door games as I could find. I'm posting here so it's at least documented somewhere. Here's...
  19. Byte Knight

    Netatalk 2.2.7 Released

    Thanks for keeping our 68k Macs well-served! :)
  20. Byte Knight

    What machine is better for playing Apple II games? (IIgs or LC+IIe card)

    I'd go with the IIgs, and then you can play IIgs games too!