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  1. Verault

    Need help getting SCSI CDrom working in GS-OS for Apple IIgs

    I have an Apple IIgs with a Scsi card and I want to get a Cdrom working with it. This computer has a scsi harddrive with GS-OS 6.0.4 it boots to. I have a known working External Apple 300 CDrom drive I am trying to use but I also have a couple 3rd party external scsi cdroms as well. I loaded the...
  2. Verault

    LC III lost sound

    So my LC III doesnt make a sound anymore. I have been trying to find the soundchip to no avail. I was able to get sound back on my LC II by using deoxit and a toothbrush on a couple areas which had some whitish buildup on IC pins. I tried this on the LC III but still no sound. Board was...
  3. Verault

    Color classic headphone/speaker out not working correctly

    So I had to replace a bad Dfac2 chip on my color classic board to get any audio. When I plug a speaker or headphone set into the audio out I am expecting to get stereo audio out and the internal speaker to cut out.. But the internal speaker keeps playing audio and the audio out only plays audio...
  4. Verault

    Replaced what I thought was a tantalum but I was wrong. Need help!

    So let me start off saying I HAD a working Mac Color Classic. I had already repaired the board and replaced its capacitors last year. This week I was going to finally recap the Analog board. Well once I did theat the unit would not boot and had a constant high pitch chirp. After care ful...
  5. Verault

    Apple IIgs ROM 03 system bad error

    I have two ROM 03 Apple IIgs systems that gives error "SYSTEM BAD 06010000" When I run the built in Diagnostics. From what I looked up it seems to be an issue with the built in SERIAL IC on the main board.Is that correct or is the issue something else? IF I disable the modem port in the control...
  6. Verault

    Color Classic no sound output via internal speaker or headphone out but issue is NOT analog board.

    So I have two color classics. One I recapped both the logic board and analog board a couple years back and it works fine. The other is a machine I have been getting piece by piece. A friend gave me a color classic chassis with a broken LC550 board and no rear cover and I very recently got a...
  7. Verault

    going through my cable I found 4 of these, can someone tell me what they are for?

    I found 4 cables each about a foot long. Db 25 Female on one end and DB 25 MAle on the other end. They have part numbers 590-0166-A and 590-0029-00 They all say MODEM ELIMINATOR I want to sort and categorize my mess of peripherals and cables so does anyone know the uses for these cables?
  8. Verault

    Can someone tell me what this Keyboard Daughter board I pulled out of an Original Model Apple II is?

    I was repairing an original rev0 Apple II someone brought me. They had bought it online. When I opened it I found that the keyboard in the apple II didnt connected to the motherboard directly. Instead it plugged into a female socket on this daughterboard and the daughterboard plugged into the...
  9. Verault

    Fixed Bad 512K VRAM in my LC II !

    One of my only 512KB VRAM modules I own thats in my LC II went bad this year or last: I bought 4 of the exact same type of TC524258BJ-10 Ram Chips online. I ended up using 3 of the 4 chips I purchased. I have a feeling one of them may not have been bad but a bad contact. I marked them and...
  10. Verault

    Macintosh Classic stalls booting when anything is plugged into the SCSI bus

    I have a MAC classic board which will boot and work fine from a floppy drive but the second I connect a hard drive via internal ribbon or external connector the system just sits forever without progressing to even the floppy drive. The mouse cursor still works, its just perpetually waiting it...
  11. Verault

    Looking to replace my onboard SCSI chip and have a question.

    I am looking to replace my onboard SCSI chip on my Macintosh Classic board. The chip it came with is this one NCR 53C80 But when I look online all I can seem to find are NCR 53C80-40. What does the -40 specify? They both appear to be 44 pin IC's.
  12. Verault

    Apple III just lost the -5V rail completely, all other voltages fine

    Morning all. My Apple III just lost the -5V rail completely, all other voltages are present and fine. Anyone familiar with this type of fault?
  13. Verault

    Need help identifying crystal on Macintosh IIX board

    I am doing a repair on a macintosh IIx board and the crystal in postion Y1 fell off. all that is stenciled on the side of the crystal is f1 japan or f-japan. I cannot find any schematics for this board. Can someone pleast tell me the value of this crystal so I can source a replacement?
  14. Verault

    Franklin 1000 system restoration

    So someone brought me a Franklin 1000 in a very sad state to have repaired. Seems they connected up the keyboard cable backwards and did some damage. They did add new foam capacitive pads first but never got the chance to test them. The long and short of it is I needed to replace a couple...
  15. Verault

    IIgs memory expansion board HELP! 670-0025

    I am hitting my head against a wall and need some help. I have been dealing with a IIGs memory expansion board model 670-0025 for over a year and a half and enough is enough. I need help. I cant find a schematic for this board. I got the boad and it was not working, It was a bit crusty but but...
  16. Verault

    Looking for a IIc handle

    I got kind of screwed on an apple IIc I had shipped to me. Ended up being in rough shape. Its missing the handle. Does anyone out there have the handle to sell? Please contact me, thank you!
  17. Verault

    Restoring a 6100/66 DOS Compatibility, need help with software

    So  I am restoring a PowerMac 6100/66 DOS Compatibility computer and setting up new software on the SCSI2SD I installed on it (which by the way seems much, much slower than even the 500MB HDD that was original to it.) I am still learning when it comes to classic MAC OS, I was wondering if...
  18. Verault

    WTB Apple /// Internal floppy drive Flapper/Lever

    one of my Apple III internal floppy drives lever/flapper has crumbled to bits. IT was broken and I glued it but its unsalvageable. The internal drive is different from the external Apple III mechanism as it has an angled faceplate and elongated flapper. I know this makes it pretty hard to come...
  19. Verault

    Liron card and unidisk 3.5 drives wont boot.. But isn't it supposed to?

    So I just got my first Liron / Apple 3.5" floppy controller card. As soon as i put the card in the system (slot 6 or 7) I was expecting it to behave like a 5.25" floppy drive and attempt a boot from the 3.5" drive. But the Card doesn't even register in the computer the way the 5.25" floppy...
  20. Verault

    Apple /// and /// Plus rgb and composite video questions

    I'm trying to find specific information about the Apple /// and /// plus video outs.  Alot of sites claim the composite output of the Apple /// is monochrome. I only own an Apple /// Plus and my composite video out seems to be in color. So is this something Apple remedied from the original model...