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    Macintosh Plus - Sad Mac - 01FA00

    There are different versions of ROMs. You have to look, which version you have. And the plus ROMs are split into two files (high and low). Here you can find two windows programs to split and compare roms. https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/software-for-roms.32011/
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    Macintosh Plus - Sad Mac - 01FA00

    A 01 error means that there is a ROM error. Plus ROMs are sometimes defect. You can burn new ROMs with an eprom burner. https://www.instructables.com/Create-Macintosh-Plus-ROMs/
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    Uh Oh: Stupid Compact Mac Networking Question Alert

    This site may be of interest for you. There is a part about serial connection: http://www.applefool.com/se30/#serialdata The third cable could be, what you need: http://www.applefool.com/se30/images/img/1yq5cpr6.png File-Sharing: https://www.jagshouse.com/filesharing.html
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    Macintosh Classic Analog Board Help

    Mac Classic & SE from Larry Pina could help you. Perhaps you send me a PM?
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    chip Rom Mac Classic

    When the classic boots with another LB then your problem is the LB and not the AB. Did you wash the board, when you recapped it? The fluid of the caps must be removed. You can use a toothbrush and water with a little bit of soap. Then rinse the board with IPA and let it dry. I use an oven at...
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    chip Rom Mac Classic

    Did you recap the logic board? Did you measure the voltages at the floppy port (5 & 12 volt)? Did you recap the analog board? Most often a recap solves problems with the classic. If the ROM is defect you can buy a battery bombed board and use that ROM. Or you can burn a new one...
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    Macintosh SE system errors

    Voltages are ok, perhaps you could measure with an oszilloscop, if they are stable? But when you recapped the AB, they should be stable. Are there chips that are getting hot? Could be a temperature problem when the SE freezes after some time.
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    Macintosh SE system errors

    Did you measure the voltages at the floppy port? Should be 5 and 12 volt. Did you clean and reseat the ROM?
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    Macintosh Plus corrosion : can I work it out ?

    I dry my washed boards in an oven at 50-60°C for half an hour.
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    BlueSCSI Questions for Mac Plus

    Here you can find some images for the bluescsi with OS, which should work: https://www.savagetaylor.com/downloads/downloads-macintosh/
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    Recapping Floppy Drives?

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    Macintosh SE EEPROM to ROM adapter

    I do not know, if it helps, but in this thread (last post) there is another adapter (for one 27C010): https://forum.vcfed.org/index.php?threads/macintosh-se-broken-rom-low-chip.60566/ There are two 4.7kOhm Resistors used to connect the 5V to VPP, PGM and OE. I think that this is used in the...
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    Bother with recapping floppy drives?

    Here someone described a zero track alignment procedure that worked for him. https://tinkerdifferent.com/threads/superdrive-floppy-maintenance.549/page-2 I have the same problems with some drives. So I am interested if you have a solution for your problem.
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    Macintosh 512 Screen Issue

    The dead mac scrolls: Page 46-48 https://cdn.hackaday.io/files/1681007191990400/The_Dead_Mac_Scrolls_1992-1.pdf
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    Macintosh 512 Screen Issue

    Could be a cracked solder joint. https://macgui.com/news/article.php?t=515 Or L2, C1 https://www.jagshouse.com/vertical.html
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    SE/30 - Making progress!

    You should recap the AB and the PSU too. The caps leak and damage the boards.
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    SE/30 infinite boot loop or rattling floppy drive(?)

    A SD card can be used as a scsi drive for example with: - SCSI2SD - MACSD - BlueSCSI - ZuluSCSI - RaSCSI, now PiSCSI Or you build your own TashTwenty (emulates a HD20 at the floppy port). https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/tashtwenty-single-chip-dcd-hard-disk-20-interface.39357/
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    How to install software on Macintosh Plus?

    Perhaps you should buy a floppy emu with the software SD. It is an easy way to transfer software to the mac. https://www.bigmessowires.com/floppy-emu/
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    SE/30 infinite boot loop or rattling floppy drive(?)

    You should recap the Logic board (LB). The caps leak and may damage the LB. And remove the battery. The analog board and the power supply could also need a recap. The voltages are ok so far as the computer tries to boot. But you can check them at the floppy port. Should be 5 and 12 Volt. For...
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    Macintosh SE & External BlueScsi Power Delivery?

    Did you measure the voltages? Perhaps they are lower at the 5010? Is the AB recapped?