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    6100/60 build

    My 6100 with BlueSCSI V2 works well! Though I have a Sonnet CPU upgrade as well as a PDS VRAM card, and I also feel that cooling is an issue like others here have mentioned.
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    6100 ATX PSU possible?

    I use one of these in my G4 with an adapter - https://www.amazon.com/FSP-Solution-Efficiency-Active-Supply/dp/B08BF1H5R1 Presumably this would fit in the case? Nevertheless I don’t mind externalizing a PSU, I just need to figure out how to adapt it to function in the 6100.
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    68060 in Mac

    Wow, not sure where all that hostility is coming from.
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    68060 in Mac

    The 68060 has benefits beyond merely speed, the biggest benefit IMO being that they run a heck of a lot cooler! For that reason alone I would love to run a true 060. :)
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    Any way to share acrylic Cinema display (ADC) among multiple computers?

    Hey friends, I've been looking for an ADC-based KVM switch for my G4 QS, G5, and Mac Mini G4. All I can find is DVI and my QS crashes while booting when I use that style of KVM. Is there a switch that will work with this type of setup?
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    quicksilver replacement power supply

    I bought an ATX adapter on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/133346393458 The ATX PSU that I used is here, and it fits well in the case: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BF1H5R1?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details Note that you'll need a separate adapter to use an ADC monitor.
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    6100 ATX PSU possible?

    Hey friends, I have a Performa 6112CD and the PSU makes a bit of a squeal when I power the computer on. This, naturally, has me a bit nervous. I intend to recap the PSU but for a longer term solution, is it possible to use an ATX power supply? Is there any conversion kit or anything?
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    02 Quicksilver shutting down during boot when connected to KVM

    Hey friends, I have an 02 Quicksilver with an Apple Cinema display (the plastic-front one). As I am using a 3rd party PSU, I have to use the ADC->DVI adapter. This works great when plugged directly in to my NVidia card's DVI port. However, when I place the KVM between the computer and the...
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    Hermes BBS install

    Duuuuude I love the 3.1.1 so far. Any chance you'd be willing to make a dump of your setup that would work in sheepshaver or something for me to play with before you take it down completely? I love old BBS doorgames, particularly exlusive ones to specific BBS softwares.
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    Hermes BBS install

    Hey Byte Knight, am I understanding correctly here that you were able to get the pre-3.5.2 doors to work with 3.5.11 using this method or is that incorrect?
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    Hermes BBS install

    Hey @Byte Knight I can't find those Hermes files, particularly the games, do you have these anywhere?