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  1. maceffects

    Macintosh Portable is suddenly flaky / unstable, not sure what's up

    @Huxley you have no idea how bad I want to do a clear Mac Portable... These are such awesome, if temperamental, machines <3
  2. maceffects

    This is amazing! If you shrink it down with FPGA that will simply be mind blowing!!

    This is amazing! If you shrink it down with FPGA that will simply be mind blowing!!
  3. maceffects

    Macintosh TV capacitors

    For completeness sake, I did make a nice list of all the capacitors including the video card and CD drive... It appears to have been corrupted in the great data loss of 2021 :( https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/macintosh-tv-logic-board-analog-board-and-tuner-card-capacitor-list.38141/
  4. maceffects

    Unexpected ewaste find: MicroQue PDS4/Top Hat. Quad LC PDS Adapter!

    @olePigeon I wish I was, I’m here in the Midwest. Appreciate the offer though! To be fair, I probably don’t need more projects. It’s like some kind of addition.
  5. maceffects

    MacMemory MaxSave

    I can honestly say that I’ve never seen one of these. I’m curious what kind of implementation it might be. Engineers were really crafty back then due to their limited resources, so some kind of hybrid solution would make sense.
  6. maceffects

    MacMemory MaxSave

    PLEASE post photos once it arrives. I’m very curious of the structure on this upgrade.
  7. maceffects

    Unexpected ewaste find: MicroQue PDS4/Top Hat. Quad LC PDS Adapter!

    You know me, I want to do it all 😅
  8. maceffects

    Unexpected ewaste find: MicroQue PDS4/Top Hat. Quad LC PDS Adapter!

    I kind of what to clone this and I don't know why...
  9. maceffects

    Kermit, the super green SE/30

    So beautiful!
  10. maceffects

    x86 card revival thread

    I've always loved PC compatibility cards and own a dozen from different eras.
  11. maceffects

    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh SE PCB & Custom Chips for 1:1 reproduction

    For those not on this Facebook group. Here is the guy who designed the Mac SE logic board. 
  12. maceffects

    Value of a IIsi

    Yeah, I personally wouldn’t pay more than $60 for a setup that needs recapped but then again I’m not actually looking for one. But what people need to realize is the fees and hassles eBay brings. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great for finding rare things but it has its downsides too.  
  13. maceffects

    Value of a IIsi

    Having a boxed systems that is mint (and recapped) is really where you'd expect to see $500 range.  If yours is in good shape and recapped but doesn't have the box I'd suspect its worth $250 but yellowing must be minimal.  Here is one that wasn't recapped but sold for $300...
  14. maceffects

    Value of a IIsi

    For a mint, boxed, and recapped system (CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc) you are looking at well in excess of $500.  If you have a system in fair shape that works but needs recapped I'd say $100-$150.  Watch the power supplies, those dump electrolyte on the board below.  For a non-working...
  15. maceffects

    Mini Quadra & AppleColo(u)r Display

    This is too cool!  What a great project.  For me it would look good as desk display rather than a functional thing I would use. 
  16. maceffects

    Adding Wi-Fi to my Mac SE/30

    @Bolle If you ever do another run of the combo cards, I'd like to buy another.  I didn't want to hoard all of them from the first batch. 
  17. maceffects

    LC575 No sound after re-cap

    I don't know where they got it but a good place to check for parts like this is: https://www.utsource.net/
  18. maceffects

    My newly arrived LC575...

    @tommijazz91 This method isn't offered at every shipping store and is considerably more expensive.  So, in some cases it could be better to mail a premade one to the seller. But as you mention if buying something from Buyee or elsewhere language and logistics are a problem. 
  19. maceffects

    My newly arrived LC575...

    The way they get around this is by having longer shipping dates and accept lower search results as well.  They can say the handling time is 1 week.  However, for someone selling a LC/Performa, once it is already listed and has bids you can't change the handling time. 
  20. maceffects

    My newly arrived LC575...

    Using a expanding foam method like this with the tube face down should remove much, but certainly not all, of the risk.  But yes, regardless of the feedback it can still hurt sellers.  If I recall correctly, eBay always changes things, but last I recall late shipments will decrease top rated...