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  1. LaPorta

    3.5" external floppy manual eject button not working

    Phipli is correct. That is non-functional on any Mac. It only works on an Apple II.
  2. LaPorta

    Tutorial powerbook 1400 hinge fix

    Question I have: how long until it starts cracking where the top of the shim meets the original plastic? Not to be a downer, but won't that be the new stress point now?
  3. LaPorta

    How to manage a graphite Airport basestation?

    I believe I have a copy of the AirPort utilities for OS 9 if you want to give that a go.
  4. LaPorta

    Apple 17" Studio Display (M7649) orange power light

    No issue here....I can only surmise perhaps a monitor from a computer lab that was left on 24/7 for years?
  5. LaPorta

    How to manage a graphite Airport basestation?

    What other contemporary machines do you have? Is the 2400 running OS 9?
  6. LaPorta

    Power Mac g4 Quicksilver 867MHZ single dead after thermal paste install.

    I (think) I have one of these? I can check, would photos ID it for you?
  7. LaPorta

    Check out my Mac plus

    That is a very nice example you have there. The Plus is my absolute favorite simply because it was the first machine that my family ever had. Your interpretation of the 90s events are somewhat correct in my mind. Each generation of computer blew away the next. However, what was acceptable to use...
  8. LaPorta

    Soph's mac finds

    That’s unfortunate. I’m sure someone will have them around here. Now you are looking for an SE?
  9. LaPorta

    Soph's mac finds

    A three-year hiatus! How’d that IIfx turn out?
  10. LaPorta

    800k ejecting all the time

    That was why I was curious if it was the same drive, cable, etc and all that was changed was the eject motor. What was the original issue? When did it start? Is this a new computer to you and it just does this all the time, or a machine you already had with a bad eject motor that you changed out...
  11. LaPorta

    800k ejecting all the time

    What machine is this? What cable? Is it original to the machine?
  12. LaPorta

    Soldering iron recommendations

    Man that thing looks like a beast. Cost?
  13. LaPorta

    IIsi Repaired By Reheating Solder Joints and Replacing Crystal

    Josh, you using hot air with paste, or just an iron/dragging the solder for that?
  14. LaPorta

    IIsi Repaired By Reheating Solder Joints and Replacing Crystal

    Thank you for this. I will need this in resurrecting my IIsi.
  15. LaPorta

    Which "useless" extensions are not worth the RAM and time to load nowadays?

    I use Extensions Manager all the time. Especially with my lower-spec machines, I regularly turn off all networking while playing a game, for instance.
  16. LaPorta

    Got my SE/30 - next steps ?

    Yes, if the SCSI system was not reporting correctly, the machine would get stuck at a gray screen with a mouse pointer only…there would be no flashing disk ever appearing. You should be ok.
  17. LaPorta

    Quadra 610 Shutdown from Generic 7.5.3

    Yeah, my money would be on something like that. Software not working properly.
  18. LaPorta

    Quadra 610 Shutdown from Generic 7.5.3

    Could there possibly be something that 7.5.x is trying to run or do that is not working that is causing the freeze?
  19. LaPorta

    Got my SE/30 - next steps ?

    Also...if you have soft hands, and decent fingernails, you can just bend them until they slide by the chip and no further. I still haven't broken any by being very ginger. You just cant bend them like it isnt an issue.
  20. LaPorta

    Warning! Exploding Maxell PRAM Batteries

    My SE find 2019: https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?attachments/img_4458-jpg.21451/ Crusty. Machine was totally restored and works well.