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  1. defor

    Lapis L-TV Pro LC Drivers?

    Yeah, If you have this card, you'll definitely want to get that firmware updater and driver, etc. I recall life with this card being a lot better with it than not. Also remember that if you put more than 32MB ram in your 5300, Focus made a wierd note that there's a bug on the 5300 board that...
  2. defor

    Lapis L-TV Pro LC Drivers?

    cheesestraws - I already seem to have bunch more drivers not archived by the usual suspects after digging for this specific one over the last few weeks, so I might see about fixing the mess that's out there.
  3. defor

    Lapis L-TV Pro LC Drivers?

    The Focus Video/Ethernet driver for 5300 definitely does have a driver (as well as a firmware update).. again, no use for this weird edge case!
  4. defor

    Lapis L-TV Pro LC Drivers?

    No worries- yeah that's exactly where I am already- the 1997 version of the Focus website seems to have a driver package specifically for the Ethernet version of the card that I have, but it was on FTP. after rebranding and so on, when they started hosting the drivers on their site, they appear...
  5. defor

    Lapis L-TV Pro LC Drivers?

    That actually MAY be true, but the only way to change the resolution is with the control panel- I've got both the LC-PDS L-TV Pro NTSC (Normal, not Ethernet equipped) and the LC-PDS L-TV Pro PAL drivers and while neither work (it seems the board id resources dont match the PDS device id's...
  6. defor

    Lapis L-TV Pro LC Drivers?

    Still looking... Have managed to archive some more versions of the official L-TV Pro software, as well as a legitimate Install software from the Nubus L-TV Pro card, but sadly, still no luck finding a driver that responds favorably to this specific card.
  7. defor

    Comm Slot II Repoduction?

    Are you sure CSII 10bt ethernet are actually in short supply? I definitely have a few, both Apple and third party.. The only CSII that feels anywhere close to rare are the 100bt cards...
  8. defor

    Lapis L-TV Pro LC Drivers?

    Does anyone have, or know where to track down the Focus/Lapis L-TV Pro/E (Ethernet) LC-PDS drivers? The card I have works great, outputs to tv, etc, but video acceleration seems to not be functional as performance is very poor... I've tried a few different packages from different locations...
  9. defor

    12" RGB Pincushion Adjustment

    Does anyone know where the heck the pincushion adjustment on the Apple 12" RGB (LC Monitor) is? I'm suspicious that there isn't one actually, and I just need a recap, but as the 12" is related to design of the Color Classic, I almost wonder if there is another solution. Alternately, does anyone...
  10. defor's Images

    defor's Images

  11. 12" RGB Pincushion

    12" RGB Pincushion

  12. defor

    Newer Optical Drive Compatibility

    SATA DVD+/-RW drives generally work pretty well overall in System 7.6.x - even for burning using Toast. Here's my PTP playing a DVD off a SATA drive (hp GH80-N) There's a number of different ways to get DVD UDF partitions recognized, but the first step i'd recommend is using the Apple CD/DVD...
  13. defor

    Tip: Boards that won't boot no matter what, check the clock crystals (See video)

    I've also revived quite a few machines that have failed to massive corrosion issues on that same chip... would love to get my hands on some NOS replacements...
  14. defor

    VGA to DA-15 (Not the other way around) Adapter

    Here's ATI's version (came with a boxed Radeon 7000 Mac Edition)
  15. defor

    Macintosh TV not powering on (MLB issue)

    On many of my 5xx chassis AIO boards, I've had issues with battery goop having corroded the traces on or around the CUDA chip. Resoldering (or replacing this chip using a suitable similar donor mac) usually fixes the problem right away. One of my MacTVs also had a trace corroded through UNDER...
  16. defor


    As far as your scaling using remote kvm- this is kinda a thing that happens in general- an IP KVM is not for day to day use pretty much pure and simple. I definitely used mine with an IP KVM, but OS level mouse acceleration is always at odds with the kvm... I even have issues with this on...
  17. defor


    I have two belkin omniview adapters designed for just this purpose of connecting macs to an off the shelf PC KVM- ps/2 keyboard and mouse and vga monitor to mac adb and 15 pin monitor. I'm interested in letting them go as I've taken my classic Macs out of my rack and no longer use the KVM...
  18. defor

    Macintosh TV questions

    Also, the sony pcb on the tuner card can be replaced with a new pcb if it's easier than recapping, but if you're planning to recap the whole tuner, remember, theres a lot of caps INSIDE the RF cage as well. you'll need to remove the solder locking the shield shit, but then it just pops open...
  19. defor

    Macintosh TV questions

    you know, I've been wondering if it might be worthwhile to create some premade scsi2sd images for systems such as the Macintosh TV and others where floppy install was the preferred restore disc format. I personally used the floppy images to make a restore set for my MacTVs, but would expect...
  20. defor

    Volume size limits under HFS and HFS+

    Maximum Bootable partition size by OS version: Macintosh Mac OS 1.x - 9.x : 200GB6 Maximum Bootable partition size by ROM Errata: Power Macintosh G3 (Beige) Mac OS 10.x : 8GB (And the extents of this partition must land within the confines of the first 8GB of the actual Disk) This means...