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  1. jessenator

    Help upgrading a Performa 600

    Is the seller saying the HDD is getting warm? That's what I'm gathering, but correct me if I'm wrong. Spinning SCSI HDDs from this era—regardless of what some might say under the influence of nostalgia—are either bad, or will go bad. A solid state replacement is a small investment in terms of...
  2. jessenator

    Quadra 700 Repair - Screwdriver Heatsink Removal Whoops!

    As far as thermal paste… don't use the expensive stuff. My Centrises (Centrii?) and Quadra boards had the white paste on them, and since the ceramic substrate doesn't conduct as fast as modern metal lids do, an expensive, thermally efficient paste IMO isn't necessary. Additionally, while I've...
  3. jessenator

    Quadra 700 Repair - Screwdriver Heatsink Removal Whoops!

    Prying off the heatsink, at least the way a lot of examples show, is …unwise, as you've unfortunately found out. The "safest" way I've found ends up bending the heatsink fins (furthest from the actual CPU die, mind), but it's a small price to pay— you place a tool on the inner side of the clip...
  4. jessenator

    chiptripper's finds

    My former 700 was a bomber as well. Yours is definitely better off :) RIP fdd
  5. jessenator

    A 'once and for all' declaration regarding L88M mask MC68040 CPUs

    Thank you! I knew I was missing something. I trust them more than UTSource—a recommendation from me, as well. He even sent me another MC68040LRC40 when one from my order was a dud.
  6. jessenator

    A 'once and for all' declaration regarding L88M mask MC68040 CPUs

    Okay, here's something weird I'm trying to understand: so the V versions can do either 3.3V or 5V? I was told they could only do 3.3V, which is why people weren't using them. Sorry if I've been parroting more anecdotal BS by saying they can't. Or maybe I'm reading that wrong, but the verbiage...
  7. jessenator

    A 'once and for all' declaration regarding L88M mask MC68040 CPUs

    I need to self-crit on this. I'm making strides to move beyond my weird obsessions. I honestly, now, couldn't care less :) I've apologized privately to the individual I went full passive-agressive on regarding the issue (which is/was my issue), and I don't want to let something that is made up...
  8. jessenator

    A 'once and for all' declaration regarding L88M mask MC68040 CPUs

    This… Also the shipping times are so extreme sometimes that you'll miss the feedback window (and sometimes the return window). Not talking about that seller specifically, just in general.
  9. jessenator

    Classic CRT to SE/30 ?

    Note here: early built Classic I CRTs are plug-and-play with the SE & SE/30. At some point during their run, they converted the yoke wiring over to what was seen on the Classic II https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/the-compact-mac-crt-guide.8543/ All the same, I took a similar gamble on a...
  10. jessenator

    x86 card revival thread

    If there was anything in the PC Setup software to choose another audio source, I couldn't find it :( but it's been a while since I was deep into this topic, or even tried it. Was it in Sound / Monitors & Sound control panel? I swear I didn't see another option there. Do the Alchemy and Gazelle...
  11. jessenator

    can't install 8.1

    Also, you might be on top of it, but make sure the drive is properly initialized, before you install, with the correct tool and disk drivers*. With very few exceptions, I've been fine with just the latest version of Drive Setup from that Legacy Recovery CD image, especially since you want to...
  12. jessenator

    can't install 8.1

    Out of curiosity, which images have you tried installing from? From experience I know some model-specific discs/images of 8.0 are out there, and often not labeled as such. E.g. the beige "Gossamer" Power Macintosh G3. And even then, if the G3's ROM version didn't match the the media's version...
  13. jessenator

    Heatsink for 68040/33 - heat dissipation efficiency?

    FWIW the 040 doesn't generate enough heat to be worrisome (in my view) or even fail under normal operating conditions*. (no heatsink, operational and running benchmarks) The OE heatsink (bar style) you have shown should be just fine. But for maximum cooling, more surface area in the fin stack...
  14. jessenator

    PC Compatibility Card in G4 MDD

    And 166s have DRAM soldered on the back side as well (bottom) vs 100 (top) Also, the (Cyrix) 166-C may or may not have socketed VRAM, because I've never managed to find so much as a picture of one, save an eBay listing (which also may or may not have been one…ugh). The Apple Memory Guide shows...
  15. jessenator

    Create own 4400 install CD?

    oh, my mistake :/ sorry. I mean, there could be localizations on the disc, but I doubt it.
  16. jessenator

    Create own 4400 install CD?

    for 7.6.1 I would recommend either the Motorola StarMax CD or the 7.6 (+7.6.1 update) images on either the Apple Legacy Recovery disc or the Apple Anthology https://www.macintoshrepository.org/24528-starmax-cd I haven't tried this with a 4400 specifically, but since both it and the StarMax...
  17. jessenator

    630 motherboard in a 5500

    I would look here and work backwards to see what the pin modifications are. https://powercc.org/takky/ Were the 63x/64x boards' the same as the 575 board's edge connector? If so it will be easy to work backwards from that mod procedure to make sure no pins are crossing. Dimensions might be a...
  18. jessenator

    Phase 5 Aptus CPU upgrade for C500

    Yeah! Wild. I actually was going to 3d print one, but even PETG at that thickness wouldn't hold for long :/ Apus was one of the original models (in Europe?) rebranded for the USDM as the C600. Looks like Phase5 (who made the Aptus series of upgrades) was a Germany-based developer of upgrades...
  19. jessenator

    Phase 5 Aptus CPU upgrade for C500

    Super low-tech, But also check out Wakefield-Vette's catalog for something to utilize the holes in the PCB. The PowerLogix board pictured didn't have them, so I had to do what I could :/ https://wakefieldthermal.com/content/catalogs/2019_Catalog.pdf
  20. jessenator

    Apple /// restoration

    I have nothing of substance to add :) I just want to say this is wonderful and ambitious. Nice work!