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  1. Juror22

    Berenod's "Lot Vintage Macintosh"

    I finally started including notes on mine as well...that is an excellent habit to get into. I always struggle with how much information to include, now that I have some with floppy gears replaced, and did I service the floppy, and when? Does it have an original HD or did I put in an SD solution...
  2. Juror22

    iMac g3 wrong cap help

    Well, I hope that your issue is confined to just caps still. Here is the list, I hope it helps: There is a service source for the Bondi, but the troubleshooting area doesn't seem good. There is another one for the later ones (2001) as well, which has a better troubleshooting guide and while...
  3. Juror22

    iMac g3 wrong cap help

    I had an issue with my MBP the other night - I was putting together a list for you and did not pay attention to the battery level. I managed to run it out and it just died while I was working on it (I have about 40 other windows and other apps open, but it should handle that, right?) anyway...
  4. Juror22

    iMac g3 wrong cap help

    On mine (board is the same part number) the original C930 cap in the picture (the one circled) is a 33uf 160v cap. You were correct about this value, but you already knew that.
  5. Juror22

    Berenod's Quadra 950 find

    That is an amazingly, terrific conquest (and that is an excellent price!) and it almost looks like you popped back into time to pick it up. Your patience definitely paid off!
  6. Juror22

    Mr Fahrenheit’s conquests

    Wow... that is just fantastic ... so great. I'm very impressed, and your pictures are always the best (like being there), thanks for that, I can almost smell the packaging...
  7. Juror22

    Macintosh 512K painted black - paint stripping options?

    It really depends on what kind of paint it is, but I know of a few options that should work. I can't recall where I first heard of it, but yes, as Concorde1993 mentioned, brake fluid is supposed to work for removing paint safely from plastic (most folks have some around). I have also used Simple...
  8. Juror22

    Got my SE/30 - next steps ?

    Some good warnings, but the issues can be mitigated by not trying to rush things and also by paying attention to those that have done it correctly before. In this thread, PotatoFi has some excellent advice concerning post-retorbrite dressing that may prevent re-yellowing (I'm using it on my...
  9. Juror22

    Miniscribe 8425S Sound Reproduction

    That is terrific - how much space do the sound samples take?
  10. Juror22

    SCSI to SD advice

    I saw this yesterday and thought that is really great, I'm up for that! (I usually solder on the extra power and led pins anyway, so a little more soldering would be nice)
  11. Juror22

    SCSI to SD advice

    I don't think it's possible to buy them right now (unless you get the second-hand, because from my understanding the chips they were based on became unobtainable), so they are not really an option (does anyone have them in stock?). I agree that they work well, but also agree that they are a...
  12. Juror22

    Centris 650 Won't Boot - "?"

    You will be happy with the ZuluSCSI, but did you ever disassemble/clean/re-grease the floppy drive before you tried the floppy drive?
  13. Juror22

    Help with 475 missing pads

    The pads came off because you didn't use the twist method. ;) Any chance of some pictures?
  14. Juror22

    Is this safe to power up?

    Wow! That is both a treat and a challenging cleaning project. I think there is actually a thread on cleaning out dust, where several people weighed in. The dust you can see is going to be the 'easy' part (when you get to the floppy drive where the dust is packed inside is where it is going to...
  15. Juror22

    After 5 years of searching...

    Congratulations on your acquisitions! They look great and you should still be able to start the graphite one from the keyboard, even if the power button is flakey. At least until you can sort it out.
  16. Juror22

    Entering the 68k ecosystem with a Centris 650 - what to check?

    Congrats on your purchase! For years I had turned up my nose at the IIvx and their look-similar Centris and Quadra 650 brethren, but then I got a IIvx from a fellow member here and upgraded it with a Q650 board and I am convinced they are an excellent choice for performance and (so far)...
  17. Juror22

    iomega Zip 750MB ATAPI Drive (for G4 MDD)

    There was one on eBay a few months back... actually the faceplate in an MDD Mac, but I assume the rest was there. https://www.ebay.com/itm/255771974134 I was short on cash at the time, so I had to wait a few weeks until I could buy it, but by that time, it was gone. All I really needed from it...
  18. Juror22

    Sneak preview: TouchScroll cdev

    At one point, mini vmac existed for pretty much everything... I had it running (albeit a bit slowly) on a jail-broken nook, so that I could use it in bright sunlight, out-of-doors (no screen washout like with LCD's). Unfortunately, the same technology that allows it to be viewed well in that...
  19. Juror22

    original macintosh keyboard..but not vintage..

    Its cute'n'all (really cute) and a fair price for keyboards these days, but there isn't a lot of technical info on the page about keys, connectivity and the like, unless I missed it among all the reading-between-the-lines in the intro passage, or maybe a link. Did I miss it? edit (I would...
  20. Juror22

    Vintage Computing display kickstarted that may be worth backing

    Kinda too bad that they missed the 17" stretch goal by £1442 - with space concerns (always), that would be my first choice. I just saw this today, so I missed it, but it looks like it will be (from the timeline) a year from now by the time they show up. I would have liked to have gotten one...