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  1. desertrout

    800k ejecting all the time

    Here are a couple schematics, which might help trace the issue... at least back to pin 25 of the CX-23077A or pin 9 of of the floppy connector -- depending on the drive you have there (as @max1zzz suggests, you might be getting an eject signal on that pin from the Plus instead of it being...
  2. desertrout

    Macintosh 128k Mod?

    Welcome to the addiction! 😄 Personally, if the machine is working, I see no reason to fuss with having the owner open it up... I mean, is anything that could be in there potentially be a deal-breaker?
  3. desertrout

    Macintosh 128k Mod?

    Only way to know for sure is to open it up and look
  4. desertrout

    PB 180 - Change PRAM battery ?

    Yep. Desolder and replace with VL2330-1.
  5. desertrout

    PowerBook 100 Replace CCFL with LED (in process)

    True true. The 140 schematic on bitsavers doesn't seem to include anything beyond than the mother and daughter boards (will look closer)... Still, should be doable (says me, the guy who is knows just enough to be dangerous).
  6. desertrout

    PowerBook 100 Replace CCFL with LED (in process)

    Hot damn! Thanks for posting on this. Inspiring me to try this on a different 1xx PB (my 170 and 180 both have dim ccfl's) Also - thanks for posting to schematic... didn't realize it was available!
  7. desertrout

    Clicking Macintosh Plus

    Ah good point to clarify --- is the system posting? I assumed the machine was not turning on and the clicking was the typical crowbar sound...
  8. desertrout

    Clicking Macintosh Plus

    Clicking could be caused by any number / combination of failed components. First order of business is to recap then reassess. JDW's recapping walkthrough is very useful (just note that if your board is the international (240V) version, some of the caps will be different):
  9. desertrout

    Rethinking my bridge/server setup

    Ah, interesting - Sharepoints is the key.. thanks, I'll try this out!
  10. desertrout

    Rethinking my bridge/server setup

    I also use a G4 mini with 10.4.11 as my bridge machine - it just tucks away on my desk here, no need to plug a monitor or peripherals into it, just turn it on when I need to pass stuff through. I also use it for Basilisk and Sweet 16, I guess just to keep things compartmentalized. Icing on the...
  11. desertrout

    TCP/IP settings on Mac OS 7.6.1

    I believe you will need to set an IP address manually. I'm assuming UniFi will provide you with a list of addresses currently being used on the network; see what those are, then give your Q700 its own number different from the other devices in OT. Here's the definitive guide to networking older...
  12. desertrout

    Powerbook 180c screen problem after recap, can someone help me?

    I've seen situations where an over-enthusiastic use of IPA can dissolve the glue in a driver and affect electrical connections within (ask me how I know)... what happens when you add some pressure to the driver (or near it) while the panel is powered?
  13. desertrout

    Mac Plus 1MB - Boot "Bong" but Analogue Board "Clicks", No Vertical Deflection

    Thanks for the update - nice to see some progress. :) It's clear you're on the right track. I'd add that f you're checking Q1, check R2 while you're at it (assuming that schematic applies to the international board as well).
  14. desertrout

    Mac Plus 1MB - Boot "Bong" but Analogue Board "Clicks", No Vertical Deflection

    I can't comment on the short except that perhaps those weird voltages smell like a failed op-amp - maybe start with U1. Does the clicking sound seem to be coming from a specific area of the board? If from the lower section toward the speaker, it could be U3 or Q12. These symptoms sound similar...
  15. desertrout

    4.5V Battery Replacement for Early Compact Macs?

    I've had long-term success with ER14505 batteries, which are pretty easy to get in my experience
  16. desertrout

    Powerbook 100 display issue

    Let me know if this group exists and when the next meeting is please
  17. desertrout

    PB180 CCFL replacement?

    Has anyone replaced the CCFL in a PB180 display? Or done a LED conversion? Mine seems... tired; takes a while to warm up and doesn't ever get that bright. This site seems to have ones that would likely fit (https://www.ccflwarehouse.com/ccfllamps.html), but I'm unsure on sizing. Any have...
  18. desertrout

    More PB180 trouble

    Sorry for the late response... I haven't been at my desk much. OK - which power supply are you using? If it's the ADP-17AB 'Low Power' model intended for the 150 it may not have enough jam for the 180 - Apple ultimately recommended the 24W model (7.5 / 3.0A, M5652), or at the very least the...
  19. desertrout

    Top half of PowerBook 160 LCD dark

    It's unlikely (not impossible, but unlikely) the new capacitors themselves are an issue, I'd suggest you focus more on cleaning. Yep, do it again with IPA and a brush, blot often, on both sides of the controller board - avoid any of the transparent bits as the IPA can dissolve the adhesives and...
  20. desertrout

    More PB180 trouble

    Thanks for detailing your repair journey! These 180's are great machines, imo. So, a few simple things pop to mind: - perform a power manager reset (let system sit without power for 3-5 minutes, then press and hold the reset and interrupt buttons at the same time for 5-10 seconds, then...