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  1. MacKilRoy

    How to install software on Macintosh Plus?

    If you download the disk images and write them to disks, you can upgrade the PowerBook to 7.5.3 in place, I believe. Try the first download here: https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/macintosh-os-755 It says that it's the set of floppy disk images in a zip file.
  2. MacKilRoy

    Looking for a SCSI HDD for my B&W G3/400 running MacOS 8.6

    Do you have a clear photo of your 2940 SCSI card? To be bootable on the Mac it needs to have Mac firmware on it, and it will say so somewhere on the card.
  3. MacKilRoy

    IIci etc. ATX to 10pin Adapter

    I guess I need to take an old PSU apart to see how it looks on the inside. Can this adapter board and 2x5 connector fit where the 2x5 connector so on the original?
  4. MacKilRoy

    Can a MDD G4 be a Bridge Machine for classic macs?

    You can easily find cheap SCSI cards for the MDD and connect any of the multitude of SCSI drives to your MDD and manipulate it using that. Advice is to not use OSX when dealing with older system software and files for transfer on an old drive.
  5. MacKilRoy

    IIci etc. ATX to 10pin Adapter

    This is a great project. I’m just looking at these adapter boards and wondering how they get used inside the case. Do you open the original PSU, gut it, insert a new ATX one, and somehow get the connector in place where the existing one was? Or do you scrap the old PSU altogether and just...
  6. MacKilRoy

    Anyone interested in Apple's old FTP site for vintage systems?

    Thank you for uploading this. I appreciate it.
  7. MacKilRoy

    A 'once and for all' declaration regarding L88M mask MC68040 CPUs

    Last I checked, Herb was out of stock.
  8. MacKilRoy

    Should I get a Rominator II?

    Even better, put it into the Startup Items folder of a Mac someone else might use, as a prank.
  9. MacKilRoy

    Using Zip drive as HDD for Macintosh Plus

    Awesome! Great to hear.
  10. MacKilRoy

    Announcing ZuluSCSI - A file-based SCSI device emulator

    On a black PCB with a ghostbusters logo? 😜
  11. MacKilRoy

    Announcing ZuluSCSI - A file-based SCSI device emulator

    I looked up the source of the “reviews” and I can’t say I approve of the complete misuse of a quote, taken completely out of context.
  12. MacKilRoy

    Anyone interested in Apple's old FTP site for vintage systems?

    I checked that file and the contents of @leothecomputerguy 's files are slightly different. It seems there's some stuff missing in both. I'd suggest archive.org
  13. MacKilRoy

    Networking with HyperCard?

    No. You copy the XCMDs and XFCNs into the HyperCard stack using ResEdit. From there, you use them just like you would any custom handler or script, by name.
  14. MacKilRoy

    SCSI termination and internal/external drives

    Thats a very detailed explanation. I think there are a few exceptions for whether internal needs termination. For example, I have experienced the odd machine like an LC where external SCSI misbehaves if no internal drive is connected (ie: no terminator internally). The misbehaving disappears if...
  15. MacKilRoy

    Networking with HyperCard?

    I have used Rinaldi’s externals for most of my projects over the years. I still have stacks that use TCP even now on Classic OS 9 running on OS X Tiger 10.4.11. One that I’ve used a lot is the HTTP XCMD that allows you to download a file over HTTP in HyperCard. It still works, barring...
  16. MacKilRoy

    Is there anything interesting one can do with A/UX?

    It’s about as useful as Mac OS X Server 1.0 Rhapsody was. It’s a trip through a time machine, to use a little-known OS, to do a few things you couldn’t do in other OS versions at the time (at least on a Mac anyways). It’s more for the adventurous type who like to play around with operating...
  17. MacKilRoy

    capacitor kit for compact Mac

    If I’m not mistaken, different “compact Mac’s” require different caps. Also, whether you need analog or logic board caps. What machine is it for and where are you located?
  18. MacKilRoy

    Using Zip drive as HDD for Macintosh Plus

    The Z100P2 model is most definitely a PC “parallel port” Zip drive. These are notoriously passed off as “SCSI” on sites like eBay. I used to go through and let sellers know to change their listing and it got very time consuming, as most sellers notice the SCSI version sells for more than the...
  19. MacKilRoy

    Announcing ZuluSCSI - A file-based SCSI device emulator

    Edited before I could reply. Personally, I would have done something like calling it purpleSCSI or even moradoSCSI (which means purple in Spanish), and ordered purple-colored PCBs. There is zero confusion with regards to that. But that's just me. People can call things what they want, I guess.
  20. MacKilRoy

    Announcing ZuluSCSI - A file-based SCSI device emulator

    If I purchase an AzulSCSI with the optional external 25 pin connector, does that override the internal 50 pin connector, or are both installed on the device? The page says this: So I take that to mean I could use the same device internally OR externally (and back again), without any changes...