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    Check out my Mac plus

    I second this!
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    Radius HPV Card?

    I may have a 7100 HPV card available.
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    Cleaning the Brightness Pot?

    sometimes they are very hard to remove, I'd use a heat gun (just a few seconds) or a hair drier in order to soften the plastic and make the removal a little easier. Also, do you really need to remove the knob to apply D5?
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    8100/100AV Overhaul

    were you able to fix your recapped power supply?
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    Miniscribe 8425S Sound Reproduction

    Great idea, but I think I prefer the quiet no sound from the BlueSCSI, ZuluSCSI or RaSCSI.
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    8100 not displaying text in dialog or menus!

    Bummer! So finally a ROM and HPV card arrived (both untested), same as symptoms as before. :cry: I'll PM LaPorta in order to test with another motherboard.
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    Macintosh SE/30 Ram upgrade

    For the 32Mb you were trying to get, I believe a cheaper and more reliable way to do it in the SE/30, should be getting eight 4Mb SIMMs.
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    8100 not displaying text in dialog or menus!

    HDI-45 to another monitor via a VGA adapter (which used to work and displayed video many times before the failure) There´s two versions of the HPV card as I understand, both PDS, sometimes called PowerMac High Performance Video: -820-0522-A, (2MB VRAM frame buffer), came with the 7100, but fits...
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    8100 not displaying text in dialog or menus!

    No corrosion at all, I recapped the motherboard and the HPV anyway. Cleaned in the ultrasonic. Tested with known good RAM from my Centris 650. Battery reads 3.61 volts. Tried with no cache card Tried with several NuBus video cards Still no video from the HPV, HDI-45 or the NuBus Cards! I even...
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    Diagnosing SE Analog board (bad flyback?)

    Fixed, CR2 was shorted!
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    Building an internal grayscale card for the SE/30

    Love that SE/40 label! :cool:
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    Radius MagicBus pinout

    One selling for $40: https://www.ebay.com/itm/354454994884?hash=item528729ffc4:g:-3gAAOSw0qFjm49y
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    Building an internal grayscale card for the SE/30

    Yup same here, please take my money Bolle!
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    Asantefast 10/100 Nubus Ethernet on Quadra 700 - Slow Speed

    What about using the AAUI connector instead?
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    8100 not displaying text in dialog or menus!

    This got weirder... so the machine had 8.5 installed, the CD's I booted from were 8.1 and 9.0.4, no text with those. But I was playing with a new RaSCSI which had a volume with a 7.5 version, booted from that version and text was shown!!! Everything looked ok. I was happy, then upgraded to 7.6...
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    8100 not displaying text in dialog or menus!

    HPV is inserted, no NuBus cards, I saw no electrolytic leakage, will take hi-res pictures! Thanks for your help guys! ;)
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    8100 not displaying text in dialog or menus!

    Hi guys! I got an 8100/100 from eBay, seller didn't package adequately, brittle ABS plastics and we know the results: It didn't show any video in either the HDI-45 connector nor the HPV card, it did the startup bong tough. Cleaned/redone thermal paste on the CPU and that fixed the video...
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    Reassembly of the Omron R2DG-31 Ejection Motor

    Hi uncle_chopstick, you don't need glue, just be careful not to break the tabs. Even when breaking one tab, there's no need for glue in my experience.
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    Newbie here – arrow by Apple icon?

    Start the computer, press Shift until a "disabled extensions" message appears, check if the arrow disappears.
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    Diagnosing SE Analog board (bad flyback?)

    Thanks for any help guys!