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  1. sutekh

    I need a new battery.

    If that's the case and you can't find one designed around a 2S cell arrangement (would make sense now that I think about it, since 3.7->5v is only a 1.3v gap while 7.4->5 is 2.4...) then I'd bag that idea TBH. Just get any of the many available 2s li-ion / lipo charge boards that are readily...
  2. sutekh

    Powerbook 180 LCD ribbon cable repair

    Yep, as you now know, blank white screen almost certainly means torn / disconnected cable. File this under very tedious but possible to repair. Here's a writeup of how I fixed mine, which is still working great BTW: https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/basket-case-powerbook-180c.36637
  3. sutekh

    I need a new battery.

    As long as you're comfortable using a separate charge port (or switch like I've implemented in my design you linked to above) this is quite simple, yes. I'll take a stab at your questions: 1) Assuming your power bank is using Li-Ion (not LiFePO4 or another chemistry) and is a 2S design (two...
  4. sutekh

    180c blank screen

    FWIW, one of my PB180cs exhibited the same problem (blank white screen) due to a broken ribbon cable. You can read the saga here: https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/basket-case-powerbook-180c.36637/
  5. sutekh

    Powerbook 180 ac adapter

    I had a post about this I thought, but looks like it was lost in the purge 🤷‍♂️ Any of the cheaply available 5.5mm x 2.1mm solder-on connectors (or an adapter if you prefer) should serve nicely.
  6. sutekh

    Powerbook 180 No Boot

    Agree it's a great problem to have! Just be conscious of the performance implications @macuserman. I have SCSI2SDs in my 180s vs. BlueSCSI because the performance delta between the two is noticeable and measurable on a 68030. BlueSCSI is an awesome project with great support and ease of use though!
  7. sutekh

    PowerBook 1xx series replacement screw bosses

    Very nice work. What material are you using for option #1? I tried something similar using CF infused ABS, but delamination between the printed layers was still a weak point when subjected to lateral force or when torquing the mounting hardware. I ended up making a small mold and now cast new...
  8. sutekh

    PowerBook 180C barrel connector shorted to ground

    When you say that you "checked the barrel connections and found the tip and sleeve shorted to ground", is that on the adapter side or within the PB? Since it sounds like you've opened it up to remove the connector, what do you read on the battery terminals? Are they shorted together? What...
  9. sutekh

    PB 1[4-8][0,5]c? Li-ion Battery

    Thinking a bit more about this, it'd be neat to combine your injection molding and stamped metal contact capabilities and design a battery enclosure that allowed the end-user to drop in cells of their choosing without soldering. It's altogether too easy to short out or over-heat the cells while...
  10. sutekh

    Web Download client for Mac 128K and 512K

    Very cool! I'm no help on the 128K front, but would love to try it on my 512K and other 68Ks. I've long sought a wget-like utility, and that "save to file" option looks like just the thing!
  11. sutekh

    PB 1[4-8][0,5]c? Li-ion Battery

    Yes, the goal would be a direct OE replacement without any caveats but much higher capacity.
  12. sutekh

    PB 1[4-8][0,5]c? Li-ion Battery

    Mine too! Awful video and worse audio, but you get the idea :)  
  13. sutekh

    PB 1[4-8][0,5]c? Li-ion Battery

    I'd consider it, but I don't think the current design is necessarily production / consumer ready. E.g., forget to flip the switch from discharge to charge after plugging in, bad things could happen. I'm also not sure I'm comfortable accepting the potential liability of selling lithium-based...
  14. sutekh

    Arduino SCSI device - Work in Progress

    Fantastic work! Kit order placed. Should be just the thing for my LCIII :)  Thank you! Out of curiosity, what benchmarking utility is that @Chopsticks? It looks superior to any of the 4-5 I currently have installed, and I can't seem to identify it!
  15. sutekh

    PowerBook 170 concerns

    Yep, that's your PRAM battery. Likely in need of replacement. If you're handy with a soldering iron, you can grab one here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07W4NWHJ8 Glad you got the battery free without too much drama! I had one similarly fused in one of my 180cs when I originally took...
  16. sutekh

    PowerBook 170 concerns

    Others may feel differently, but I'm reluctant to use vinegar when cleaning / restoring electronics. It's only very mildly acidic to be sure, but if you don't thoroughly remove it from under components, vias, etc., it can cause problems. Use it on the chassis and battery contacts sparingly...
  17. sutekh

    PowerBook 170 concerns

    I'd definitely get that crusty battery out of there before attempting anything further. That could be a big part of your problem right there if its oozing cells are creating resistance. Your chassis comes apart via 4 torx screws on the bottom and a single smaller one under the modem port. Gently...
  18. sutekh

    PowerBook 1xx Wireless Modem

    They work well IMO. Of the 3 I built, 2 are installed in functional power books and I use them regularly. I tried to reply here using one in fact, but alas, iCab through WRP via a ~14.4 connection exceeded the limits of my patience :) They work fine though for IRC (logged into #68KMLA now in...
  19. sutekh

    PowerBook Duo Wifi Modem

    I managed to find a few moments this weekend for 68K projects, this one included. I'm even more optimistic that a provision exists for a hardware modem in the Duo via some as-yet-to-be-discovered signaling method to bypass the Apple Express Modem's SCC-controlled soft-modem layer. In addition to...
  20. sutekh

    Duo 270c - Yay or nay?

    Thanks for the insight. I believe I've crawled through every Duo-related Developer's Note and Service Source document available, and the only pinout info I've encountered for the 50-pin SX20-50P-LTS-MH2-2T connector is on pg.58-59 of the general "Macintosh Duo System" Developer Note, however it...