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    Zip drive for Powerbook

    As far as I know, Apple never released an official Zip drive for the Powerbook (I'm using a 3400c). The laptop's documentation says that it can accept 3rd party Zip drives though. I took a look on Ebay and I've only seen these 'VST' brand Zip drives, but they appear to be made for a G3 laptop...
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    3400c booting issue

    I bought a 3400c and it's giving issues. When it boots, it won't get past a frozen white screen. Sometimes I see the cursor, sometimes I don't. I replaced the battery in it but that didn't help. I really have no idea what to do to diagnose it. Any thoughts on how to fix this up?
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    Audio Dictionary

    I've been on the hunt for an audio dictionary (or in other words a dictionary with pronunciation examples). I found one on the Garden, the Collin's dictionary, and while it's a real gem, I have one problem with it: the audio is British English. If that were ever released in American English...
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    Email on 7.6.1

    I got email working on os8.6 using classilla but in netscape 4.8 on 7.6.1 it doesn't work. How are you using email on system 7? I happen to have a Synology nas that could help with this problem.
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    Onscreen Keyboard

    There was once some software called Keystrokes that did exactly what I needed it to do but they don’t sell it anymore. I emailed the company asking if they could sell me a license but they just plain don’t deal with it anymore and consider it abandonware. I’ve looked everywhere and there doesn’t...
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    PDF files looking horrid

    On my OS8 machine I have Acrobat 5. There’s a setting in there called ‘smooth line art’ that makes vector graphics (like sheet music pdf files) look MUCH better. On my System 7 machine I have Acrobat 4, and unless I’m mistaken there is no smooth line art setting, so things look godawful in terms...
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    Desktop printer icon moving to desktop

    Is there a way to get the desktop printer icon to stop being moved to the desktop upon startup? I store mine in a folder on my system drive, but when I boot into 7.6.1 , the icon in that folder has an X through it and a new, fresh one on the desktop is created. This doesn’t happen in OS8, only...
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    OS7.6.1 vs 7.5.5 for 9600

    I have a 9600. After some investigation, I read that 7.6 isn’t compatible with a bunch of PowerMacs including the 9600, but 7.6.1 is. Not sure why. So it got me thinking about the earliest OS a 9600 can run, 7.5. From what I’ve seen, people have said 7.6.1 is better for PowerMacs compared to...
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    Numlock & alt let codes for symbols

    I just realized that when I try to turn on the scroll lock and numlock keys on my Apple extended ii keyboard that the little green lights won’t light up. I was trying to turn on numlock so I could type some symbols using the alt/opt key and the numeric keypad on the right. Not working. What gives?
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    Your favorite word processor?

    I’m having a hard time deciding between MS Word and AppleWorks. What do you like better and why?
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    Chooser autofilling in name...

    I’m using OS8.6. As far as I know there is no keychain access on 8.6. At least, it’s not on my system. Right now I go into the chooser and select AppleShare, click connect to server and type in the IP of my NAS to transfer files.    When I get to that point though, the username and password...
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    Graphics software for CD layouts

    In the 90s and possibly prior, was there any particular preferred software for making an album’s liner notes, graphics, images etc? Taking a look at some of my old albums on CD, I wonder how they did all of that. That also brings up a few more questions. Some of the albums’ band portraits...
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    Which printer should I get?

    I would like to have a printer on my 9600 machines so I guess that entails either serial or maybe even scsi connections from what I’ve read. I don’t know much about laser vs inkjet printers so I don’t really know what to get. I just want something that’ll print text and sometimes diagrams...
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    ADB Keyboard turning machine on automatically?

    I noticed that my machine comes on by itself sometimes. Not knowing how it was happening, I narrowed it down to my ADB keyboard. I'm running an extension wire with it too, just for more info. But I noticed that after it coming on by itself a few times, every time I hit the Shut Down command the...
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    Hard Drive Cloning software for OS9 and below?

    I'm running OS8.6 myself. Back in the day I used Clonezilla, but then I discovered something called WinImage and that's what I used on a Windows PC. Is there any cloning software for classic Mac operating systems? There's one catch though: the drives I'm trying to clone are in a foreign file...
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    RAM test software

    There is a utility to test RAM for G4 Macs, but is there one for a 9600? I can always use the built in RAM test but maybe there's a better tool.
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    9600 Floppy Drive

    For some reason both of the 9600 machines I have have floppy drives that aren't working so well. They give me issues with formatting and reading diskettes all the time. Is there a direct replacement for them that are good, HIGH QUALITY floppy drives? I'm not sure that these are different than...
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    Sound control panel Vs. monitors & sound?

    The Monitors & Sound control panel has a volume control inside of it. Fair enough. But there is also another little application in HD - Extras called Sound. It's here that I can select if I'm using an additional audio card, as well as adjust the output volume. I'm not sure what the...
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    Hard drives

    I remember having a bit of trouble getting some hard drives to boot that were not Apple-branded drives on my Powermac machines. I'm going to guess the same thing rings true for a Powerbook 3400. There's a stock 2GB drive in it that I want to replace with something bigger and quieter. Are there...
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    Powerbook 3400c RAM

    I'm a little confused on something. The 3400c has 16mb of onboard RAM as well as a slot for extra RAM cards. There were two 3400c machines I was looking into and both of them showed up as half of what they should be. Are these RAM chips prone to failure, or is there some sort other issue like an...