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  1. DracheMitch

    PowerBook Duo LCD swap? 280C -> 230

    The Centris 610 and Power Macintosh 6100 also had PDS to NuBus adapter cards (as well as the aforementioned SE/30 and IIsi).
  2. DracheMitch

    PowerBook Duo 230 repair and preventive maintenance

    How? I just replaced an old one because the keys were stiff. I'd love to be able to refurbish them.
  3. DracheMitch

    PowerBook Duo 230 repair and preventive maintenance

    Wow, that's a huge improvement. You can't remove the banding altogether—it's an artefact of passive matrix displays. I have a "Ship of Theseus" Duo 280, and I just buy Duo 230s on eBay for parts. They were made better than the 280. I've got a lot of spare parts for 230 and 280 if anyone needs...
  4. DracheMitch

    Beige G3 ADB problem

    To the best of my knowledge, Apple's never used a fuse with ADB, unfortunately. In the earliest machines it was possible (although not probable) to fry your ADB port by plugging in devices when the machine was powered on. By the time the PowerMacs shipped, ADB was hot swappable. It's not...
  5. DracheMitch

    Wanted: Front Bezel for MDD G4 Zip Drive

    Was that a thing? The drive doors have no way to open on their own, how would you get a Zip disk inside? Is it an entire replacement of the door?
  6. DracheMitch

    Pin slot on G3 Whisper Perch?

    What's the pin connector that looks like a floppy connector on the Whisper Perch card for?
  7. DracheMitch

    PowerBook Duo LCD swap? 280C -> 230

    The Duo Dock+ is literally a Duo Dock II with the cache and FPU removed. There's solder spots on the board for them. Apple upgraded the Duo Dock II NuBus, but they just describe it as "smaller NuBus transceivers". NuBus 90 on Quadras only lets the cards talk to each other directly, it doesn't...
  8. DracheMitch

    PowerBook Duo LCD swap? 280C -> 230

    The Duo Dock+ came standard with a hard drive, so I don't know how much savings there was for Apple over just selling the original Dock again. I've read conflicting reports that the Duo Dock II's cache and FPU doesn't work with the LC '040, but it was released at the same time as the Duo 280 (I...
  9. DracheMitch

    Beige G3 w/Tempo Trio No LBA?

    The Mac OS 9 Lives Universal 9.2.2 CD has never worked for me using Software Restore. I just mount the disk image and copy over what I need, and that always works. As an aside, I just got my first beige G3. It’s the desktop model that I wanted so badly when they first premiered. I need to...
  10. DracheMitch

    PowerBook Duo LCD swap? 280C -> 230

    The 2300c, while sounding great on paper, isn’t. To make it compatible with the Duo docks, Apple ran it on a 32-bit bus. In contrast, the 5300 uses the same processor and bus speed, but is on a 64-bit bus, which makes it faster doing everything. They went so far as creating a new Dock that...
  11. DracheMitch

    Help: IDE to Compact Flash not working

    Byrd was the only one that mentioned it, but the 630 is known for having a buggy IDE implementation. I have 3 of the SanDisk Extreme 32GB cards that you show as not working, and they work great for me, both in a CF to latptop IDE adapter and in a CF to PC Card adapter. I've only used the cards...
  12. DracheMitch

    Macintosh Portable ExpressModem?

    The dongles are the same, which was the point of them.
  13. DracheMitch

    What's the difference between Geoport Telecom Adapter I and II?

    Thanks, I guess for my purpose it won't make a difference. I'm not using it as a modem.
  14. DracheMitch

    What's the difference between Geoport Telecom Adapter I and II?

    I want to use one as an answering machine because I'm getting a landline again. I'm tired of companies feeling like they can text me just because they have my phone number.
  15. DracheMitch

    Printing from Win 10 to an Imagewriter II or LQ?

    I used to print from Windows 2000 to an IWII shared from my G4 Cube that had a serial port in place of the modem. I've not done anything recent with it.
  16. DracheMitch

    Any recommendations for fun / interesting / useful Newton software?

    Old versions of Surfers Serials had a Newton section. In general Newtons just did PIM. There’s practically no games for it, while even B&W Palm had tons of games. I had an upgraded MessagePad 120 in the late 90’s and I used it almost exclusively as an eReader. Also, I put Palm’s Grafiti on it...
  17. DracheMitch

    Problem Installing "Born Again" on IIfx

  18. DracheMitch

    Monitor Sense wiring for a fake Multiple Scan 21"?

    1024x768 is the highest VGA resolution you can get from Apple’s on-board video on 040 machines. I have a 1280x1024 LCD that runs full-res on my 7500, but on my Duo 280 it won’t go higher than 1024x768 because, according to Apple’s tech note, if it senses a VGA signal, you only get 3 resolutions...
  19. DracheMitch

    Asanté FastEthernet Nubus 10/100 comparison?

    AppleTalk is super chatty due to the way it creates and binds addresses. There’s also a bit of overhead because AppleTalk includes a lot of extra stuff besides the data being transferred, like some disk commands. I would try using DAVE instead. I get faster and more reliable transfers with DAVE...