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  1. Juror22

    Need help deciphering my Macintosh Portable Sad Mac Code

    I have a non-backlit (5120) portable that was running a while back, but now... It starts with a bad chime and a sad mac with the following code. 0300173E 00001FFA From this, I get a 'major' error of 173E and the tables that I find don't provide a way to interpret this. (have included a...
  2. Juror22

    Information about a Radius FPD SE/30 video card

    I have a Radius FPD SE/30 video card that I've had for a few years now and I have considered using it (if possible), but I did not know whether it required the use of a Radius monitor or whether it could be used with other monitors. I've looked in several spots for information, but only found...
  3. Juror22

    Oscillator Help With a Radius Direct Color GX Card

    I have a Radius Direct Color GX that I got a while back and at some time in its history it lost one of its oscillator chips. From the original posting, it was stated to be a 14MHz Oscillator and I have not been able to find these yet. Does anyone know where I could source a replacement 14 MHz...
  4. Juror22

    Monitor Project Weekend

    I have several monitor projects that have been stacking up, so this weekend is when I finally start rolling through them. I don't know how far I will get, but I'll post the pics as I complete them. 1) Apple M0401's - I have two of these that desperately need retrobriting and then I will be...
  5. Juror22


    I haven't seen where there is a format for bringing back pages that are missing. I found this on the internet archive and found it useful before and hope others will again. Although I did not originally post (or even contribute to) this thread, there was some useful information that I would like...
  6. Juror22

    G3 Minitower questions memory and more...

    I purchased a G3 Minitower earlier this year and have been slowly upgrading items and repairing small issues e.g. I replaced the drive carrier, missing feet, etc. When I recently upgraded the memory, I purchased 2 modules of what was supposed to be the correct memory(256MB PC100 CL2 168 Pin...
  7. Juror22

    2 1/2 G4 MDDs from CL

    I picked up a few G4 MDDs this weekend, none of them have a working power supply and one has no case (just a box of parts), but I'm thrilled about getting them all. One of the Macs with a case was the Dual 1GHz 400FW model and the other one was the dual 1.42GHz model (with the copper heatsink...
  8. Juror22

    Question about Resetting OS X Passwords

    So, the bootable disk, does it need to be the same OS version as the OS on the computer to reset the password, or can it be any OSX disk that installs on the computer?  I have Leopard on a G4 MDD and I have the installer disks, but I don't have access to a Leopard disk just now.
  9. Juror22

    wanted - flocking i.e. boids classic mac program

    Back in the late '80s -early 90's we had an assortment of computers in our university's library, which included some Mac SE's.  I remember finding a flocking simulation on one of them and I have looked for it ever since.  I don't know the exact name of it, but it seemed to be an excellent...
  10. Juror22

    17″ Apple Studio Display to match up with my MDD

    Today I picked up a 17″ Apple Studio Display (M7649) today that was on CL, for $15.  It allows me to use one of my dual 867MHz, G4 MDD's with a period monitor, keyboard and mouse. Its in perfect functional condition and the matching mirrored apple logo looks great with the MDD.
  11. Juror22

    SCSI2SD image copied via dd opens as locked in BasiliskII

    I have a SCSI2SD (256MB microSD) that I am using in a LCIII.  The installed OS is 7.5.3 on the SD card, I inserted it into my 2015MBPro, unmounted the 'disk' that appeared and used dd to make an image of the SD card.  Adding that file to the drive images on my Basilisk II installation, the disk...
  12. Juror22

    Mac IIx C3 value requested

    I recapped a IIx board a very, long, while back and thought I would fire it up tonight.  So, I hooked up a monitor and keyboard, pressed the power button and ... nothing. I opened it up, checked the batteries that I had put in it when it was recapped (probably over a year [or two?!?] ago) and...
  13. Juror22

    Upgraded 'original' Macintosh

    This weekend I opened a double-wrapped box that came to me by way of PowerFlute and I unpacked an original Mac.  Since my previous oldest Mac was a 512, I had been on the lookout for a reasonably priced example.  This one has a beautiful, un-yellowed case, and a MacBCool topper that provides...
  14. Juror22

    Apple Lisa doesn't boot - need help troubleshooting

    I have some Lisa parts that I acquired over time and would like to get running.  My issues don't seem to follow any of the other threads or guides that are out there, so after thrashing about quite some time, I am hoping someone has enough experience to help definitively identify what the issues...
  15. Juror22

    Not a Mac but still an Apple... or ][.

    I was checking out garage sales in CL and one nearby came up with a picture of some Apple items.  I wound up picking up a couple of Apple II's that had been in the guy's crawlspace, as well a 250MB Zip drive with lots of extra disks and an Imation Superdrive with disks (including several new...
  16. Juror22

    Macintosh Portable Bag - what kind of glue holds the bag together

    I have a few of these bags that are in nice shape, except that a couple of the cushions that are on the inside have been coming loose (the glue that holds them in place has mostly dried up).  I would like to restore them as close to the original state as possible, but at the end of the day, they...
  17. Juror22

    Original Lisa mouse question

    There are a few original Lisa mice (A9M0050) on eBay right now, but they all seem to have rubber balls, or at least that is how they appear in the photos. Weren't the original Lisa mice equipped with steel balls, like the MS Green-eyed mice?
  18. Juror22

    Bought one of these yesterday

    It was in an SE/30 that I picked up today from a CL ad. I will post more about the SE/30 as I complete the disassembly and see what is salvageable and what is not...
  19. Juror22

    PowerBook 180 for 25 bucks

    A powerbook just arrived via USPS, purchased on eBay 4 days ago for 25 bucks with...  Free Shipping! It was a little banged up.  I think that it survived shipping ok, but the hinge mounts are more than a little loose (broken?) and a few of the standard stress cracks are evident.  That's the bad...
  20. Juror22

    Mac classic almost starts - bong, screen... that's it, no cursor pointer

    I picked up a Mac Classic (2MB, 40MB HD) and it was immediately subjected to a recap.  As part of that process, I cleaned around the old cap areas with alcohol and re-tinnned the pads, before soldering in the new caps. When I started it after that, it showed a sad mac / checkerboard, so I...