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    IIci ADB Issues

    I've got a troubled IIci and was hoping some wise soul here might have a good idea about what to try next.   This system boots up but does not register anything over ADB. Shaking the mouse during or after startup does nothing, nor does typing anything on a keyboard. After the machine boots...
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    SCSI to Ethernet Adapter on New Hardware

    I've been spending some time recently making a SCSI to Ethernet adapter using all-new hardware.  I managed to snag a Nuvotech NuvoLink SC off eBay, and after doing some analysis of how it talks with the driver over SCSI, I've decoded the vendor-specific parts of the communications protocol and...
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    Power Mac 7100 - No Chime, No Boot

    I've got a problem child Power Mac 7100/66AV that I've been trying to fix for a while, and was hoping for some thoughts from knowledgeable people here about the next steps to take. The issue: from either an ADB keyboard or the rear button, the system powers on (front LED lights, there's a...
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    Apple Desktop Bus Transceiver

    Inspired by bmow's work, I've created a generic Apple Desktop Bus device transceiver using Atmel AVR microcontrollers.  The goal is to make it (relatively) easy for the hardware hackers here to integrate ADB support.  Take a look at the GitHub repo if you're interested in playing around with the...