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  1. ian1035nr

    Goofy Line on PowerBook 180c Display

    Good news, everyone! After sitting on the 180c for months after a failed screen recap, I had an epiphany: Over a decade ago, my Nintendo Virtual Boy had rows of dead pixels which I fixed by tossing the display assembly into an oven for a bit before pressing down on the the ribbon cable. If it...
  2. ian1035nr

    SCSI2SD Problems After Crash

    Howdy, everyone I’ve got a PowerBook 170 equipped with a 2.5”, V5.0 SCSI2SD drive that tends to misbehave after a system crash.    I don’t get crashes very often (only when I forget to turn off extensions that are known to cause problems) but when I do, the PowerBook will no longer boot off...
  3. ian1035nr

    Goofy Line on PowerBook 180c Display

    Sutekh, you are an absolute legend. Thank you so much! One last question: There's these capacitors here that I've "circled" in red. Are these something I need to replace as well? I'm worried about them because they're running right next to the delicate ribbon cables 
  4. ian1035nr

    Goofy Line on PowerBook 180c Display

    Howdy, everyone. I’ve been working on a PowerBook 180c and I’m about to tackle the part I’ve been looking the least forward to: recapping the LCD Before I get into it, I’d like to get some confirmation is these lines are likely caused by faulty capacitors/damage from cap goo Anything colour...
  5. ian1035nr

    PowerBook 180c That’s Picky with RAM

    So apparently I posted too soon.    I was fiddling with the 10mb module and found that the PowerBook would POST successfully if the module is held at a very specific angle, a tilt of about 10 degrees. I placed a folded up business card between the top case and the module to act as a shim, and...
  6. ian1035nr

    PowerBook 180c That’s Picky with RAM

    Howdy everyone, I have a PowerBook 180c that isn’t cooperating with a 10 megabyte RAM module I have.    I plugged the module into my PowerBook 170, and it works perfectly. System 7.6 boots fully, and I ran it like that for a while and it never gave any trouble. The 180c however, refuses to...
  7. ian1035nr

    PowerBook 180c Capacitor Map

    Howdy, everyone I found a machine I've been wanting for a very, VERY long time: A PowerBook 180c. I bought a used one back in 2006, before I started high school. But the screen almost immediately stopped working. I've been waiting for a decent price on another one ever since, and one popped on...