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  1. Crutch

    Levco MonsterMac 2MB Teardown & Repair

    About a year ago I bought a 1984 128k Mac that was listed as having been upgraded to 512k but had a green-and-black “Levco MonsterMac” sticker on the front, so I expected there might be some secrets in there. When I received it I found a port threaded through the external floppy opening - a...
  2. Crutch

    System 7 era emulator with >8MB

    Probably an easy question but I just recently started pushing the limits (I think??) of Mini vMac and could use some tips.  I'm doing some dev work on an arcade-style game with Symantec C++ and need to emulate a 1990s-era machine running System 7.5.5 with > 8MB RAM. Mini vMac, as far as I...
  3. Crutch

    Create MFS partition on a HD

    I would like to create an MFS “partition” on an HFS hard disk so that I can run some old apps (early versions of 68K MDS, mainly) that would otherwise work on a my machine (a 128ke with a Gemini 030 upgrade) but don’t like HFS. Ideally I would do this on a mountable disk image so I don’t have...
  4. Crutch

    Generate Esc from Apple Keyboard II

    Anyone know of an easy way to make an ADB Apple Keyboard II (which has no Escape key) to act as if I pressed Escape?  I like the convenience of it acting as a shortcut for the Cancel key in a lot of dialog boxes under later flavors of System 7. I swear there must be an Extension or something to...
  5. Crutch

    NoLabel cdev

    Always thought the Label menu was useless?  Running a black-and-white Mac where you'd never dream of labeling something "Hot", "Cool", "In Progress" or heaven forbid "Project 1"?  Prefer System 7, but miss that sleek 1984 menubar with just the old-school File, Edit, View, Special?  Always wished...
  6. Crutch

    New ResPatch patching tool

    I wanted to do a little Toolbox coding recently, and at @ZaneKaminski’s suggestion put together a toy tool to apply/remove arbitrary patches to resource files. “ResPatch” gives you a prepopulated popup menu of likely files to patch and available patches (it comes with several), checks to ensure...
  7. Crutch

    Microsoft Logo for Mac

    I picked this up on eBay recently for $39 and couldn't find it online anywhere so just posted it to the Garden: https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/microsoft-logo-demo Microsoft Logo for Mac.  The version I got is a demo version (it silently fails to save ... meaning it writes an empty file to...
  8. Crutch

    Convert PNG to MacPaint?

    Anyone know of a tool for converting a PNG to MacPaint, or otherwise getting a black & white raster image from a modern Mac to an SE/30?  (It doesn't have to be MacPaint and the image is smallish, embedding it in a Word doc would work too if there were a way of saving in an old enough format...)
  9. Crutch

    Pick app to open a Word doc

    Hey, I feel like I should know the answer to this myself, but I don’t ...  is there any way (maybe an extension?) to force the Finder (I’m running 7.5.5) to use a particular application to open a particular document? Specifically:  I have both Word 4 and Word 5 on my SE/30 HD.  Word 5 because...
  10. Crutch

    This disk is killing my 400k drives!

    Having some 400k drive issues and hoping a resident expert here can help ... A few weeks back I got out a classic old Mac boxed game (Dark Castle, if you’re wondering) and decided to play it from the disk on my 512k.  Annoyingly, the disk wouldn’t read, and suddenly neither would any other...
  11. Crutch

    BeHierarchic popup removal

    BeHierarchic 3.1 is a great CDEV by Fabien Octave that organizes the Apple menu more neatly than is possible under standard System 7, with folders up at the top and optional “recently used” groupings.  I would gladly pay a ShareWare fee to Mr. Octave, but I’m not sure how to get in touch with...
  12. Crutch

    Tecmar MacDrive

    Recently picked up a Tecmar MacDrive from the Vintage Mac Museum auction (thanks again for auctioning off these rare and interesting items).  Curious if anyone has much experience with these — I read @Dog Cow’s interesting blog on the topic but couldn’t get quite as far as he did.  I can power...
  13. Crutch

    PB 3400c DIY power adapter

    I just got a cheap 3400c in unknown condition with no AC adapter. Noticed some enterprising people selling the right adapters for $50 on amazon but .... curious if anyone has had success building a simple DIY version of these. The DC power port on the back of the 3400c fits a standard RCA cable...
  14. Crutch

    PPC Blackbird memory issue

    Curious if anyone has seen this before. I had a working 550c with 117 MHz PPC upgrade that someone had installed Japanese OS 8.0 on. I swapped out the hard drive for a SCSI2SD with a known good 7.5.5 install (copied from my SE/30)  and suddenly have an obscure problem: the Mac periodically...
  15. Crutch

    550c power issues

    I bought a PowerBook 550c from Japan a year ago that was DOA — wouldn’t start no matter what I tried (no battery of course - was running with an AC adapter only).  After a year in storage, I decided to try to repair it ... plugged it in just for kicks ... and it worked!  The Finder was just...
  16. Crutch

    MacDouble D-D

    Stumbled on this awesome photo in the August 1986 MacWorld, p. 57. It seems like such an obviously nifty idea back then (if perhaps useless and silly) — I had an unenhanced 512k with external floppy and would loved to have gotten it mounted like this with added fan (and a dust filter??). Curious...
  17. Crutch

    Platinum 512ke?

    Wikipedia claims that Apple made a platinum 512ke for a while, which looked exactly like a Platinum Plus but without the “Macintosh Plus” (i.e., it had a non-inset Apple logo level with the floppy slot, and in a platinum case): “But like the Macintosh Plus, in 1987 the 512Ke adopted the...
  18. Crutch

    Killy clips

    Anyone know where to get a Killy clip (or have a spare)? I have one that’s about to give out from too many mating cycles - pins bending etc. I know I could solder a pin header onto my 68000 but much prefer reversibility for my 128k motherboard. 
  19. Crutch

    Plus reads SCSI2SD fine but can’t boot from it

    Having a problem booting my Pluses from a SCSI2SD that’s driving me nuts.  I am assuming I’m looking at bad Boot Blocks or similar, but I can’t for the life of me figure it out. I have a SCSI2SD 5.1 that is (I think!) properly set up, partitioned into three drives (500MB + 500MB + 1GB).  The...
  20. Crutch

    FirePower screensaver

    In case anyone's interested, I just uploaded a freeware screensaver I wrote in 1995 to the Garden:  http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/firepower-152  This got a bit of distribution in the mid '90s but not much, and wasn't on any of the abandonware sites, so I guess it's almost like "new old"...