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  1. Byrd

    x86 card revival thread

    Let's go an Amiga 2000 with ISA SBC 286, 386 and 486 boards inside :)
  2. Byrd

    x86 card revival thread

    I've got the same card, it doesn't like living in my IIfx - even with 24bit addressing turned on. See here for options to "see" the 384K RAM - either using HIMEM.SYS or another variant of DR-DOS which uses EMM286: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=71533 A nuisance! But an overclocked...
  3. Byrd

    17” studio display making my Quicksilver crash

    I'd suspect a marginal PSU - check voltages with the ADC display running, also wake from sleep crashes were usually related to USB or third-party card issues - try pulling them and reintroduce one at a time.
  4. Byrd

    Fix this G4 400 card?

    Usually these failed from bad CPU transplant or cache
  5. Byrd

    x86 card revival thread

    If anything like other DOS compatibility cards, the socket won't be that to take the 237pin Socket 5 POD CPU package - it's a line of pins wider than the standard 486 Socket 3 (169 pins).
  6. Byrd

    550c Screen Stain?

    That's a fairly long stretch there, it's not like it's some evil strain taking over our precious PowerBooks! It appears common under particular storage conditions, and countries, notably older machines originating from Japan. A similar phenomenon occurs with early PowerBook 100 displays - a...
  7. Byrd

    ZIP Drive Compatibility

    It doesn't matter, they're all the same SCSI/IDE etc.
  8. Byrd

    My 3lectr1cal Conquests!

    Lots of fun in that lot - you've covered 25+ years of x86 computing for $19 well spent :) I recently built up a Core2Duo 9600GT GPU PCIe based system as a Windows XP beast for a friend. Works great and I'm almost sad to hand it over.
  9. Byrd

    So, I bought a 1GHz 7455...

    https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/quicksilver-processors-compatible-with-gigabit-ethernet-g4.1183181/ You lose the second IDE connector, but not the CD-ROM drive if you want to set it off the slave connector off your first IDE connector, or look into an ATA/SATA PCI IDE card.
  10. Byrd

    Looking for GBMac version 1.3.1 - offering a 500$ reward (via paypal) to anyone who can archive/upload it

    Hands up if you spent a good five minutes with your Google-fu skills to try to find it :D No $500 here.
  11. Byrd

    550c Screen Stain?

    So you haven’t tried wiping it off yet?
  12. Byrd

    So, I bought a 1GHz 7455...

    I'm trying to help to steer you in the right direction with the limited information you've provided. Good luck.
  13. Byrd

    So, I bought a 1GHz 7455...

    I admire your ambition! If I can understand what you want to do (transplant a single 7455 onto a stock Apple 7400 board?), unfortunately this isn't going to happen without significant electronic engineering, costs and time. A dual CPU on a Sawtooth is possible, but at diminishing returns...
  14. Byrd

    7100 with various problems, namely no video

    Ideally go for the faster HPV PDS graphics card, the PDS AV card also has it's merits though if you want some input options. Both are pretty cheap. Dry thermal paste on a crappy little heatsink on the 7100 is like wrapping it a blanket as soon as you turn it on. The 601 CPU on the 7100 is...
  15. Byrd

    So, I bought a 1GHz 7455...

    Welcome, Sounds like you're looking for a processor desolder and swap - which is feasible on some aftermarket G4 upgrades, but less common on stock Apple CPU daughter cards owing to having slower cache that can't keep up with the newer CPU. I don't think you're going to get far using the stock...
  16. Byrd

    Starting a Mac Plus restoration. Need a new flyback wire with anode cap

    Nicely cleaned up - it looks a lot better. I reckon that flyback has been arcing attracting the dust, can you see any deep cracks or scorch marks around it? I'd be wary trying it once recapped, don't get close, and prepare for your house circuit breaker to be tripped :) This is an example of...
  17. Byrd

    Starting a Mac Plus restoration. Need a new flyback wire with anode cap

    Black grime is not unusual in an old computer case, but if really sooty I'd say it's been in a fire - as evidenced by the cracked rubber anode cap
  18. Byrd

    PowerBook 540c screen problems

    Hi, I'd be cracking open the PowerBook and cleaning/reseating the video cable. The ribbon can also be damaged around the hinge with overuse; check this too.
  19. Byrd

    What’s the best ext. display to complement a Compact Mac?

    The 13" Apple Trinitron would look good, for more modern options a small 15" beige LCD would also suit
  20. Byrd

    Mid-2010 MBP 13" CL Score

    Slight exaggeration there! Big Sur seems much more reliant on more modern CPU instructions, GPU support and RAM. My 2011 11” MBA 8GB runs it like a dream. Catalina is hit and miss on unsupported Macs - I’ve just patched it to said 2010 Mac Mini Core2Duo 2.4Ghz 8GB 256GB SSD Geforce 320M runs...