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  1. rsolberg

    Radius SE Accelerator 16 ROM dumps

    This post probably could have gone into Compact Macs or Peripherals, but programming EPROMs seems more hacky.  I have a lovely Radius SE Accelerator (16MHz 68020 and 68881) in my SE FDHD and it's got ROM v 1.8 with a date of 1987.  It works mostly okay, but I suspect the Radius ROM isn't totally...
  2. rsolberg

    Quadra 605 cache module in the wild?

    I'm curious if anyone has or has seen a Quadra 605 PDS L2 cache module in real life.  I'm not sure how common these things are.  If anyone has one or has photos of one, I'm very interested in looking at the cache chips on the module to see what speed they are to determine if the module would...
  3. rsolberg

    Brand new PowerBook 1400 CD-ROM

    I've had saved searches on eBay for "PowerBook 1400 CD-ROM" along with all of the relevant Apple part numbers for a few months and it finally paid off.  I managed to score a brand new in box 8x unit and it works great.  When I opened the box, it clearly was brand new.  The drive was still sealed...
  4. rsolberg

    Performa 6360 dual PCI slot mod

    Has anyone modified a 6360 to accept two PCI cards instead of one? Trash80toHP_Mini, I thought of you right away. I've had this machine for about twelve years. Not long after I got it, I hunted down a Comm Slot II Ethernet card for it and plunked in a PCI graphics card. I maxxed out the RAM...
  5. rsolberg

    Mac SE FDHD ROM hacking

    I vaguely recall this being discussed before, but all of my searches yield discussions of SE/30 ROMs. Has anybody successfully modified the SE FDHD to use a custom ROM, particularly running System 6 from ROM rather like the Classic?
  6. rsolberg

    68k RSS readers

    I was about to ask if anyone had experience pulling RSS on a 68k Mac when I came across Acuity: http://www.alksoft.com/acuity.html Thought I'd share in case others might find it useful. Requires 7.6, compiled for 68020, 2mb ram.
  7. rsolberg

    LC 580 CRT swap

    The recent thread about LC 5xx front bezels got me thinking about the LC/Performa 580. Historically, I generally preferred the 575, due mainly to its Trinitron display with much finer dot pitch. I find the 580 has significant appeal to me now as hard drive replacements or conversion to CF...
  8. rsolberg

    "Fib" about screen resolution to applications?

    I'm running 7.5.5 on my Mystic CC without any analogue board mods, so I'm limited to 512x384 or 560x384. I have a handful of apps that throw an error saying 640x480 is required. I'm curious if there's a way to fudge the screen resolution in the same manner one can "lie" about the processor so...
  9. rsolberg

    Colour Classic accessory haul

    I just realized this is my first post.  I've been following the forums for a couple years now. My latest acquisitions are for my fairly stock Colour Classic.  When it began exhibiting audio issues a couple years ago, I pulled the speaker out to troubleshoot, and my puppy decided it would be a...