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  1. techknight

    New Hybrids for the Macintosh Portable M5120?

    I am starting this thread because we are at the point where this needs done.  I also want a record for links to other peoples projects on that so they don't get lost. I know there is one floating out there, but alas... I forgot to save the link to it.  Anyways... I have a prototype M5120 and...
  2. techknight

    Trying to identify a game from memory

    there was a game I used to play when I was a kid, but I don't remember what it was called.  I remember being inside a scene with a bar, and getting asked the question: "Choose your poison"  Trouble was, I never could get past that level because I kept typing out actual poisons which of course...
  3. techknight

    3400c backlight issue

    Here is a new one. When I last monkeyed with the 3400c I owned, everything worked fine, even the battery held a charge. I pulled the PRAM battery as it was showing signs of starting to leak. this was years ago.  I just so happened to pull it out today to recharge the battery, and check it out...
  4. techknight

    Writing programs for GS/OS?

    Is there a good book or resource plus toolchain on writing Apple IIgs GS/OS programs in C somewhere? and being able to utilize external hardware/cards as well?  Just wondering. Thanks. 
  5. techknight

    PPC7410 thermal adheasive?

    This isnt really mac related, but its the same CPU. I have a single board computer that once had a little snap clip heatsink that hugged the CPU itself, and the heatsink part screwed on. Kinda neat. But it broke.... Cant seem to find that thing anywhere, and I was wondering if anyone has any...
  6. techknight

    ROM Interleaving tool?

    I would hate to write one if I dont have to, but is there a quicky little tool somewhere that can take the LOW/HIGH images of ROM and interleave them back into a single ROM image? I vaguely recall a thread about that but ill be darned if I can find it. 
  7. techknight

    Testing CRTs

    For the heck of it, I decided to test a compact mac CRT, a 12ATY4N from I think an SE or maybe a Plus.  it had SEVERE burn-in and I kept it around just in case. So for giggles I decided to pull out my Sencore CR161 and test the tube.  Once I realized it was a 12V tube and not a 6V tube, I got...
  8. techknight

    Writing programs for GS/OS?

    Is there any documentation or software out there for writing GUI apps for GS/OS? And did they ever have a GUI BASIC for GS/OS? Just Curious. 
  9. techknight

    Macintosh Plus FDHD

    I have been rolling around with this idea in my head for a long time. I think its time to get it on paper though. BMOW is discontinuing the rominator for the plus so thats what sparked this thread.  He made one more run so I bought one.  So, as the title says, I was going to transplant a SWIM...
  10. techknight

    Stumbled upon this site. Extensive OS collection

    I just stumbled upon this site, it may have been posted before but:  https://winworldpc.com/library/operating-systems I noticed it has a pretty extensive OS list, Even has the Apple System software.  Even a Mac OS 8.2?
  11. techknight

    I just noticed something for the first time

    I had just noticed something for the first time while working on a couple of se/30s... Can you notice it too? And then here comes the age-old question.. why? I'll give you a clue. It is not the floppy Drive...
  12. techknight

    Warning PB180C Owners!!

    Just pulled out my PB180c to finally get around to fixing the plastic, and recapping the display, only to find out the display now has a few horizontal lines across it.  Pulled the LCD completely apart to find out that one of the flat flex ribbons which has a driver IC on it, has gotten cap-goo...
  13. techknight

    SE/30 video issue that has ME stumped!

    I have an SE/30 motherboard here that belongs to someone else.  It had a strange issue. it had black lines jumping around coming and going. UE8 was already changed and some other ICs swapped around by someone else.  All the PALS are soldered in place, NO sockets! which that sucked.  So, I...
  14. techknight

    Ethernet CS II issues

    I have a 5400/6400 180.  I did a fresh install of 7.6, and it has an apple ethernet CS II card in it.  Soon as it gets done on the install, it reboots, I go to TCP/IP and it complains saying "Ethernet" is no longer available, and it only gives me the 2 serial ports.  Odd, so I tried another...
  15. techknight

    Macintosh IIx battery longevity?

    I have a Macintosh IIx I rebuilt a little over a year and a half ago. maybe 2 years.  I was prepping it to get rid of it, and noticed the batteries were flat.  So I was wondering if anyone has replaced the PRAM batts and how long they got out of them sitting around? 
  16. techknight

    Tin/Metal Whisker Alert!

    3 of my compact macs, 1 worse than the other 2 are developing metal tin whiskers on the physical steel chassis.  I had to wipe them all off as its a metallic "fuzz" Over time if they grow enough itll cause shorts! Figure I would send out an alert. 
  17. techknight

    AppleVision 1710AV: How many around?

    I just picked up an applevision 1710av that came with an 8500/150. Thought the monitor was cool so I grabbed it fairly cheap locally.  Anyways.. The monitor works very well surprisingly although it does have a cool turn-off spot. However, a quick google search shows that these things were...
  18. techknight

    Mac 12" RGB Monitor 640x480 hack

    There was a website that goes through modding the M1296/M1299 12" RGB LC topper to run at 640x480.  Ill be damned if I still have the link.  out of curiosity, does anyone have it bookmarked? 
  19. techknight

    Apple CD 300 External laser

    I am overhauling an external 300 drive I picked up dirt cheap. These drives are basically re-badged Matsushita CR-563/CR-563-B.  It has no surface mount capacitors, but it does have through-hole electrolytics. The majority of them arnt leaking but there is a couple that are. So chances are, its...
  20. techknight

    Color Classic VGA Mod. the CORRECT way

    I documented the changes to the Color Classic Analog Board to allow the board to operate at 640x480 without the transformer trace cut mod! Here are the CORRECT changes, this allows for full width without any distortions.  CL9: Change from 3.3uF to 2.2uF 160V CL10: Change from 3.3uF to 1.8uF...