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  1. DracheMitch

    Pin slot on G3 Whisper Perch?

    What's the pin connector that looks like a floppy connector on the Whisper Perch card for?
  2. DracheMitch

    What's the difference between Geoport Telecom Adapter I and II?

    I want to use one as an answering machine because I'm getting a landline again. I'm tired of companies feeling like they can text me just because they have my phone number.
  3. DracheMitch

    How to play CD Audio from external CD on Mac OS 8.1?

    I have an AudioMedia II that I have my CD-ROM hooked up to, and the audio goes in just fine, but I can't find a way to change it so when playing CDs the input pipes it into the output like it does with internal CD-ROMs.
  4. DracheMitch

    Macintosh PowerBook DVD-Video PC Card?

    Will it work in a TiBook G4 to offload the decoding?
  5. DracheMitch

    Potentiometer replacement for 12" RGB Display

    The potentiometers on the back of the display were broken off (save 1) when I got the display, but it seems to work otherwise. Attached are what they look like. Will these form Amazon work as a replacement?
  6. DracheMitch

    Where is the crystal oscillator located on the PowerBook Duos?

    I've done a ton of searching online and all I find are text explanations about being able to clock chip the 210/230 and 280 (I have a 230 and a 280), but nothing about where it's located on the board. Also, does anyone know if this affects Dock function? I could just put a socket on it, but I...
  7. DracheMitch

    PowerBook Duo modem alternative cards?

    Does anyone know if alternatives were made for the modem slot on Duos? I have a 230 that just has the blanking card, a 280 with a modem, and I know there’s an alternative modem for international Duos. Did anyone create additional serial port or Ethernet port for that slot?
  8. DracheMitch

    Help with ADC and AGP chicanery

    I upgraded my 2003 MDD with a new ATX power supply since the old Bell module was A: noisy AF, and B: dying. Because the new power supply doesn't (I've been told) supply ADC power, I can't get video on my OEM Radeon 9000 Pro ATI card. I'm using the DVI port and not the ADC port. Is there a way...
  9. DracheMitch

    NuBus Audio cards for 68k 8.1?

    My main 68k machine is a Duo 280 in a dock, and it has crappy audio. Not that I'm going to be playing music or videos on it, but for a Quadra-class machine it's got poor audio (22khz mono!) I'm looking for something that has RCA or mini-din plugs, but I've seen one that uses TOS, but I want to...
  10. DracheMitch

    LC/LCII Power Supply Replacements?

    I have an LC and and LCII, and both have dead power supplies. To my understanding, they're known for failing. Has anyone made replacements for these, or can recommend a refurbishing service?