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    Mac IIci & Etherlink/NB - trouble getting Ethernet to work

    Hi everyone, lucky me - I got a 3com Etherlink/NB card for my Mac IIci from a kind soul! Finally being able to connecting it to the world! Unfortunately, the latter doesn't seem to work so easily. Here's the trouble: I installed the card. Connected a AUI <-> RJ-45 adapter at the back...
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    Options connecting a wifi modem with RS-232 port to my IIci?

    Hey everyone, I bought a WiFi modem that will allow my IIci to dial into BBSes. If it works, I may post about it in another thread :-)  my problem is that it comes with a RS-232 port, which isn't something our Macs have. Rummaging in the basement boxes I've found a RS-232 DB9 to 8P Mini Din...
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    Mac IIci & cache card questions

    Hi everyone, so, we have been using my beloved Mac IIci (dream machine of my youth; dad instead brought home a LC). I’ve heard the IIci does very well with a cache card installed. Unfortunately mine didn’t come with one. I’ve seen ads of manufacturers claiming a 30-40% speed increase. Now we...
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    Adding Audio-in to a IIci?

    Hey there, the kids and me are having a great time with the IIci. (to which we upgraded from our age-old family LC) The only thing we're missing is the audio-in capability of the LC. The kids could easily spend an hour on the LC just recording their voices, making funny sounds, recording...
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    A Mac LC, a Daynaport E / Z and *shudder* MacTCP

    Scenario: A Macintosh LC is to be connected to a home network via a Daynaport E / Z for printing to a Postscript printer & FTP / Gopher access. OpenTransport is no option since it requires a (fast) 68030, so we’re having to use MacTCP 2.06. Available Hardware: Macintosh LC with 10MB RAM...