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  1. uyjulian

    G4 MDD really loud bong chime sound

    Startup chime volume is stored in PRAM. You may have cleared PRAM when removing the battery. You can mute the startup chime by holding the mute key while turning on the system
  2. uyjulian

    Documenting the Macintosh hardware graphics stack (NuBus/built-in/SCSI, QuickDraw and OpenGL acceleration, etc.)

    It seems like there isn't much information in one place on how the graphics on Classic MacOS work (relatively to modern graphics APIs like Vulkan etc). I'd like to document this further, hopefully to fix graphics acceleration for newer processor/OS or to implement your own graphics interface...
  3. uyjulian

    Linux ADB driver fixes

    Some patches for Linux ADB driver have been posted. https://lkml.org/lkml/2020/6/28/8
  4. uyjulian

    A/UX GCC patch

    I rebased the GCC 2.7.2 patch onto GCC, and converted it to a more modern diff format. https://gist.github.com/uyjulian/78f1234f82ad429ce43d4db00bd3b574
  5. uyjulian

    Macintosh Display Card 4•8 / 8•24 questions

    I know adding RAM to a 4•8 card allows it to operate as a 8•24 card, but what happens when you add RAM to a 8•24 card? This "chip" was very easy to pull off of the card. Looking at other images of the 8•24 card, I've seen plastic packages, but none of this kind. Was it a prototype card...
  6. uyjulian

    A/UX Developer's Tools?

    I'm looking for the disc "A/UX Developer's Tools" if anyone has it. This CD is listed under APDA catalog number #B0596LL/A.