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  1. ArmorAlley

    When to use OS 7 and when to use OS 8 on my Centris 650?

    I use OS 8.1 on my 68040 machines so that I can access HFS+. There is a member doing work on enabling HFS+ in earlier versions of the Mac OS (it's back to Mac OS 7.6 at the moment). In this case, I'm planning to replace OS 8.1 with OS 7.6 once I get it working...
  2. ArmorAlley

    My "New" Mac IIfx Sees My Seagate ST-225N as a "Large Volume That Cannot Be Used"

    I don't deny any of this. But Apple did make black terminators for the IIfx and distributed them with the IIfxs. They had a purpose then. Whether they still are the best tool for the job now is another question. I certainly haven't needed to use mine but then I either use built-in termination or...
  3. ArmorAlley

    Backporting HFS+ to Mac OS 8.0 and earlier

    The Text Encoding Converter needs to be in the Extensions folder. Is this extension supported under system 7.1.2?
  4. ArmorAlley

    My "New" Mac IIfx Sees My Seagate ST-225N as a "Large Volume That Cannot Be Used"

    I think that black terminators are required for rev. A IIfxs. Apple wouldn't have made if they weren't needed for something. That being said, I haven't needed mine yet for IIfx. I have it handy nonetheless.
  5. ArmorAlley

    Best software to include on an OS9 'bridge' machine

    To add the already excellent list: If this OS9 is also your file server, then AppleShare IP v6 is good to have. https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/appleshare-ip-633 Files can be stored on SCSI/FireWire drives. Some of the later drives have RAID built in for added security/speed but given the...
  6. ArmorAlley

    Can anyone identify this (apple?) nubus+pds videocard?

    The thought came to mind of the HPV card in the PM x100 series. I wonder of this what the first expression of the notion of a graphics cards from Apple that sat in the PDS slot and may very well have taken off had the internal video not been so damned good. Then Apple would have eventually said...
  7. ArmorAlley

    Going into "startup disk" crashes my G3 pdq

    I don't know if it is related, but since I did a recent upgrade of my IIfx: FWB JackHammer, SCSI2SD v6, 2x Meow-Toasts & ROM-inator II as well as 64MB RAM that was built by someone in this fora, I cannot change the boot volume. I have 8 volumes and three of which run Systems 6.0.7, 7.1.1 & Mac...
  8. ArmorAlley

    Is there a way to preserve the network selection (Ethernet) without a PRAM battery?

    @cheesestraws is surely the person to ask. If anyone knows, it is him.
  9. ArmorAlley

    Can anyone identify this (apple?) nubus+pds videocard?

    You should start looking up old magazines from the time to see if there were any reviews about it.
  10. ArmorAlley

    Can anyone identify this (apple?) nubus+pds videocard?

    Here is the RasterOps 24MxTV: http://www.vgamuseum.info/index.php/news/item/49-rasterops-24mxtv
  11. ArmorAlley

    Can anyone identify this (apple?) nubus+pds videocard?

    What would be the benefit of using both buses simultaneously? The PDS-bus is faster and has higher bandwidth than the NuBus bus. Could it be that the card is doing two things simultaneously and making use of both buses for that purpose, say processing video and outputting it at the same time?
  12. ArmorAlley

    Why would you use Mac OS 6.0.5?

    System 6.0.6 is available on the Macintosh Garden...
  13. ArmorAlley

    Need Help with getting software for Mac Plus

    I second this suggestion. It is probably the simplest way to get mac software online onto your Plus. Mini vmac on the PC might be helpful too. Floppy Emu: https://www.bigmessowires.com/floppy-emu/ ZuluSCSI Mini v1.0: https://store.rabbitholecomputing.com/SCSI-EMU-s/100.htm Another option to...
  14. ArmorAlley

    Newby questions for stock SE30

    The advantage of an ethernet connection is to be able to get files on and off your SE/30 with relative ease. I use a Mac Mini G4 running Mac OS 9.2.2 as my server and I use to access the Macintosh Garden. It then connects to old macs and I connect with them to the mac Mini G4. Pay attention to...
  15. ArmorAlley

    OK. I am in Switzerland, just to let you know. I'll get it out tonight and send you some...

    OK. I am in Switzerland, just to let you know. I'll get it out tonight and send you some pictures of it. I have never used it. It's previous owner sent it along with some other stuff I was buying from him and told me that it worked the last time he had used it.
  16. ArmorAlley

    G4 RAID

    I never got around to it, alas. A pristine IIfx dropped into my hands and my Q610 started acting odd on me, so the RocketRAIDs have been put on the backburner for the moment. The Acard RAID IDE cards pop up every now & then in the Trading Post fora. Daily vigilance should eventually reap rewards.
  17. ArmorAlley

    G4 Mac OS 9.2.2 setting 1920x1200 resolution for Cinema Display M9178

    What's a VDI connector? Do you mean ADC (the DVI-type port with the rounded corners that also supplies power to the monitor)? I know VDI as Virtual desktop infrastructure.
  18. ArmorAlley

    Trying to install a Mac OS that works on my Apple Power Macintosh G4 450 (AGP)

    Take/disconnect everything out that you don't need: CF card reader, all but RAM stick, IDE hard disc, AirPort card, all PCI cards. You need one stick of RAM, the optical drive plugged into one of the IDE ports and the AGP graphics card. Is the boot disc a CD-ROM or a DVD? Is the disc burned...
  19. ArmorAlley

    A high-quality SATA PCI 2.5" hard card, to celebrate SATA's 20th birthday

    Can Sil3112 support 4 ports? I've never seen one and I've always supposed that it won't. Would a 64-bit version be possible too? Too much bandwidth is never enough.
  20. ArmorAlley

    Andy’s PowerBook Problem

    There is this PB 145B (below) in Switzerland, if you are interested. Too many are never enough. https://www.ricardo.ch/de/a/macintosh-powerbook-145b-1214804174/