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  1. Floofies

    MicroQuadra 630

    The project has been continuing in spirit. I learned that life is a shitball and you can either eat it or throw it at someone else. There will be more time, and I'll make more money which I can spend on this hobby, which is quickly turning into a preservationist effort. In fact I just filed for...
  2. Floofies

    Guide : SFX PSU Conversion for Quadra 630/Performa 6200

    Spectacular work on this conversion! That's a real top-notch job you did, stuffing it into the original case. Also, soldering right onto a DIP socket is so cheesy but I like it anyways, and I wish I'd thought of it!  :-p  I'm really happy that my earlier work is useful for other Quadra...
  3. Floofies

    Yet Another 630 Thread (Power-Up Issues)

    There is a short-circuit somewhere; either from a stuck button (like jt suggests above), or from damage to the power architecture itself. I'm going to go ahead and rule out a PSU voltage decrease, which the first reported issue indicates, because the second issue seems to show the opposite of...
  4. Floofies

    Building a ClearMac from Quadra/Performa 630

    Wow, a tower, and it's looking sharp! It's always nice to see people doing hacky things with the 630 series! Having never finished my own custom 630 case, your work inspires me somewhat. :)
  5. Floofies

    Reviving Quadra 630

    About the caps/psu: Every Mac with electrolytic capacitors will eventually get leaks, and even if there aren't leaks the voltage will slowly drift out of spec. I can safely assume, and often do, that even during normal operation the PSU voltage is drifting out of spec. As for the OS, I just...
  6. Floofies

    Stuff from Nuvision's Dragon Hoard

    I finally got around to setting up the Quadra 800, and the PSU has released magic smoke after a few boots! I’ll look into cramming an ATX PSU into this thing. Pulled the PSU apart and noticed some darkened pins... and on the other side is a current mode controller with a hole blown through it...
  7. Floofies

    Reviving Quadra 630

    The PSU is most likely not operating normally. The PSU and logic board tend to have leaking capacitors which can cause some damage. 8.1 should work on a Quadra 630 just fine, although 7.6.1 is the best system for that machine in my opinion. You should be able to run Drive Setup from your...
  8. Floofies

    RIP Nuvision Graphics Quadra 950

    It seems like a design flaw, so I will be adding some insulating tape around that clip before reconnecting everyhing. As an aside, I’ve always wanted an oscilloscope so I can troubleshoot more effectively, so I’m ordering a Looking at getting a Rigol DS1054Z. It’s supposedly a good entry-level...
  9. Floofies

    Reviving Quadra 630

    If you can't get the machine to boot, then the only ways to power it off externally is to either use the reset button on the back (next to the monitor video output port), or unplug the PSU. The hard drive could be unformatted, disconnected, dead, or missing. Thankfully, the Quadra 630 uses...
  10. Floofies

    RIP Nuvision Graphics Quadra 950

    I now have the 950 booting happily, and I think I have found the cause... I am so pissed at myself. You may have seen that photo of a little clip on a blue oscillator I was looking at. Well I left that in there during testing! Oh good lord! :scrambled: When I went to test the PSU recently, I...
  11. Floofies

    RIP Nuvision Graphics Quadra 950

    There's no onboard RAM in the Q950, so I don't know if it would chime or boot the ROM without SIMMs. I'd like to find out though. I too suspected bad RAM, however I know for sure that the RAM test was passing fine, and I never got any related SadMacs. If I can get it booting again, I'll run a...
  12. Floofies

    RIP Nuvision Graphics Quadra 950

    I will be checking the PSU! I removed everything, including the motherboard, for inspection; everything looks fine. The scene in here is depressing. I miss my cat.
  13. Floofies

    RIP Nuvision Graphics Quadra 950

    This has not been a good month for me. First my poor cat Linus is hit and killed by a car last week, and now the Q950 I picked up from our dear Nuvision has died! This Quadra 950, a workhorse at Nuvision Graphics for who knows how many years, is now giving no signs of life, and I don't know why...
  14. Floofies

    MicroQuadra 630

    All work on this project has been put on hold since I moved to a new house in December. My lab is currently only a cluttered mess of boxes, waiting to be re-assembled into an even more badass lab! When the lab is back up and running, I will have the available space/equipment needed to continue...
  15. Floofies

    ATX PSU Conversion Mapping

    Hi all, just writing to let you know I am still working on this. If anyone has any additional conversions they would like to share, I am still interested!
  16. Floofies

    External SCSI-mounted SCSI2SD Housing?

    I usually just rip into external HDD/CD enclosures (like a LaCie Joule) when I need to externalize a drive or SCSI2SD. The added benefit of using those is the ability to chain additional SCSI devices, an enclosure-provided SCSI ID, and enclosure-provided term power.
  17. Floofies

    Quadra 950 NuBus issues.

    Nice. Very odd they had to be flashed a second time... For future reference, here is how you can check most Pre-2K era Mac PSU's: Providing the PSU works like most of the Mac PSU's from the 90's and late 80's, you will want to find 2 wires: /PFW (Power Failure Warning, also the primary...
  18. Floofies

    Quadra 950 NuBus issues.

    I was just about to mention the cable as well. Try swapping it out with a "known good" one to see if that's it. My Q950 had similar "bus error" problems that randomly went away as it sat overnight, and I'm 99.9% sure it was the SCSI cable in that scenario. The other most probable cause (IMO) is...
  19. Floofies

    Recapping gone wrong

    Useful tip: Other than your usual goo cleaning (soap/water/alcohol) you can also get a big ball of solder going on the tip of the iron (broad flat tip preferred) and wipe the solder around the pads a lot. It will suck up any residual dirt if it's light enough, and then you can discard the extra...
  20. Floofies

    External floppy cable

    I have successfully used DB-25 plugs and cables to convert internal floppy drives to external.