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  1. uyjulian

    Building device drivers for System 7?

    If the documentation isn't enough, reverse engineering the MacTCP or Open Transport INITs with Ghidra is also an option.
  2. uyjulian

    A/UX 3.1.1 Post Install Scripts

    Here is an alternative method if you don't want to use filesystem sharing methods... You can use a tar file as a disk image. On the Linux or Mac side, create an empty disk image truncate -s 512M image.dmg In the A/UX side, for SCSI ID 1, something like tar -cf -...
  3. uyjulian

    Asante Nubus Card

    Auto speed negotiation doesn't work with the MC3NB card. You need to set the speed manually on the other side of the connection to 10mbps.
  4. uyjulian

    NuBusFPGA: HDMI on NuBus Macs

    For more effective bandwidth, it seems like compression is needed to be used over the NuBus interface between the processor and the display controller. It seems like the technique above is already used in production, like the display controllers contained in the Apple M1 chip:
  5. uyjulian

    NuBusFPGA: HDMI on NuBus Macs

    Probably in order to get "faster" graphics, need to do some pre-processing on the graphics data like queueing, culling, avoiding commands for non-visible stuff, compression, etc. before transferring that data over to the graphics card. If the benchmark is doing some equivalent of glReadPixels...
  6. uyjulian

    NuBusFPGA: HDMI on NuBus Macs

    Is OpenGL(ES) a suitable vector for acceleration? I know that older accelerated cards required an extension to enable acceleration, and broke between different System versions due to the fact that it hooked/patched QuickDraw calls. Once such example is the Macintosh Display Card 8•24 GC For...
  7. uyjulian

    Development of Nubus graphics card outputting to HDMI?

    Might be a good idea to implement DPI scaling too if you want to go that high resolutions. Or otherwise you could just use low resolutions and set the scaling method on the monitor itself to nearest neighbor. Or scaling could be implemented on the card itself and you could apply shader effects...
  8. uyjulian

    Development of Nubus graphics card outputting to HDMI?

    As long as partial updates work I think it's fine. More screen real estate just means you can put more windows on the screen, and the most likely use case is that those windows aren't constantly updating (... well unless you are trying to play multiple videos at the same time). If you would...
  9. uyjulian

    [A/UX] Drop-in clean A/UX install image for SCSI2SD

    This is normal, it will take a while, especially if you don't have a cache card and/or graphics card installed. I did have a NIC installed. If you want to disable it move it out of Startup Items (folder located in the System Folder). If you are impatient, you can do it from the text shell...
  10. uyjulian

    [A/UX] Drop-in clean A/UX install image for SCSI2SD

    I know LaCie Silverlining works for me on an IIci. First apply the original image and the scsi2sd xml configuration, then install LaCie Silverlining onto the boot disk. You should no longer get the sad mac and be able to boot correctly
  11. uyjulian

    Mac OS 7.1 drivers for USB 2.0 & FireWire 800

    Alternatively instead of exposing a block device, it should also be possible to write an interface to the File System Manager, and then the code dealing with filesystems like exFAT, NTFS, ext4, FAT32, etc could be run on the card. This way the Mac side does not need to worry about filesystems.
  12. uyjulian

    Development of Nubus graphics card outputting to HDMI?

    If HDMI pin 18 is correctly implemented it can supply +5V power to the HDMI to VGA converter without external power supply. For the opposite, I don't really think there is enough voltage supplied by many cards. It's probably enough for reading the EEPROM information on the display with DDC and...
  13. uyjulian

    Development of Nubus graphics card outputting to HDMI?

    Instead of VGA probably add an additional HDMI port instead for multi display output. Leave the DAC to be external
  14. uyjulian

    Development of Nubus graphics card outputting to HDMI?

    If you are going to put Raspberry Pi on PDS, might as well port PiStorm to it. But for graphic card probably better to start off with a simple NuBus card using documented examples like the Toby and BUG Pickles cards first.
  15. uyjulian

    Development of Nubus graphics card outputting to HDMI?

    The Toby card might be the easiest to get up and running. You may want to also see about cloning the Macintosh Display Card 8•24 card. If you write new drivers, you would need to write them for each OS like MacOS, Linux, A/UX, NetBSD etc. I think it would be nice to "genericize" the protocol...
  16. uyjulian

    New CPU Accelerator options for 68K Macs?

    Looks like PiStorm is working on a Macintosh SE:
  17. uyjulian

    Documenting the Macintosh hardware graphics stack (NuBus/built-in/SCSI, QuickDraw and OpenGL acceleration, etc.)

    It seems like there is another method of GPU acceleration, with the DrawSprockets API, but it requires taking over the display output (e.g. "exclusive fullscreen"). I'm not sure which machines or cards supported acceleration with this API. There is also QuickDraw 3D but support for it was...
  18. uyjulian

    Is there a functionality similar to binfmt_misc in A/UX?

    Is there a functionality similar to binfmt_misc in A/UX? Mainly I'm asking this because I want to write an ELF loader since COFF support has been removed in newer versions of binutils.
  19. uyjulian

    Could new CPU Upgrades for PowerPC macs come out in the future?

    The Amiga community might be more interested in new CPU upgrades than the Mac community. Imagine PPC support on the PiStorm…
  20. uyjulian

    G4 MDD really loud bong chime sound

    Startup chime volume is stored in PRAM. You may have cleared PRAM when removing the battery. You can mute the startup chime by holding the mute key while turning on the system