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  1. 360alaska

    Interchangable flybacks? Mac Plus and Mac Classic

    Pretty sure they are the same if you have a REV 1 classic analog Board, rev 2 analog board have a square looking unit.
  2. 360alaska

    Calling anyone with a working Color Classic and a Multimeter

    Both of my Color Classics have 575 Boards, but I offer you a community sourced schematic: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gB029UsD3JoRYssmSmX2rUhhPEoVPhed/view?usp=sharing
  3. 360alaska

    Integrated Tashtari Machine: Floppy Drive Emulator

    Not bad, especially for Mac II or SE with a spare internal floppy port.
  4. 360alaska

    Portable Hybrid: Looking for 3 US testers

    If you have one more I got a portable that might need it, it was turning on after a recap and now is not for whatever reason.
  5. 360alaska

    Anyone have experience with Symantec (Think) C/C++?

    HI all, Not a programmer, I'm curious if anyone has any experience with Think C, I'm trying to see if it's possible to de-compile the original Transport Tycoon and translate the Japanese to english: https://www.macintoshrepository.org/27024-transport-tycoon-jp- I've enjoyed this game on dos...
  6. 360alaska

    I need a new battery.

    No, When I say 4000 mah, it's two 3.7v batteries in series for running but split up for charging. One 5v regulator but two charging ICs.
  7. 360alaska

    I need a new battery.

    Actually I have a design that can be used on the black and white models. I'm just very busy right now and can't mass produce them, but I'll sell you my one and only prototype. I can also release the files at some point, but I'm very busy right now so I will not be producing more at this very...
  8. 360alaska

    Classic with battery damage—can it be saved?

    Classic boards are the only ones I've been able to save after a battery leak. It's best to clean the corrosion, remove parts in the area and check traces.
  9. 360alaska

    mac portable accelerator

    Maybe someone could adapt a Pistorm: https://amigastore.eu/853-pistorm.html
  10. 360alaska

    Reverse Engineer the PowerKey by Sophisticated Circuits?

    If one just wanted to control plugs via the power key(without any software) on an ADB keyboard the process would be fairly simple. Because the ADB keyboard grounds the power pin whenever the button is pressed you could just use a set of relays in a holding circuit like this (but with ground and...
  11. 360alaska

    Lithium Polymer battery for PB100 (and maybe portable)

    Yeah I guess, Basically you can't fully charge your batteries together with a 7.5v charger, you need at least 9 volts to charge a 2-cell lithium battery. In charge mode, my circuit splits the batteries so the can be charged individually, but doing this has the downside of the batteries not being...
  12. 360alaska

    Lithium Polymer battery for PB100 (and maybe portable)

    Yes, it is. In fact I'm working on a pb140-180c battery pack using the same circuit.
  13. 360alaska

    HDI-20 to IDC-20 adapter for use with Floppy Emu

    Yeah, could be a faulty swim or cap goo in that area?
  14. 360alaska

    HDI-20 to IDC-20 adapter for use with Floppy Emu

    I've done the exact same thing and have not had a problem, is it possible you swapped a pin or something?
  15. 360alaska

    Need help designing a PCB/Recreating one.

    I told home that basically one will have to be disassembled, then I can make a schematic and then a pcb.
  16. 360alaska

    Lithium Polymer battery for PB100 (and maybe portable)

    Yeah probably, nothing is stopping you from buying the parts and building this circuit.
  17. 360alaska

    Lithium Polymer battery for PB100 (and maybe portable)

    Circuit may work but the form factor is not the same.
  18. 360alaska

    Diagnosing Macintosh Classic II not booting

    The board needs a wash and new caps.