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    OK, so I've been working on a design for a serial<->WiFi board (there's a thread over in The Lounge inquiring about how many people might be interested in such a thing); and as I've now got a preliminary layout; I figured I should start a development thread. At the moment; what I've got on here...
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    CRT datasheets?

    Well… it appears that my Google-fu has failed me. Does anybody know where datasheets for the CRTs used in compact Macs might be found? I’m trying to find the requisite information that one would use to design an analog board to drive them (no specific plans at the moment, I’m just investigating...
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    SE/30 Real Time Clock Chip

    I'm absolutely positive that this has been posted before; but both the site search and google are not turning it up. Somebody had extracted or reverse engineered the code for the SE/30's RTC, and posted it somewhere. Anybody remember where???
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    Dodged the SE battery bullet!

    So, I just popped open that SE that I was given, fearing the worst... but, NO! No acid spilled across the Logic Board: ... and that battery has a date code of 6/88! :)
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    Anybody have an early MacsBug?

    Well... the topic kinda' says it all... I'm looking for an early version of MacsBug that will be a bit smaller than what I've got now (which is version 6.5.3)... while it does work on a 2MB machine; it's kinda' a tight fit. So... I'm hoping perhaps one of you might either have that (perhaps on...
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    MonsterROMinator... a ROMinator for Levco Monster Macs

    OK, so as I've mentioned before, I've got a 128K Mac that's been upgraded with a Levco Monster Mac card... which means that the standard ROMinator won't physically fit; as the ROM sockets are under the Monster Mac card. So, what I've done is cook up a new board layout that moves the flash chips...
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    I need a Levco Monster Mac ROM image

    Hi - I have a 128K Mac with a Levco Monster Mac 2MB upgrade card installed in it, and somewhere over the years the covers on the EPROMs on the Monster Mac card have come off... and now the machine comes up to a sad mac icon with an error code of 0180D7; which my brief google search indicates...