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  1. Renegade

    Silicon Image SIL3112 Flashing: Easier Way Using flashrom

    Thank you dosdude1... You sir, are a hero!
  2. Renegade

    Fixing an Apple Extended Keyboard II with a few dead keys ?

    A picture of the whole PCB :
  3. Renegade

    Fixing an Apple Extended Keyboard II with a few dead keys ?

    Thanks for the tip. Sadly my multimeter is at a remote relocation at the moment, so I won't be able to test for continuity before next week. As for dust, it's very unlikely since the keyboard was stored in good condition in its original box. There is not the slightest trace of use (i.e. the...
  4. Renegade

    Fixing an Apple Extended Keyboard II with a few dead keys ?

    So I have what I thought was a new-old-stock-but-unpacked AEK II with a Brtitish ISO layout. It was sittiing in its original box, in mint condition: no yellowing and amazing untouched ALPS keycap feeling. My intend was to swap the british keycap with the best looking (unyellowed) Belgian/French...
  5. Renegade

    Formac Accelerator Driver (finally?)

    Hi, I just uploaded v 1.0.6, 1.0.7 & 1.0.8 to the Garden. https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/formac-procpu-lc-68030-accelerator-board-driver
  6. Renegade

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    Too bad he didn't shared his design. Another guy did a THT variant, but without termination.
  7. Renegade

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    Sorry if it's slightly OT but, @landoGriffin , did you know that a Dutchman created a through-hole version of the Rascsi ? https://www.gotek-retro.eu/rascsi-scsi-emulator/
  8. Renegade

    Reply "Dos On Mac" PDS card drivers

    Thank you @jeremywork . I'll give this version a try asap. Yes, my card appears to be the version shown on the page you linked.
  9. Renegade

    Reply "Dos On Mac" PDS card drivers

    Well, turns out that none of them work with Reply card*. Nor does the 2.x version from Fraser Valley Distributed Computing Systems. The card work just fine with the 1.03 control panel I have. However I'd like to test with a more mature version... Still searching. *Juste like @Dandu wrote on...
  10. Renegade

    Reply "Dos On Mac" PDS card drivers

    Many thanks! I'll give a try at each version available !
  11. Renegade

    Reply "Dos On Mac" PDS card drivers

    Hi, Found a nice surprise in a recently acquired PM7100: a Reply "Dos On Mac" PDS card . The seller included the orignal set of 3 drivers disks*, however this version (1.03) is quite outdated and I'm searching for more recent ones... Archive.org also has a mirror of the files available on...
  12. Renegade

    USB-ADB Converters. Tinkerboy, Drakware, or Wombat?

    My two cents: Been using the TinkerBoy ADB for 6 months now, and pleased with it. Used with an AEK II with belgian/french iso layout. The only gotcha I have is the "=" numpad key recognized as the "-" key from alphanumeric part. Never took the time to fix this issue (Karabiner or Keyboard...
  13. Renegade

    Starmax J700 PSU Pinout ?

    Oops yes I meant the Umax J700... Sorry for the confusion between the two clones. Thank you for the link, Trag.
  14. Renegade

    Starmax J700 PSU Pinout ?

    Hi, I'm looking for the Starmax J700's power supply pinout. I read on a mailing list archive (2002) that it was basically an ATX PSU with an AT-style connector, without much more details. My goal is to temporarily use it as an AT PSU to powerup an old 486 PC... Thanks in advance.
  15. Renegade

    16 color Sierra AGi games released for Macintosh II on later 68x Macs

    Who knows... After all, someone patched (Color)Vette! in 2020 allowing it to run beyond System 7.1... So everything could happen.
  16. Renegade

    Macintosh LC in LC II case?

    Sure, it's not uncommon to see LCs without the second hole. Here you can see both revisions of the LC case.
  17. Renegade

    Scored a beat up Quadra 950

    @joshc , have you checked @BadGoldEagle 's current project? It's very similar to what you intend to do and could save you some time. https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/bges-take-on-the-quadra-900-950-atx-psu-mod.35014/page-6#post-406633
  18. Renegade

    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh LC III Logicboard

    Great job max1zzz ! 🍾
  19. Renegade

    Guide : SFX PSU Conversion for Quadra 630/Performa 6200

    @demik , seems like the attached pictures didn't survived the forum migration. Do you still have them by any chance ?