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    The PM 7200 is weird.

    Dang. Just checked and all my PM 7200s seem to have the bezels for CD-ROM drives. Was hoping this could be the ticket to sell some for inflated prices on eBay. You know, because they'd be a "***RARE*** No CD-ROM Power Macintosh 7200!!!" 🤭
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    Mystery PCI card in a PM7500

    Definitely hold on to it until you find the right buyer. There are businesses out there that keep older equipment running because, as long as you can find the parts you need, it's often less expensive than buying something new, especially when older stuff might keep running for years and years...
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    6100 killed by Apple Extended Keyboard II :-(

    Did you plug and/or unplug them in while the computer was on?
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    Modern TIFF/EPS/image formats for use in System 6/7?

    From Affinity Designer or Photo, for TIFF, are you exporting as 8-bit? Compression either LZW or none? And, for EPS, are you exporting as Postscript Level 2? Those are the only things I can think of. If that doesn't work, maybe Graphic Convertor can convert TIFF to an older version? EPS...
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    1989 Macintosh Data Retrieval Help

    (y) I have experience with DriveSavers circa 2002. They did excellent work recovering files from a hard drive that disk recovery software at the time couldn't do anything with and I think most, if not all, of the actual files that needed to be rescued were saved. I think the unrecoverable...
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    ComputerEyes/RT SCSI Video Frame Grabber

    I don't remember a brand name but I'll get a photo the next chance I get.
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    System 1-5 Patch for >2020 Date

    I'll be curious how some of the patches work. Like if they "patch" it to read the base code as the new years, such that what the old Mac OS originally saw as 1904 would now be seen as 2041, what happens when you exchange a file with a newer computer? Will it see the file date as 2041 or 1904?
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    BMOW Floppy EMU question

    I've got the older model--not sure which revision--but haven't had a problem. Probably be twice the price if he had to peel the paper off everything before shipping.
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    Mac Plus - Extra RAM & Overheating?

    The other nice thing about the Kensington System Saver for the Mac Plus is that it gives you two additional outlets for external hard drives, printer, etc. Beat that, MacChimney! ;)
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    Mac Plus - Extra RAM & Overheating?

    That was my guess as well. Plus, I don't know that I really do anything too taxing on it. It's not like I'm using it for Photoshop. Probably only running it an hour or two at a time.
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    Mac Plus - Extra RAM & Overheating?

    This is something that has stuck with me for a long time. I'm guessing since sometime in the late 90s. The claim was that having more than one MB of RAM in a Mac Plus could cause overheating issues. I don't remember if this pertained to general usage or usage in a server environment as, way...
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    IIc+ compatibility

    With a keyboard and mouse on the CC, the footprint isn't that big of a difference.
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    IIc+ compatibility

    I don't know the answer either but, if you are interested in emulation, I've found that Virtual ][ works really well for Apple IIe stuff.
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    Kilroy by Dave Koziol

    Since it was postcardware, send Dave Koziol a postcard with a note. See what happens. ;)
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    Term for Mac Plus and Earlier Keyboard Connector?

    No worries. This is for fiction. Initially, I was going to have the character need an ADB keyboard and he could tell his companion to "Look for an ADB keyboard" but then I thought I wanted to go even more retro and have the character need the harder to find keyboard but having him tell the...
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    Term for Mac Plus and Earlier Keyboard Connector?

    So, for PCs, there was the PS/2 connector and later USB. For Macs, we had ADB and later USB. But, early on, the Mac used a RJ11 4P4C connector for the keyboard which is like a phone handset connector but wired differently. Question is, was there a specific name for that connector/port? Maybe...
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    ComputerEyes/RT SCSI Video Frame Grabber

    Got it out last night and this is what was on the AC adapter: Didn't have a camera handy but can get a photo if needed.
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    Hard Drive Options for Power Mac 7200?

    Way back when, before they became unobtainium, the SCSI drive replacement for Power Mac 7200s was a Sonnet Tempo ATA PCI card with an ATA drive. That was my go-to anyway. What are the available options these days? Is it limited to SCSI2SD and similar SD solutions? Or are there options that...
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    ComputerEyes/RT SCSI Video Frame Grabber

    Are you still looking for the voltage? I just saw this thread now and I have one of these with the AC adapter. Used to use it with my PowerBook 180c to capture stills from videos. I think I also captured a few very short video clips. Might have also used it on a Macintosh IIci.
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    Idea: Macintosh Classic III (LC550+M1420)

    If you're using an LCIII board (original or redesigned), wouldn't it also be feasible to use a color LCD @640x480 (if you can find one) and basically have a Macintosh Color Classic III?