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    Best software to include on an OS9 'bridge' machine

    In terms of other software: What's been listed here covers it. I also have another ISO/image mounter utility. I don't bother with the disk copy 6.5 beta because mounting DMGs on Mac OS 9 isn't valuable to me, I have OS X Macs for that. I do have an OS X system with Classic Mode available so I...
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    Best software to include on an OS9 'bridge' machine

    So, just by way of opinions: I actually run a public ASIP6 server and I heartily recommend against the idea of running AppleShare IP unless your goal is explicitly to experience what it would've been like being a workgroup or education sysadmin in 1998. Unless you need over ten concurrent...
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    I was given a Mac Classic today, along with some SGI machines!

    Looks fun! w/re NUMA: Right tech, wrong name: NUMA (Non-Uniform Memory Access) was the architecture used on big SGIs (think: "supercomputer" and "a full rack or more"), based on some tech they bought from Cray. It's also sometimes seen on large-ish single-box platforms, for example some dual...
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    SE/30 AppleCD SC Plus and External Speakers

    Looks like a fun setup! AKIIs are fine, in my experience. The AK (M0116) would "match" better, but it's arguable whether or not that's important at all. Most stuff in the Classic Mac OS never used the functionality on extended keyboards. They were only really ever important for terminal...
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    Repair Outlook Express 5 / OS 9.2

    Sorry for the delay on this! I keep thinking I'm going to go look and never do. My guess is that the rule file is somwhere, either with the OE5 application config or with the user profile data - so it could be in liek HD:Documents: or HD:SYstem Folder: - basically find that file, delete it, and...
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    What Mac OS Version is best for PPC Macs that are bad at 68k emulation?

    +1 Speed Doubler 8 is a nice boost even on the PCI PowerMacs. It may well make an even earlier system than the 533MHz G4 match the Quadra 700 at floating point. :P
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    Cubase Lite (68K) on PowerPC (Powerbook 1400cs)

    Hmm. The general rule is if it'll run on a 630 it'll run on a 6200 or any of its descendants, of which the 1400 is one. The serial controller Apple had always been using was implemented as part of a larger package but per the notes you shared (love the Taylor Design analysis on the 6200/6300...
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    What Mac OS Version is best for PPC Macs that are bad at 68k emulation?

    The best OSes for this group of early PPC Macs are 7.6.1 and 8.1. I'll give you 9.1 on anything whose "tiptop" configuration can include over a hundred megs of RAM or like a 90MHz or more CPU. So, 6100, 6200, 7100, slow 7200s, 5200, PM-Perf 5200, PB5300, 1400, 2300, and most 8100s will fall into...
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    NET MD on OS 10.4/9

    Oh, I missed this! I know the answer to this one! No. There is no NetMD software for Mac. In 2005, Sony released HiMD software for the RH/DH710. RH910/10, and 1 for the Mac, but it only works with LPCM recordings and MP3s on those devices. (*Should work on previous HiMD recorders but only with...
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    1710av Monitor (screen brightness preference reset?)

    That looks like a great example! You shouldn't have to use resedit, it'll either be saved as a [thing] Preferences file somewhere in the system folder, or what you may be seeing is the calibration of the display - check out the monitors control panel and look at the color preferences, there...
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    issues formatting seagate hawk

    At this point, a modern SCSI drive replacer is much more convenient as they're typically built to slot right in where the stock drives on machines from this era started. The other thing they do is let you simulate an Apple drive. Apple's own utilities only format drives with Apple's firmware or...
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    G3 All In One Wonky Display

    When possible, we are no longer pinning new threads. I did a big clean-up of old pins earlier in the year. I would rather not go down that path again, as it makes the forum more difficult to use. We have a wiki - here's the ideas/wishlist thread for articles for it...
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    Rethinking my bridge/server setup

    Wild. It's my genuine understanding the AppleTalk portion of the file server in 10.4 is literally removed, so the button in SharePoints should do literally nothing. However, it's possible that that button was an "enable AppleTalk and also do these three other things" button, and one of those...
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    PowerMac G4 no internet

    Are you on OS 9 or OS X? There's different procedures for each, and, the compatibility with different wireless networks is different for each, with OS X 10.4 supporting WPA 2 wireless networks and OS 9 only supporting WEP and unencrypted networks. The solution lobust mentioned is likely the...
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    Rethinking my bridge/server setup

    I think you're still using AFP over IP. It's my understanding that 10.4's AFP server doesn't have necessary bits (as in program code) to work over AppleTalk, the way the servers from 10.2/3 do. And, in 7.1, if you install the OT/AS from 7.5.x or 7.6.x you're... getting the IP functionality on...
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    Guide or recommendations for 8.0/8.1?

    This ultimately comes down to preferences and needs. 8.0 itself was renamed from 7.7 because Apple wanted (correctly) to end the clone program, and the easiest way to do that without getting sued too hard was to release Mac OS 8.0. I think Apple had already given up on Copland and had been in...
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    PowerMac G4 Gigabit 500mhz Dual-Processor Server: Come help me max it out -- on a budget!

    +1 fun project! Do you have a specific target OS for it? Random thoughts, maybe not super well structured, yes I spent 3/4 of the post on storage options, oops! "What makes a good OS 9 machine" and "what makes a good OS X machine" (and linux/bsd) are almost mutually exclusive, because, for...
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    Good OSes for your 68k Mac

    Ah. I also wonder that. There's no good practical reason to run 7.5.4, so it may well be the aesthetics, similar to people who use exclusively old beta releases of things.
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    Confirming incorrect information on the PB 170 wiki page

    Oh gotcha, yeah I'd say it's fair to remove that wording. I'm pretty sure we knew even in 2009 it was possible to upgrade PowerBook hard drives, even if we hadn't written some of the limits down yet. I mentioned this somewhere but a lot of the more generic pages are basically direct copies off...
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    Confirming incorrect information on the PB 170 wiki page

    not having looked at the page: It depends on what "HDD driver" means in this case, but, a good example of "can't be upgraded" is that as an '030, the PB170 doesn't have SCSI Manager 4.3 and can't use its features so you can't to the best of my knowledge, say, use >4GB volumes on it, even if you...