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    Problem with an Asante NetDock (the Duo Ethernet microdock)

    I'm going to begin by putting this into a 'known good' situation. I have a Duo 2300c, System 7.5.3, Open Transport, with a Duo MiniDock and Asante Micro EN/SC. This works. I can open up Fetch, point it to my FTP server, and everything's great. However, if I turn the machine off and plug the...
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    WYSE term. emulation?

    Does any newton program have this? I'd really like to term into my work server, but the guys in the upper echelon many years ago decided to use the WYSE standard for terminal. I don't know why.
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    Programming: How hard would this be?

    My friend is a band, and for on-stage visuals, I've made him a (trashed) compact mac turned into a . He's not happy with it, So I've decided to get a Classic II, hook up the audio out from his mixing board to the audio in, and write an oscilloscope program. How hard would this be? I've obtained...
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    Help getting Toast to burn

    I've got toast 4, and a supported drive, but whenever I press 'write disk' the error message comes up - please insert a recordable CD. I just bought a new pack of CD-Rs, I'm wondering if the media isn't supported? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Who's got the Mac version of HGTTG?

    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I needs it, really want to play it on my mac. Thank you
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    What a Q950 can actually do

    I made a few videos of me and my quadra 950, with protools and such, Just to give everyone else a feeling of how great they are. Here are the videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_i1ZXlxlbpQ and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ra_2peEaHY enjoy!
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    Q950 Shutdown problems

    Using my Q950 for some little audio work with 2 digidesign 442s. It's great. Wish I had a nuverb card, though :-/ Anyway, when I click shutdown from the special menu, nothing happens. at all. I'm thinking this is one of those deals where I've never had a computer with a friggin key! That's...
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    Can somebody email me a copy of the Serial Switch CP?

    I'm SOOOOOOOOOO close to having my protools rig up 100%.... Not only that, but I don't feel like going through an install process. Trust me, this is the easiest way. benchoff@gmail.com
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    I ditch my Q700 for a 950, and suddendly...

    Q700s are the toast of the town. How do you like that? I didn't ditch my 700, I just cannibalized the 230M hard drive from it, and am going to replace it with the 230M drive from the 950, copy everything over and have a running spare of my studio computer. Here's what I've got. Q950 with 100M...
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    Q950: ADB not working?

    Help me figure this one out. I'm in the process of liberating a Q950, and the ADB doesn't work. Pulled the Nubus cards thinking 3 digidesign cards were pulling too much power, and the ADB would be the first to go. That, I think was not the case. Replaced the battery, and that did not work. Any...
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    Liberated: PB145.

    Got this from a friend that didn't know what to do with it. Just sitting around her house. Awesome. 80 meg HD, 8M RAM, and the modem! Compliments my 170 very well.
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    Anybody got a copy of After Dark?

    I have had the honor lately to move up (down?) to a genuine Apple-branded CRT monitor, instead of a lousy LCD. Now I want a screen saver, since it'll actually do something. Somebody, in their sig, has a link to a page with after dark 3.0. Who is that?
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    Troubleshooting a IIsi

    Alright, here's what we got: A IIsi that won't show video. Have a real mac monitor, so we can take away all the hubub about getting a vga monitor to work. Only shows a black screen. I know there's a system on it because I put the drive in my quadra. Everything with the hard disk is fine. I...
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    Mac Monitor for $5!

    Liberated an Apple Multiple Scan 15av display today. Got it from the thrift store downtown, and it works perfectly. There was a tag on the end of the cable labeled 'tower.' Asked if they had the tower that goes with the monitor. No dice. Manufactured Sept. 96, so odds are very good that I...
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    CD Burner for my quadra?

    I'm just wondering if they exist. It sure would speed up my protools sessions. I'm running 7.6.1, Quadra 700, 68Megs ram. Did one exist? Is the burner software even usable?
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    Now this is interesting... PCI to NuBus.

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290249907010 I did not know this was possible, and is relevant to my interests.
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    Houdini card troubles - installing DOS?

    Well, I picked up a second monitor at a yardsale yesterday, and I figured, "I should break out the PC card to use with this!" I got it working, thank god, all the fade screens and stuff, but I can't install DOS or Win95. All I get when I put a disk in is the 'Non-System use disk' or something...
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    Q700 with a black screen on startup.

    Exactly what the title says. The machine boots into the OS, and I know because I can eject a floppy with openapple-E. So everything is fine with the SOFTWARE.... Here's what I've done... Zapped the pram made sure the battery has 3.5 volts checked the video cable reseated the ram and vram...