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  1. aplmak

    Strange Memory Expanders

    Look at these strange memory expanders.. one is angled. These were in a Performa 600… not sure yet how much ram it is.
  2. aplmak

    Asante Nubus Card

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out on this? I rarely have ever worked on Nubus slot Ethernet cards in the past and more recently. I have a Performa 600 which I put in a brand new Asante Nubus Ethernet card. It has 3 types of connectors.. one is an RJ45 ethernet jack. I am getting...
  3. aplmak

    Abandonware Licensing Help

    Hey gang... I have posted this once before but I am going to post it again in hopes someone out there could possibly help me. This software which can be downloaded at https://www.macintoshrepository.org/42882-ipt was given for use to those who purchased the Apple Network Server 500 or 700. Apple...
  4. aplmak

    ANS 500/700 Raid Card Cables

    Anyone happen to know where one could obtain the proper cables for the ANS 500/700 SCSI raid card. It appears to be a 68 pin scsi ultra connection. But the connector on the main logic board appears to be a small 68 pin female centronics type. Is this even available? The connector on the Mylex...
  5. aplmak

    Powerbook G3 Wallstreet PRAM and Cap Notes

    Hey so I had a chance to pull apart 3 Wallstreets. I removed the PRAM batts in them before storing them. I was neglecting this and before I forget just had to do it. At any rate I did a recap job on the total of 5 caps in the main unit (not the screen). I did notice a few beginning to very...
  6. aplmak

    Floppy Drive Grease

    Does anyone happen to know exactly the type of grease they use on the floppy drive on worm drive mechanism (cork screw). I’ve tried a new coat of white lithium grease but a little ends up on the floppy door. There has to be a heavier weight grease they use. It appears to be a light brownish...
  7. aplmak

    Oki LED B4600 Printer *Need Help*

    Trying to install drivers for a solo B4600 on my MacOS 9 machine. It has the drivers but I cannot get this PCL installer to launch.. is there a way to extract the driver?? You can see the instructions on how to do it but it cannot find the application that created it.. and I’m installing it from...
  8. aplmak

    PowerMac 9600 Logic Boards

    Could someone explain the difference between the two logic boards? One appears to have more soldered on chips near the PCI slots and one is missing them. Just curious on why they made two different versions..
  9. aplmak

    SE/30 Logic Board Mod

    Hey anyone know what this mod was done for??? It’s the only one except the other usual one.. Matt
  10. aplmak

    SE/30 Fuse Replacement

    Question on blown fuses on SE/30 boards.. are those 1A fuses “slow acting” or “fast acting” fuses?? I’d like to replace with the same type.. but I’m not sure which one is “the proper” replacement. Can anyone comment? The current one was a BUSS orange in color 1A fuse. It appears the orange in...
  11. aplmak

    Copying files to USB Freezing

    So I have a PowerMac 8600/300 running OS 9.1. It has a Belkin 2 Port USB PCI card. The system profiler see’s it fine and see’s any USB or CF card as a volume on the USB BUS. It has the OPTI chip. Everything works great as far as mounting and seeing the correct size. If you try to copy to the...
  12. aplmak

    MacOS Z-9.1

    Hey I was curious I have a 9.1 installer and wondering after the install why is shows it as MacOS Z-9.1 I know this installer is unique because it asks what country you are in.. I’m assuming this is an international 9.1 install??
  13. aplmak

    CF Card, SD Card, MicroSD Card Long Term Storage

    So been reading more and more about this. Varying factors matter between read and write speeds, etc. And typically 5-10 years. So let's say you restore a compact Mac for example and SE/30. You recap the main logic board, recap the power supply, analog board. And finally swap out the failing...
  14. aplmak

    Macintosh SE or SE/30 Unique Hard Drive Sound

    I'm just trying to figure out when I first started working on machines what the typical model of the hard drives were in the SE or SE/30? I remember a unique squeaking sounding one that worked pretty slowly... It made a pretty cool sound.. Sometimes you hear that same sound in old movies they...
  15. aplmak

    PM 8600 Rev A & Rev B Logic Boards

    So I purchased a Rev B logic board as a backup. Since it was a Rev B I figured I’d swap it out. Now I recapped it with quality SMD Tantalums before doing this. And it will not fully boot. It powers on and drives spin up and such but no boot chime. I’ve rechecked all the caps and values as well...
  16. aplmak

    Control Panel Locking in OS 9.1

    So I have a working patched version of After Dark for OS9. Problem is whenever you go into it to make a change or anything you get an error closing it because it magically locks even after you have unlocked it many times.. even on reboots! I would assume this is a bug from the patched version...
  17. aplmak

    SE/30 SIMM Sockets

    Hey gang.. anyone have experience replacing the good ole plastic SIMM sockets with good new metal clip SIMM sockets? I attempted on one with my new solder iron with suction pump. If you don’t have one of these I highly recommend them!! No more ruining througholes for me! At any rate I did buy...
  18. aplmak

    Outbound Notebook 2000 Series - Odd RAM Install

    Hey everyone.. so I literally spent almost all day recapping my outbound notebook. I highly recommend it as mentioned in another post. The power pack external supply had leaky 330uf caps. In the laptop itself.. mostly the only leaky ones were on the battery interface power board. Pretty nasty...
  19. aplmak

    Cap Assistance Please! Outbound Notebook

    Hey gang I am recapping an Outbound Notebook I’ve had for a long time.. it’s about time!! At any rate the battery power supply board has a 220uf 35v cap on it and a tantalum piggy backed on that (see photos) I need to find out the value of the Tantalum.. it says 102 and K1M or KLM.. again see...
  20. aplmak

    ComputerEyes/RT SCSI Video Frame Grabber

    So everyone I have this ComputerEyes/RT external SCSI Video Frame Grabber. I bought this a while back. I am recapping it now. The thing is I have no adapter for this unit! It has a headphone input port in the front which is supposed to be for the AC Adapter. I don't know what voltage or which is...