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  1. karrots

    Willing to pay someone for a mac plus system...

    This should solve your issues. https://bluescsi.onegeekarmy.eu/diskjockey/
  2. karrots

    Willing to pay someone for a mac plus system...

    Also you should be able to download the bootstrap image a d the 6.0.8 image from here mount them both and do what you need. https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/rascsi-68kmla-edition
  3. karrots

    Willing to pay someone for a mac plus system...

    RaSCSI is just using a file as a raw disk. The only way to do this with a real Mac would be to have an RaSCSI or BlueSCSI and format a drive then make the image. The way Mini vMac works with drives is it basically treats them as very large floppy drives. This is why there is no driver...
  4. karrots

    Willing to pay someone for a mac plus system...

    The drive will be missing the driver partitions. Mini vMac doesn't require them.
  5. karrots

    15 pin to HD15 adapter schematics

    I dumped the manual that came with mine to Archive.org. Looks the same as one on bitsavers. https://archive.org/details/10-switch-adapter-15-dm-to-hf-10p/mode/2up
  6. karrots

    Classic I seeks floppy on boot

    I have a Macintosh Classic I which has been recapped, logic board and the analog board. After recapping the logic board I tested it. The thing booted up as it did prior. I moved on to the analog board as the CRT was just a bit wobbly. While testing after that recap it will seek the floppy...
  7. karrots

    Classic Analog Board Yoke Connector

    Parts fit each other. Analog board side replaced. Now to get the yoke side removed which my .093" removal tool doesn't fit quite right....
  8. karrots

    Any appetite for a math co-processor board for Classic-II?

    Standard right angle header would work possibly until after you bend them getting a good fit. Also not having the key things would be wobbly.
  9. karrots

    Classic Analog Board Yoke Connector

    Did a quick measure. Looks right put one on my Digikey order. I'll report back.
  10. karrots

    Classic Analog Board Yoke Connector

    Does anyone know the part number for the analog board yoke connector? This is a 630-0395 model board with the larger connector. I have one that is fairly yellow and would love to replace it.
  11. karrots

    Macintosh Classic Q1 Part ID

  12. karrots

    Macintosh Classic Q1 Part ID

    I'm repairing a Classic logic board which corrosion hit the IC at Q1 near the SWIM chip. Before purchasing a new part I wanted to confirm that I had identified the part correctly. Does anyone know if Q1 is the -10v voltage regulator pictured on the datasheet below...
  13. karrots

    Golden Triangle DiskTwin software - Was someone looking for this?

    https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/disktwin Not knowing much about the software I couldn't add compatibility information. Update the record as needed. Better screenshots would be good.
  14. karrots

    SE/30 to modern Mac via serial cable

    Could install minicom or install sz rz like this. https://gist.github.com/meowoodie/4bcf6d6ae81727b618bf That will give you zmodem on your Mac.
  15. karrots

    usr courier modems and v.92 firmwares

    I don't have a great answer. I had a 28.8 model which was upgraded to I believe 56k via a socketed chip swap. Ordered it from US robotics for about $20. My phone line didn't support 56k so I don't fully remember if the upgrade was just to 33.6 or if it was to 56k.
  16. karrots

    untidy heap of cables, a bit of id help needed...

    Printer serial cable.
  17. karrots


    Link to source. https://web.archive.org/web/20210417150612/https://68kmla.org/forums/topic/62655-iix-no-power-bodge/
  18. karrots

    Half Dead Mac Performa 200 (Classic II)

    I had sound issues like yours. Minus the error bong. It was ultimately one of the caps near the sound chip and removal + clean and resolder of that chip which fixed things.
  19. karrots

    Fitting a SCSI2SD in a 68k Mac

    Works fine. You can create volumes with SCSI2SD-util you can just create virtual scsi disks. Those then still have to have volumes created and formatted.
  20. karrots


    A LocalTalk <-> Ethertalk bridge is what I use then the Macipgw image running in a VM. I SCP files from my modern computers to/from it and use Appletalk share to pull files to the Classic II